The Villain's Face Slapping Counterattack

Chapter 94.1

Chapter 94.1

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (2.1)

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Zhou Xu was originally afraid of pain, this time the bruise on his hand was very painful, not to mention his head knocking on the ground, which swole up a big bump.

There were tears in his eyes, his expression was very aggrieved. Of course, seventy percent of it was comedy while the remaining thirty percent was indeed real tears that came from pain.

As soon as Teacher Xiao Juan came, she picked up Zhou Xu, which made Ru Yu really unhappy, and adding up to his anger, he casted an angry look at Zhang Sujuan and Zhou Xu before saying, “You’re all bastards, all villains. You’re all in it together!”

Zhang Sujuan looked at Ru Yu while hugging Zhou Xu. At this moment, her impression of Ru Yu had already become a little bad. However she was a teacher. That was why she still said in a very patient voice, “Ru Yu, don’t speak like this, ok? Look, Xiao Xu already slipped, his head and hand clearly feel very painful. Teacher will first take him to clean his wounds, you go with your other little friends to play, ok?”

“Teacher, you’re also biased.” Ru Yu’s eyes were finally filled with tears, after all, he was only five years old.

Behind Ru Yu, Yang Lizheng came. He pulled Ru Yu’s hand and said, “Ru Yu, accompany me to play. Let’s play building block, I’ll build a huge castle for you, ok?”

Ru Yu had been pulled away by Yang Lizheng and Zhou Xu had been carried by Teacher Xiao Juan to the classroom.

Sitting obediently on the small stool, Zhou Xu resisted the pain and asked Teacher Xiao Juan, “Teacher, if there wasn’t Ru Yu how good it’ll be. Uncle will like me, and at school, I also won’t be hurt.”

Teacher Xiao Juan was really unable to endure anymore, she needed to think of a way to discuss Zhou Xu’s matters with Ye Shaoyun.

Zhang Sujuan was also not a bad person. That was why she also had to find a way to give Ru Yu a peaceful family, at least better than the current one which was carried by a half-grown child.

Thinking about it, Zhang Sujuan thought about Yang Lizheng who always followed Ru Yu.

Zhou Xu looked at Zhang Sujuan’s furrowed brows and knew that she was thinking over his situation. And the thing he was really confident about was Zhang Sujuan would absolutely send Ru Yu to Yang Lizheng’s house.

As for Yang Lizheng’s house, they would probably not reject it, because Yang Lizheng was their family’s small emperor. So long as he agrees, then there wouldn’t be any problem.

However, after going to Yang Lizheng’s house, it was uncertain how Ru Yu would be raised. Perhaps he would be considered as the second son, or perhaps he would be considered as the child’s playmate, or maybe he would be considered to be the follower of the son. However, Zhou Xu felt that no matter the external circumstances, what was most important was that humans all had their own inner thoughts.

People who could be tranquil and even-tempered at the top, and could also be indifferent at the bottom, such people were the truly charismatic and attractive one.

Teacher Xiao Juan examined Zhou Xu’s forehead as well as his scraped hand. After disinfecting it, she helped stick a band-aid on Zhou Xu’s hand, then Zhou Xu went to play again.

Watching Zhou Xu’s pure and adorable appearance, Xiao Juan thought about her childhood. Then, she decided that when afternoon class finished, she would settle this matter as soon as possible. After all, being under the same roof, but still fighting with each other wasn’t good for the development of these children.

Because Ye Shaoyun was a senior in high school, he only finished school at 6, but the kindergarten finished at 4:30. If the guardians needed to work, then after 4:30, the little children would be put in the school’s childcare center. However, it wasn’t free and cost around 10 rmb per hour.

Zhou Xu and Ru Yu naturally went to the childcare center and Yang Lizheng went to his chauffeur.

Zhang Sujuan initially thought that Yang Lizheng’s parents would come, however they should have been relatively busy so it was the chauffeur who came to fetch him. So she could only go knock on the car’s window and said to Yang Lizheng, “Xiao Zheng, ask your parents to come with you tomorrow, okay?”

Yang Lizheng blanked, his small face complexion instantly became bad.

Zhang Sujuan knew at a glance that he thought she had something concerning him to tell his parents, so she smiled slightly and explained, “Don’t worry, Xiao Zheng, I have something to discuss with your parents but it has nothing to do with you.”

After Yang Lizheng heard it, his complexion instantly got a lot better, he nodded and answered, “Okay, then see you tomorrow teacher.”

“Xiao Zheng, goodbye.”

Honestly, after Yang Lizheng left, Zhang Sujuan could also leave because she wasn’t responsible for the childcare center. However, today she decided to wait, she must first settle Zhou Xu and Ru Yu’s matters.

Zhou Xu actually used Zhang Sujuan’s mentality, however he didn’t consider it evil, because he didn’t consider himself as a good person. Towards people he could use, he would never hesitate.

When it was 6, as expected, Zhang Sujuang met Ye Shaoyun who came to fetch Zhou Xu and Ru Yu.

In the original world, she liked Ye Shaoyun. Even though they were six or seven years apart, Ye Shaoyun was both handsome and gentle, thus really likeable. However at this moment, Zhang Sujuan wouldn’t discuss feelings, because before that, she was still Zhou Xu’s teacher.

In fact, what Zhang Sujuan didn’t know was that her approach was not necessarily the right one, whether for Zhou Xu, or Ru Yu, or for Ye Shaoyun, but just because she didn’t know, she kept trusting that what she believed was right.

“Teacher Xiao Juan? You’re also here today?” Ye Shaoyun was used to fetch Zhou Xu at this time, that was why it was a bit surprising to see Zhang Sujuan at this hour.

“Oh, there are some matters I want to talk with you about.” Zhang Sujuan was a little bit embarrassed. After all she had Ye Shaoyun in her heart, it was why when she talked, her sentences had an unnatural maiden’s bashfulness.

Ye Shaoyun also became puzzled, “What matters? Did Xiao Xu make trouble at school?”

“Not at all, I want to talk to you about Ru Yu’s matters.”

“Ru Yu? What happened to him?”

“He also didn’t do anything, just that there has always been a little conflict between him and Zhou Xu. I would like to talk to you about it briefly. I know you are kind and took him in after meeting the pitiful him, but have you ever thought about what impact this kind of action has on Zhou Xu? Moreover, you must not have asked Zhou Xu’s opinion when you took in Ru Yu, right?”

“But Xiao Xu is only four.”

“Does a four years old not have any thoughts? Little Ye ah, children at such times are most likely to form a specific character. Did you not find out that Zhou Xu is now more and more clingy, but at the same time more and more silent, that’s because he doesn’t want to make things difficult for you, do you understand?”

“Sorry, Teacher Xiao Juan, I’m a little bit confused.”

Zhang Sujuan then told Ye Shaoyun all her thoughts, and added a psychological analysis of the child, as well as the various consequences that may arise, and finally concluded, “Little Ye, I know you are well-intentioned, but don’t let your good intentions break Xiao Xu’s heart. I’ll give you a few days to think about it. If possible, I will also help Ru Yu find a more robust family, maybe it’d also be better for him, what do you think?”

“I’ll give it some thought.”

Indeed, Ye Shaoyun couldn’t make a momentary decision, because originally it was Ru Yu who kept following him. Since he took Ru Yu home then he had to be responsible for Ru Yu. He also didn’t want to send Ru Yu out again, he was afraid if Ru Yu was sent out, it would cause him a psychological shadow again.

That day, Ye Shaoyun took the two children home, his heart was a little bit heavy. After all, he didn’t understand these, he was only eighteen, a senior high school student.

After returning home, Ru Yu had been very well behaved, eating on his own, washing on his own and sleeping on his own. However, Zhou Xu was still a bit difficult, although he could also do these things on his own, he was still clumsy.

On that night, after Ru Yu went to bed, Zhou Xu insisted on sleeping with Ye Shaoyun. Ye Shaoyun had a lot of homework to do, so he could only first coax Zhou Xu to sleep in his own room, only then did he take out his paper to start writing.

As he wrote, he heard Zhou Xu say something with a soft voice and then smacked his mouth, as if he seemed to have a beautiful dream of eating something.

Ye Shaoyun smiled faintly and continued to write his paper.

However when he was still not done writing, he heard Zhou Xu begin to cry pitifully, the crying sound was really light, a little suppressed, but among the suppression, a dense and pitiful sorrowfulness transpired through.

Ye Shaoyun hurriedly went to hug Zhou Xu, but he discovered that he was simply dreaming.

The little child, with his brow locked tightly, seemed to have a heavenly sorrow, he cried and whispered, “Mom … uwa, uwa … En, uncle likes me, but … but uncle still has to like Ru Yu, I don’t like that, but I have to be a good baby …… En, yes …… uwa, uwa…… uncle can only love me with half heart … because the other half has to be divided to brother Ru Yu …uwa uwa … I want my uncle to be my own …”

The sentences were off and on, Ye Shaoyun could only hear approximately, but Zhou Xu should be dreaming about talking to his own mother.

After listening to all the words, Ye Shaoyun was silent. Just like Zhang Sujuan said, his way of handling things had brought Zhou Xu a huge impact, and he himself did not notice.

With a light sigh, Ye Shaoyun also finally made a decision.

Zhou Xu, on the other hand, was smiling on that big bed. He knew that Ye Shaoyun had already made up his mind, and he also knew that the next thing that happened would probably be Ru Yu’s painful crying, and his and Ye Shaoyun’s heartless separation.

However adopting Ru Yu was a matter of affection, not adopting him was also normal. If Ru Yu blackened, then it meant that he was originally not so white, if he didn’t, then they could live their own lives in peace with each other.

Going to sleep with peace in mind, Zhou Xu’s next task was not to fight with Ru Yu, but to practice piano well, and then to tease Ye Shaoyun left and right.

On the second day morning, when Zhou Xu saw Zhang Sujuan again, Zhang Sujuan had already talked it out with Yang Lizheng’s parents. This time, they also didn’t leave, they wanted to see for themselves what kind of child was Ru Yu. If he was clever, they were willing to adopt him.

As always, when Ru Yu arrived at the school’s gate, he obediently greeted teacher Xiao Juan, and then said good bye to Ye Shaoyun.

Zhou Xu was the same as the day before, he insisted on sticking to Ye Shaoyun, kissing and hugging while telling him ‘I love you’.

After finally sending Zhou Xu to the school gate, Ye Shaoyun then lightly breathed a sigh of relief and said to Zhang Sujuan, “I agree with your idea, what I did was really too selfish. I let down Xiao Xu, and also let down Ru Yu. But I also want to make sure that the family you found will really treat Ru Yu well.”

Zhang Sujuan smiled slightly and directly introduced the two people, “Little Ye, come here, let me introduce you. This is Mr. Yang and this is Mrs. Yang, they are Yang Li Zheng’s parents. They will definitely treat Ru Yu well.”

Ye Shaoyun looked at these two people’s clothes and speech were both extraordinary, and they seemed to be in mutual love, so he nodded and agreed.

But after he nodded, Ru Yu unexpectedly ran out and asked with a tear-stained face, “Uncle Ye, you don’t want me anymore?”

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