The Villain's Wife

Chapter 912: Go Jichen and Yang Mi

Chapter 912: Go Jichen and Yang Mi

Location: Paris

"Boss, did you find something new this time?" The man who asked leaned towards the dead body. "Was it something special?" He eyed Go Jichen. "Did you find some clues about this killer?"

For a few seconds, silence descended inside the room before Go Jichen gently shook his head. "Let's leave, tell them this was some crime of passion." Without looking at the dead body again, Go Jichen left the room.

"Mr. Go! Wait! I forgot to ask. Do you want me to arrange something for you? After all, you especially came to Paris because of this invitation."

"No need," Go Jichen said. "I have my own arrangements, thank you." With this, he left the police station and started walking toward a restaurant a few blocks away.

"I want some coffee and your best-selling vegetable dish," Go Jichen said at the waitress. The woman nodded and said a few words to confirm his order before finally leaving him alone. He opened his phone and type some words.

[Five years, three months, and two days.]

[Today, I discovered another corpse with some special knife wounds. I thought it came from your knife. I was wrong. The wound this time was too big. There were thirty-seven stab wounds. All of them were done after the man's death. I immediately knew it wasn't your style. ]

[Where are you now? I wonder, do you still remember me?]

For a few minutes, Go Jichen hesitated before he added.

[Yang Mi… Come back.]

He closed the diary application on his phone and stared at the small restaurant. It was currently two in the afternoon. There weren't a lot of people inside. Most of them were a tourist.

It has been two years since he started his journey, a journey to find Yang Mi. However, it seems that fate is really against them this time. Regret flooded through him like an unstable river. He was a coward. When he discovered that Yang Mi was a traitor, he actually hated her. However, that hate didn't last long. He soon discovered that he truly wanted to be with her.

But that was already five years after she disappeared. Right now… Go Jichen didn't even know if she was still alive. He could only hope… he could only wish that he would see her again.

When his order arrived, Go Jichen quickly finished his order before paying. He wasn't intending to stay at this place, so he only booked a cheap hotel just a few minutes away from the police station. After arriving at his small room, Go Jichen immediately opened his laptop and started searching for some news again.

He also opened his email and read some of his emails from various people. One of them immediately caught his attention. He frowned and opened the email.

Qin Yuanfeng? Why would that man email him? Was it—

Once again, Go Jichen's heartbeat quicken — something that always happens if he received or at least he thought he received something, a clue or a piece of news about Yang Mi's location.


He read the encrypted email and soon realized that his palms were sweating. Currently, some people found another corpse of an important politician in India, all their throats were slit open by a small thin knife. Qin Yuanfeng also included some of the police reports on the file.

Without having second thoughts, Go Jichen immediately booked a flight towards India. This time, he is going to Jaipur, India.


Location: Africa

The smell of liquor made Yang Mi frowned. She squinted her eyes at her latest assassination target before she grabbed another bottle of alcohol from the bar of the suite room. She then found her dress that she discarded earlier and immediately covered her naked body.

"Twenty-seven." She said as she sat on the couch, next to the body of the now-dead old man, her twenty-seventh kill. She used her bloodied hands to open the bottle of alcohol and started drinking it as if she was drinking a bottle of water. She nonchalantly put the bottle back on the table, her face turned sour. She hated cheap wine.

She then turned on the TV and started watching some shows, a habit that she always does after killing a person. Crazy? She called it relaxing. However, her face turned pale when she saw a familiar face in the news. It was Lily. The woman that she betrayed.

Yang Mi's gulped as memories that she had been trying to suppress for the last five years resurfaced in her mind. She eyed Lily's smiling face as they showed a clip of her in white, walking down the aisle with her father and brother. Who would have thought that Lily and Jingren would actually marry each other on different continents?

Such a silly way to show their affection towards each other! She snorted.

Because of this peculiar way of showing their affection, the news network got ahold of their story and was currently sharing to the world how they are planning to marry in every continent of the world. Slowly, tears pooled in Yang Mi's eyes as she thought of Lily's words before they parted.

However, this wasn't the time to regret anything. She examined the room before she grabbed her clothes and left the room with no hesitation. With her current disguise, Yang Mi was actually very confident that no one could discover her real identity. Of course, she was also confident that her prints inside the room would lead the investigators to nothing.

After all, she already got rid of her own fingerprints by burning her fingers.

Yang Mi left the hotel and went to a bar which would lead her to a secret fighting arena underground. However, before she could take a single step inside the bar, her phone vibrated. She opened it and squinted at the name and location on the email that she received. Yang Mi turned her heel and didn't go to the bar. Instead, she rode a taxi towards her luxurious hotel room. Then she immediately booked a flight towards India.

Jaipur, India.

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