The Villain’s White Lotus Halo

Chapter 58 - Xingshan Temple

Chapter 58 – Xingshan Temple

Yin Biyue still remembered that the original owner wanted to kill Luo Mingchuan, and that was at the Director’s behest.

‘You failed to kill him, then forget it.’ Before, when drinking tea with the Director, the Director said so.

Could it be that they already predicted they would come to Xingshan Temple, and they still had a chance to kill Luo Mingchuan?

But the Director has yet to act directly, why are these monks willing?

Then would it be, up to now, Jinghai and the Director still had some differences between them? In other words, Jinghai may be limited by his cultivation realm and can only see part of the world’s karma?

There is no need for these important people to lie, so what did they see and then unanimously made the decision to kill Luo Mingchuan?

Then what about the Sword Saint, he should be the person furthest from this world, what was the Sword Saint’s choice?

Before the moment in a breath, Yin Biyue’s mind flew through thousands of thoughts. They twisted into a tangled mess, shortening his breath.

He just wants to flip the table and scream!

Open your eyes and take a good look! The one standing outside is…






From the start it was me who wanted to be the villainous BOSS! It was me!!

If the Demon Lord isn’t dead, then he can really be reincarnated like the legend! That’s also me!

Come kill me!

“As everyone knows, my shixiong is a benevolent soul.”

Jing Hai sternly interrupted him, “Once the reincarnation of Demon Lord returns to this world, he will no longer be your shixiong! He will only become a demon!”

Seeing that Yin Biyue’s expression flickering, his tone eased,

“I heard that benefactor Yin was fighting against others on the same stage at the Flower Picking Festival, but couldn’t bear to hurt others. Now that this matter involves the lives of all people in the world, it must be Benefactor who knows righteousness and will know how to choose. The temple will not harm the life of Benefactor Luo, we’ve only invited him to stay in Jingsi Pavilion. The temple is protected by the light of the Buddha, and evil spirits cannot invade. The soul of the demon can not be reincarnated into the temple, which is enough to avoid this disaster. This is already the best way.”

The more Yin Biyue listened, the more he stared at the ongoing game in a daze.

Jing Hai didn’t say anything more to persuade him again, and waited silently for him to clear his thoughts.

There was silence in the temple’s rooms, only the sound of loose waves pushing through the window.

At the same time, in the Buddhist hall separated by one wall.

Luo Mingchuan looked at the twelve monks who surrounded him and finished listening to the reading of the first scripture. Starting from his birth and death, when he was enlightened and began cultivating, spoke of all the experiences he had, and the techniques he practiced.

And in the end they spoke of Mo Zun.

“Our temple has no intention of taking Benefactor’s life, and ask the Benefactor to stay in Jingsi Pavilion for a few years. Once the time for the disaster has passed, he will leave the temple.”

Jingsi Pavilion is a place where disciples who violate the precepts are punished in Xingshan Temple, and it also sometimes imprisons demonic cultivators or criminals. It is equivalent to the dungeon of Cangya Mountain. The same pressure that crushes bone, unable to see the clear skies.

After listening to this, Luo Mingchuan was not angry, nor driven to rebut.

His expression was calm, as if he was still a little dazed, “Did I do something wrong?”

The merciful face of the immense Buddha statue watched everything indifferently.

Buddha will not speak.

Those who have attained great understanding in Taoism cannot answer this question.

In the meditation room, Yin Biyue took a long breath of relief and sighed in a low voice, “For the greater good, I would never fear death.”¹

The tense atmosphere here instantly relaxed.

Jing Hai smiled. The wrinkles covering his face slowly smoothed out.

The old monk opened his mouth, seeming to want to praise Yin Biyue with a few words.

At this moment, a sword-light flashed, as swift as wind and quick as lightning!

The light rushed straight towards the old monk’s face!

The full board of black and white weiqi pieces scattered all over the floor with a sharp snap, like splattering rain and falling flowers, Yin Biyue already leapt alongside the sword light!

Jing Hai’s expression froze. His sleeves flew flat, the strength of worship burst forth, and rushed to meet the sword!

However, this sword appeared to be heading towards him, but it actually cut into the door!


Smoke and dust rose, and half of the wall of the temple’s beside the wooden door was collapsed by the blade.

Yin Biyue flew, man with sword in tow, and appeared in the grand hall.

Perfectly placing himself in front of Luo Mingchuan.

Everyone in the temple looked at him in shock.

It was indeed beyond their expectations.

Which Breakthrough stage in the world dares to draw their sword before the great power of a Greater Vessel?

Even if there was, who would dare to draw a sword in front of the abbot of Xingshan Temple?

Everything happened too quickly; from the moment Jing Hai waved his sleeves only to be met with nothing, to the moment he also appeared in the hall, Yin Biyue had already stood in front of Luo Mingchuan.

But Yin Biyue didn’t feel that it was quick. He only felt that every minute and every second that just passed was incomparably long. From the moment Jinghai spoke about the star of calamity, he was calculating and waiting for this moment.

The moment when a greater vessel relaxes.

He knew that if he couldn’t grasp this moment, he would never have this opportunity again.

He turned back and took a look at Luo Mingchuan. Fortunately, he came in time.

Then he asked everyone, “Shixiong has not done anything wrong, so on what basis should he be punished?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he felt a burst of fishy sweetness rushing into his throat, and his meridians seared through with pain. Yin Biyue forced the feeling down, and straightened his back. Even though Yin Biyue was the one who was the knowing who struck the unknowing, there was still no small price to pay in order to forcibly escape the besiegement of a greater vessel.

Luo Mingchuan dazedly stared at the young man brandishing a sword standing in front of him.

Shidi must already know everything. But Shidi chose to believe in him.

Then he should also believe in himself.

He took two steps forward, stood side by side with Yin Biyue, and said seriously, “I am not Mo Zun neither do I believe your words.”

Jinghai’s brows frowned till they were nearly vertical, his expression terrifying like a guardian deity, intimidating as Arhat’s might²,

“Benefactor Luo carries the breath of demons could it be benefactor Yin intends to stand with the tyrant Zhou? Where would you stay under the vast sky and verdant earth?”³

He did not reveal his oppressive power before, but the power of the Greater Vessel stage suddenly burst forth, and the nearest monk could not help but take two steps back.

But Yin Biyue was unafraid, and smiled despite the threat, “Absurd! My senior brother was injured white eradicating demons on Tixiang Mountain, yet you slander him as a demonic cultivator?!”

At this time, the grand scripture reader, Jing Yun, who sat on one side shouted,

“If it’s right or not, you’ll know with a single test!”

As soon as his voice fell, the bright yellow robes swelled quickly, his sleeves whirled up, one palm pointed to the sky and the other faced to the ground. After a bizarre series of overlapping and rotation of two palms and ten fingers, golden light erupted!

The image of an immense golden Buddha appeared behind him!

Great Buddhist Palm!

The great palm struck with great momentum, containing the full power of the Greater Vessel stage, and went straight to Luo Mingchuan!

Like the passing of a strong wind, the bronze incense burner on the confession table overturned and fell, and the hanging prayer flags and canopies were blown high.

The magnificent temple seemed to tremble slightly under this palm.

The great palm was immediately before his eyes, and Luo Mingchuan reached behind him and scooped Yin Biyue to stand behind him. He took a step and raised his hand seemingly slowly, but the phantom behind him quickly formed.

He actually made the same actions as Jing Yun!

No hesitation, no fumbling.

He returned a Great Buddhist Palm!

He didn’t lack a single bit of true understanding!


The two palms of golden light struck each other, vigorous and violent, and tore the hanging prayer flags to pieces.

Save for the abbot Jing Hai and the grand scripture reader Jing Yun the rest of the monks were forced to retreat three steps.

No one could have imagined that Luo Mingchuan would not be at a disadvantage against a Greater Vessel as a mid-stage Lesser Vessel!

Jing Yun was unsurprised, and said coldly,

“Benefactor Luo, you have already deviated your pupils…”

Luo Mingchuan’s pupil color has become pure black, as deep as the long night.

Yin Biyue interrupted him sternly, “Complete nonsense! The Jialan Pupil Arts is a technique of Xingshan Temple!”

Jing Hai continued, “Yet benefactor Luo is not practicing the Jialan Pupil Arts, it’s the ‘Nine Revolutions of Heaven’s Net’⁴!”He turned toward Yin Biyue,

“It is not too late for Benefactor Yin to see the truth. I am of Buddhist’s mercy, and the most logical. all of your previous offenses can be forgotten and forgiven.”

Yin Biyue felt Luo Mingchuan’s body clearly stiffen for a moment. He still seems a bit at a loss.

He knew that Jing Hai had led him away because he didn’t want to face Xi Hua Peak, and even more because he feared the Sword Saint, so he wouldn’t do anything to him. They will only trap Luo Mingchuan.

Xingshan Temple has no sage, but there is a great golden array. At that time, even if Luo Mingchuan’s master Zheng Yangzi came to ask for his release, he would still be subject to the reasons of the word at hand, and if he didn’t listen to the reasons of Buddhism, there would still be a great golden array to suppress him.

What is even more frightening is that just now, Jing Hai mentioned the Academy Director and Master Wuwang.

Behind this matter, it is likely that it represents the will of more than one of the sages.

Among the twists and turns, Yin Biyue thought through almost everything almost instantly, but he laughed loudly.

“What a compassionate Buddhist school, what a grand-sounding truth!”

The monks gathered, all glaring at him.

Jing Hai roared and asked, “Dare you draw a sword before Buddha? Do you dare to disrespect Buddha?!”

Just now Master Jingyun made a move, and it could be regarded as exterminating demons and defending the way before Buddha, but if Yin Biyue wanted now to draw his sword, he immediately became a demon in the eyes of the monks.

When the hat of “disrespect to the Buddha” was placed on their head, even the wildest of cultivators would show some signs of fear and hesitation.

But “they” don’t include the Sword Saint and his disciples.

If Yan Xing is standing here, he will think of Master’s teachings, and then use the way of answering Bao Pu Sect’s elder, and ask,

“First Buddha didn’t give birth to me, and second didn’t teach me. Why would I respect him?”

But Yin Biyue is not Yan Xing, he will not slander Buddha.

He just said calmly, “I don’t believe in Buddha, I don’t believe in anything…But if I must believe in something, I believe in Shixiong.”

What reincarnated Mo Zun, what Nine Revolutions of Heaven’s Net.

What you monks are saying, I don’t believe even half a punctuation mark!

1) 苟利苍生,生死矣。An expression used to express that fear is nothing if it is for the good of the country, and one’s life is a worthy sacrifice for the greater good

2) 金刚怒目/罗汉发威. The expression of a guardian deity of a temple generally are to scare off evildoers, and is an expression of eyes wide open, angry and like they’re popping out. From Britannica: Arhat, (Sanskrit: “one who is worthy”), Pali arahant, in Buddhism, a perfected person, one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence and has achieved nirvana (spiritual enlightenment). The arhat, having freed himself from the bonds of desire, will not be reborn.

3) To help they tyrant of Zhou to oppress the innocents. Essentially to mean to side with evil. I decided to keep the idiom so I could forcefeed you guys more Chinese culture. Hehe.

4) 天罗九转 The heaven’s net is likely in reference to the heavens/sky as a net like structure, or the laws of a nation. Nine turns is likely to mean that the heavens/law has been overturned and changed. Don’t quote me on this, and you can take the name at face value for now. If I made a mistake I’ll be sure to correct it in the future.

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