The Villain's Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 122

Chapter 122

It was a long way to go home. Zhou Xu sat quietly in the spaceship. The scenery speeding through the window was a little unreal.

In most cases, interstellar travel begins with expectation and ends with attachment to your own planet.

No matter how beautiful a foreign country is, it is never home.

Zhou Xu spent nearly ten years on this trip. He traveled all over the galaxy and saw all kinds of miracles. But at one moment, he suddenly felt a little homesick, so the idea went out of control, flooding all their worlds.

Yes, it has been more than one hundred years since he came back from the “will not die in peace” system. Within one hundred years, the interstellar space has become much more peaceful, and even the interstellar travel, which they did not dare to think before, has also been realized.

Over the past 100 years, Zhou Xu and Song Chenmo led Noah to become the most powerful planet in the interstellar space, and they also became the model husband and wife of the entire interstellar space.

But Zhou Xu was very depressed. He was depressed for a hundred years because his husband was ill. He got the disease of “I want to go to bed when I see Zhou Xu, and I want to find him when I don’t see Zhou Xu”. He was terminally ill, and there was no medicine to cure him.

For a hundred years, Zhou Xu had to see him almost every day. After seeing him, he had to go to bed every day. There was no change at all.

In the first few decades, Zhou Xu felt that he had to keep some distance from Song Chenmo and give each other some space. Otherwise, he feared thet he would beat his husband one day.

As for whether he can fight or not, Zhou Xu is very confident. Besides, his husband is reluctant to fight against him.

After Zhou Yang and Ye Jian both toured the universe, Zhou Xu took a bath and sat on the bed. He said to his husband, who had just bathed, “I’m going to travel around the universe.”

Song Chenmo nodded, sat down beside Zhou Xu, held Zhou Xu on his body, and then kissed him on the shoulder and said, “OK, we will resign tomorrow. Noah Star is now on the right track. They will have no problem without us.”

Zhou Xu pushed Song Chenmo and slapped the “salty pig’s hand” on his chest. “I want to go by myself.”

Song Chenmo then touched Zhou Xu’s thigh again, kissed Zhou Xu’s forehead and said, “No, let’s go together.”

Song Chenmo is holding Zhou Xu behind his back. His penis is on Zhou Xu’s buttocks at the moment, and seems ready to enter Zhou Xu’s body at any time. If Zhou Xu lifts his buttock slightly, his huge penis can enter Zhou Xu’s crypt.

“Why do I take so much trouble to talk to you?” Zhou Xu pushed Song Chenmo’s hand away from his inner thigh.

“Where is the trouble? You say yours, I touch mine. It doesn’t matter.” Song Chenmo said, touching Zhou Xu’s little brother, which has also turned up, and playing back and forth.

“I want to go to the travel alone.” Zhou Xu said, and Song Chenmo’s fingernail deliberately scratched the glans on Zhou Xu’s little brother. Zhou Xu shuddered for a moment, and could not help but moan: “Ah…”

Hearing Zhou Xu’s response, Song Chenmo continued to touch Zhou Xu’s sensitive points, and at the same time bowed his head and kissed Zhou Xu’s ear with satisfaction. His voice was bewitching, “Xiao Xu, you are not allowed to go anywhere, you can’t leave me for a minute.”

“Ah… why do you… ha… touch there again… asshole…” Zhou Xu was completely out of control after being teased by Song Chenmo.

It is said that after a long time, there will be no passion between lovers. However, in Zhou Xu’s side, Song Chenmo’s passion for himself never seems to fade, but becomes more and more intense and sticky.

“Where did I touch you? Xiaoxu, say, where did I touch you to let you make such a sound?” Song Chenmo still whispered Zhou Xu’s ear, his voice has infected the whole room with an ambiguous smell. It seems that it is not only the smell of ancient dragon water on his body, but also the feelings that cannot be dissolved, pure and fragrant.

Zhou Xu was so bewitched by Song Chenmo, so he turned around and threw Song Chenmo, who had been held behind him, onto the bed.

He put his hands on Song Chenmo’s face and pressed him, but Song Chenmo unexpectedly smiled under Zhou Xu, then pushed up his waist, and the hard and hot penis fell on Zhou Xu’s belly again.

Zhou Xu’s bathrobe had already been scattered at this time, and was exposed without any hindrance.

Zhou Xu was hit by Song Chenmo, and there was a tingle in the back court. It seemed that he wanted to hit the top behind him just now, which was enough.

Song Chenmo saw that Zhou Xu had not spoken yet, so there was another tip. This time, his penis and Zhou Xu’s penis met, when the two touched, another fire came up.

This time, Zhou Xu also threw away what he had just said. The arrow was at the end of the line.

Just as he was about to move, Song Chenmo under him grabbed his neck and kissed him.

Zhou Xu only felt as if his tongue had been occupied by Song Chenmo. The whole person was not very conscious by his hot kiss. Finally, he could only put all his weight on Song Chenmo.

Song Chenmo kissed and turned over, pushing Zhou Xu down in turn. At the same time, he also took off his bath towel, and the empty towel on his body was also taken off by him.

Skin to skin, Song Chenmo put his arms around Zhou Xu’s waist, and both of them knelt on the wide bed.

The kiss between the two was still uninterrupted. Even if Zhou Xu knelt, his weight still fell on Song Chenmo.

Song Chenmo hugged him and kissed, his hands wandering around Zhou Xu’s back. He loved Zhou Xu’s slippery skin.

Zhou Xu also likes to be touched up and down by him, because the warmth of his hands always brings a sense of peace to Zhou Xu.

Song Chenmo’s hand gradually began to lower, and then fell on Zhou Xu’s buttock.

The two warped hip valves were simply an aphrodisiac, which immediately made Song Chenmo’s penis swollen even more.


Song Chenmo’s hand fell into Zhou Xu’s hip seam, and his short fingernail gently ran along the hip seam, causing Zhou Xu to shudder instantly.

Holding Zhou Xu tightly, Song Chenmo kept moving in his hands, while releasing Zhou Xu’s lips and turning his head, his magnetic voice fell into Zhou Xu’s ear: “Do you want to, I want you every day, every minute.”

As Song Chenmo said, a finger had been put into Zhou Xu’s back hole, and for a moment, Zhou Xu was stiff all over.

Song Chenmo pushed Zhou Xu down again, and the hot kiss fell on Zhou Xu’s lips again, while his fingers kept rotating and pressing in Zhou Xu’s corridor. He knew where to excite Zhou Xu most and what way Zhou Xu  would accept most easily.

He deliberately pressed down hard at a certain point. Suddenly, Zhou Xu’s back arched upward, trembling, and Zhou Xu’s penis ejected a piece of white and turbid semen.

After that, Zhou Xu gasped and collapsed on the bed, but Song Chenmo didn’t let him go at all. Instead, he separated Zhou Xu’s legs and pressed them firmly.

Zhou Xu gasped, while Song Chenmo still kissed regardless. He rubbed Zhou Xu’s lower body with his hot and hard penis, and his hands dishonestly fell around Zhou Xu’s nipple.

Just after shooting, Zhou Xu was so hot. Song Chenmo bit his earlobe and said, “Xiao Xu, I want you to never get out of bed and walk.”

“You bastard… ahem…” Zhou Xu’s little brother stood up again, because this time Song Chenmo’s tongue directly penetrated into Zhou Xu’s ear. This is the secret recipe he found that can make Zhou Xu excited instantly.

There was a buzzing in his ears. Zhou Xu’s lower body became more swollen, but he could not resist it. Song Chenmo knew him too well, knew how to make him excited and how to make him unable to stop.

“No more, Xiaoxu… say yes…”

Zhou Xu gasped and bit his lower lip. After all, he could not say anything against his heart.

“More… more, more… ah… ha…”

Song Chenmo finally let Zhou Xu go, but then he knelt between Zhou Xu’s legs, folded up Zhou Xu’s calf and pressed it on his chest, so that Zhou Xu’s backyard was fully exposed.

“Bastard… you have to…”

Song Chenmo didn’t listen to Zhou Xu’s words. He bowed his head and licked Zhou Xu’s backyard.

The corridor behind Zhou Xu has been simply developed because of the relationship between Song Chenmo’s fingers just now, so his tongue squeezed in with  little force. The soft and smooth tongue is in sharp contrast with the thin and hard fingers. Zhou Xu could only breathe heavily and enjoy Song Chenmo’s offer.

“Aha… Song… Chen Mo… Hmm… I want you…”

The more Zhou Xu was kissed by him, the more empty the backyard was. The more he wanted to fill it with something bigger, to satisfy him, to stop itching, and to give him more stimulation.

Song Chenmo raised his head slightly. He pushed Zhou Xu’s legs to both sides, took a look at the panoramic view of Zhou Xu’s lower body, and then lowered his head again. This time, he held the little guy that Zhou Xu had raised again.

Zhou Xu, who thought that the backyard could finally be satisfied, was suddenly caught in front of, and a moan came out of his lips again: “Ah…”

Song Chenmo’s tongue twirled and teased Zhou Xu’s glans. The direct stimulation made Zhou Xu’s breathing sound more obscene.

Then, Song Chenmo began to swallow up and down, and put his hand slightly on Zhou Xu’s penis at the same time, and press the outer layer of tender skin down, so that Zhou Xu’s whole penis can feel various stimuli more clearly.

The swallowing up and down soon made Zhou Xu shoot out again. His voice became louder and louder, and more excited.

“Ah… um…”

Just as he was about to shoot, Song Chenmo stopped. He raised his body, looked at Zhou Xu, who was red and shaking all over, and said, “Xiao Xu, if you want to run again, I will kill you directly in bed!”

At this time, Zhou Xu was on the verge of climax, and could not think about anything at all. His mind was: hurry up, let me shoot, let me shoot.

Song Chenmo looked at Zhou Xu’s emotional face under his body, lifted Zhou Xu’s wrists with both hands, then turned his hands back, pushed his legs, pushed his waist forward in the position of an old man pushing the cart, and the huge penis were pushed into Zhou Xu’s secret cave.

In a flash, Zhou Xu’s brain flew up. He wanted, wanted, wanted

“Hurry up, I want to…” Zhou Xu couldn’t care about anything anymore. He just wanted to be satisfied.

Song Chenmo heard his emotional groans, held his legs and began to attack fiercely.

This posture made Song Chenmo enter very thoroughly. This violent way soon made Zhou Xu, who was on the verge of climax, eject.

At the moment of climax, Zhou Xu’s shouts seemed to go through the roof for a long time.

The great pleasure made Zhou Xu’s back court begin to tighten, which could kill Song Chenmo behind him.

Song Chenmo took a quick breath and was caught by Zhou Xu. He could not help but moan: “Ah…”

He knew that Zhou Xu had shot again at the moment, but after groaning, he started pumping and returned at the climax. Song Chenmo knew that the next time, because of the stimulation of the backyard, would directly bring Zhou Xu to a new climax, which would be more pleasant.

In the past, when Zhou Xu was very good, he would let Song Chenmo do it all the time. But in this case, the next day must be when Zhou Xu didn’t have to go out, because he also knew that he might be too busy to get out of bed.

This time, Song Chenmo not only wanted to make him unable to get out of bed, but also made him never want to get out of bed.

Song Chenmo leaned forward a little and let Zhou Xu’s legs rest on his arms, while his own hands fell on Zhou Xu’s waist and tightly squeezed Zhou Xu’s waist. Song Chenmo began pumping again. He loved the tearful look in Zhou Xu’s eyes at the moment.

He wants to continue. He wants to see if he can make Zhou Xu cry and cry for mercy.

The huge penis was inserted to the end again, which made Zhou Xu suddenly straighten up, and then Song Chenmo withdrew completely. After that, Zhou Xu was again straightened up.

Song Chenmo saw Zhou Xu’s reaction, and he couldn’t stand it. His Xiaoxu was the best of the stars. Both his face and his backyard were so charming that he couldn’t stop. He couldn’t let Zhou Xu go. He wanted to do him, and worked hard.

Thinking and thinking, Song Chenmo’s action became rude, and the action of pulling and inserting was very violent, which drove Zhou Xu as if he were a doll, and he was done without any pride.

After a while, Song Chenmo teased Zhou Xu again, and Zhou Xu’s groans became obscene again. The sound fell into Song Chenmo’s ear, which made him unable to control himself.

Keep pumping and inserting, constantly stimulating the most sensitive inside of Zhou Xu

Song Chenmo’s voice, body and spirit were immersed in great pleasure.

Finally, Song Chenmo and Zhou Xu entered the climax at the same time after a violent thrusting.

Desire is destroyed!

He gasped heavily. Song Chenmo held Zhou Xu in his arms, while Zhou Xu twitched a few times, and the whole person collapsed.

Slowly taking out his penis, Song Chenmo went to wash with Zhou Xu, who is asleep in his arms.

Gently putting Zhou Xu into the bathtub and carefully scrubbing him, Song Chenmo thought he will probably never be tired of Zhou Xu’s body.

Touching his smooth skin, Song Chenmo felt that his lower body began to burn again. However, because Zhou Xu had fallen asleep, he still had to endure.

After helping Zhou Xu wash, Song Chenmo also sat in the bathtub. In the spacious bathtub, Song Chenmo let Zhou Xu lean on himself and take a long breath of relief. Song Chenmo stroked Zhou Xu’s hair, and his heart was too full to melt.

After Zhou Xu slept for a while, he woke up and found himself in the bathtub, with a familiar embrace behind him.

Looking back, Zhou Xu bit Song Chenmo’s lips.

Song Chenmo, who was closing his eyes and recuperating himself, was kissed by Zhou Xu, and his originally empty spirit suddenly woke up.

Zhou Xu’s kiss was so crazy that Song Chenmo was almost unable to fight. Zhou Xu gave Song Chenmo the weight of his body in the bathtub, while his hands touched Song Chenmo’s penis.

In the water, Song Chenmo was excited by the different touch momentarily. He could feel that the place where he was soft was beginning to be hard.

“Xiaoxu, Xiaoxu… go to bed, it will make you uncomfortable here…” Song Chenmo said slightly in Zhou Xu’s provocative kiss. He wanted them to go to bed, but Zhou Xu held his face and kissed him again, regardless of Song Chenmo’s proposal.

Zhou Xu’s initiative made Song Chenmo give up the communication directly, because his penis had been played with by Zhou Xu. He needed to reduce the fire and find a place to vent.

So in the bathtub, Song Chenmo held Zhou Xu with one hand, stroked Zhou Xu’s backyard with one hand, then held his huge penis, aimed at Zhou Xu’s backyard, and accurately inserted it.

Because of the fight just now, Zhou Xu’s back was not completely retracted. This time, Song Chenmo went in smoothly.

It was just that he went in. The pain still made Zhou Xu couldn’t help but whisper, “Ah.”

Hold your waist up, and the feeling of making love in the water makes Song Chenmo crazy. However, this is not enough, still not enough, far from enough

Suddenly, Song Chenmo stood up with Zhou Xu in his arms, but he didn’t go out either, but held Zhou Xu up.

After holding it up, the connected parts were not separated, and they were still being pumped.

Holding Zhou Xu for sex requires more strength and waist strength. However, Song Chenmo likes this way, which can consume his excessive energy and calm his excitement.

Zhou Xu was held by Song Chenmo to have sex, with his feet on Song Chenmo’s arm. He held Song Chenmo’s head and couldn’t help biting it on his forehead.

However, the pain did not stop Song Chenmo’s attack. On the contrary, it made the attack more intense. Song Chenmo was crazy. Zhou Xu felt that Song Chenmo was really going crazy.

However, Zhou Xu felt that he was also going crazy. This gesture made him feel extremely ashamed, but it brought a different kind of excitement.

“Ah… ha… um… asshole… I’m so happy… Song Chenmo, you’re going to fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…”

Zhou Xu’s groans have lost any way, and all his words come from his heart.

No matter how rude his words are, Song Chenmo is very sad.

Only Song Chenmo can see the coquettish Zhou Xu, and Song Chenmo knows.

So he worked hard. Song Chenmo stepped out of the bathtub with long legs and put Zhou Xu down, but Zhou Xu didn’t want to release his hands holding Song Chenmo.

Kissing Zhou Xu on the forehead, Song Chenmo broke his hands, and then put Zhou Xu on the washing table next to the bathroom.

The cold washing table made Zhou Xu shudder, but next second, he forgot everything, because Song Chenmo pressed his legs and thrust his penis into Zhou Xu’s body.

At the same time, Song Chenmo kissed Zhou Xu’s eyes, nose, mouth

Zhou Xu’s body began to shudder.Song Chenmo suddenly slapped Zhou Xu on the buttocks.

Zhou Xu, who was extremely sensitive to pain, shot out at once. The pleasure of that slap was so direct that he could not control himself.

Seeing Zhou Xu shoot out, Song Chenmo smiled and held Zhou Xu down.

His hands and feet were already weak, and Zhou Xu could not stand at all. So Song Chenmo let Zhou Xu’s feet step on his legs, turned Zhou Xu over, and let him lie on the washstand, so that his backyard was just exposed.

Zhou Xu was soft and lying on his stomach, gasping for breath. He was really going to be killed by Song Chenmo.

After Zhou Xu lay down, Song Chenmo put his finger into Zhou Xu’s backyard and scratched it again, then took out his finger and slowly sank the penis into Zhou Xu’s backyard again.


After the climax, Zhou Xu’s back was tight enough. Song Chenmo’s this time was equivalent to opening the closed corridor again, and Zhou Xu could only bear it. But just after the climax, the response of the corridor was very fast and cool, so after the pain, the strange pleasure ran through the whole body again.

Song Chenmo likes the posture of entering behind his back, because he can hold Zhou Xu’s waist and touch his hips and the flesh on his hips. Song Chenmo is never tired of touching.

Sometimes when sleeping, Song Chenmo also has to touch Zhou Xu’s buttocks to sleep. Of course, touching may cause other reactions.

The insertion immediately after the climax made Zhou Xu look like a broken doll this time. He lay on the washstand, gasped and moaned loudly, and the next climax came in two minutes.

Zhou Xu was shot out again, but Song Chenmo didn’t stop. He just stopped to enjoy.

It was so good to be wrapped in Zhou Xu’s tight backyard. After taking a deep breath, Song Chenmo began to sprint again.

Zhou Xu simply stopped using his hands, because he had no strength to use, so he let Song Chenmo work over and over, and the climax was repeated, until a long time later, Song Chenmo really enjoyed himself, completely shot at Zhou Xu’s backyard.

That night, Zhou Xu couldn’t count how many times he had shot. By the time of the last climax, he had no chance to shoot. Only a few drops of white and turbid liquid came out, and there was nothing else.

However, the climax that can’t be shot seems to last longer and more maddening.

At this time, Zhou Xu sat in the spaceship, thinking about the guy named Song Chenmo, and his mouth couldn’t help rising. Yes, he had been away long enough, and he couldn’t bear to be separated from Song Chenmo after a long time.

Returning to Noah Star and seeing the man who loved him crazy again, Zhou Xu smiled and said, “I’m back.”

Song Chenmo turned around and left.

Zhou Xu chuckled. It seems that this time he really made Song Chenmo angry.

After running two steps to catch up with Song Chenmo, Zhou Xu said, “Husband, I didn’t really leave without saying goodbye. I told you, you didn’t listen, and I didn’t get out of bed for a week.”

Song Chenmo kept silent and walked on.

Zhou Xu then coaxed, “Husband, am I back now? Let me make you feel good tonight. I will cooperate with you in all positions. How about that?”

Song Chenmo still kept silent. Zhou Xu then said, “Song Chenmo, I love you.”

Song Chenmo finally stopped. In fact, he knew he couldn’t change what Zhou Xu had decided. He just felt unwilling. Why did Zhou Xu have to go alone, but after thinking about Zhou Xu’s character, Song Chenmo finally compromised and let Zhou Xu travel. In fact, Song Chenmo still believed that Zhou Xu would come back.

That’s enough, yes, isn’t that enough?

Turning around, Song Chenmo finally said, “Xiao Xu, I will do it ten times tonight.”

As soon as Zhou Xu heard this, he turned around and ran away, because Song Chenmo’s ten times might not be better than dozens of times for him. Think about it, if he shot dozens of times a night, wouldn’t he directly die in bed?

Just as Zhou Xu turned around, he was carried on his shoulder by Song Chenmo. “Xiao Xu, this time, you can’t escape.”

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