The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses

Chapter 1159 - I Want to Make You Stay (37)

Chapter 1159: I Want to Make You Stay (37)

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She could not take her lips off of his and wished that she could consume him whole.

She wrapped one leg around his waist and slowly got into the dominant position, with her on top of him.

Their hormones began to rage, and their burning passion could not be contained.

Jin Qingyan fondled her while hugging her tightly and kissing her passionately.

“Ah…” Filled with pleasure, she continued moaning incessantly with great enthusiasm. “Mm… Mm…”

She grabbed his member and held it up with her tiny hands before moving downward slowly. He then held her waist with both hands and pushed her body down. He entered her and they became one.

They both let out a moan of satisfaction.

He could tell that she was exceptionally passionate tonight, perhaps because she was elated about the fact that Xihou Jiaping was dead and that the children had returned home safely.

What followed her happiness was an intense session of lovemaking.

Although his calf was fractured, the two of them remained in the same position and continued to satisfy their desires, all the way until one o’clock in the morning.

Exhausted and drenched in sweat, they panted heavily and tried to catch their breaths.

Her legs had turned into jelly and became weak. She proceeded to take a shower, after which she cleaned him up with a towel.

Jin Qingyan rested his arms behind his head and watched as she cleaned him up. Gazing at her, he said, “You’ve abused my member…”

“You call that abuse? If it weren’t because of your calf, I would’ve milked you dry tonight.”

“You’re welcome to interact with it every day. It’ll be waiting for you.”

“How earnest.”

On cloud nine, she turned around while smiling and brought the towel to the bathroom.

She lay down again and placed a sheet of mask over her face. Still not feeling sleepy yet, An Xiaoning asked, “Didn’t you say that you’d be talking to Xiao Chenyang about the curse when you’ve returned? Why didn’t you bring it up during dinner just now?”

“It’s not too late to wait ’til tomorrow.”

When they headed down for breakfast the next morning, they discovered that Xiao Chenyang had already left when daybreak arrived.

Jin Qingyan said, “I’ll ask him when he takes me to our mentor’s graveyard.”

An Xiaoning remained silent.

As soon as Xiao Chenyang pulled up in the car park of the hotel in A City, he caught sight of Fang Erlan’s nanny van.

He headed to her room on the tenth floor and pressed the doorbell thrice before she finally opened the door.

“You’re here,” she murmured. She then turned around and walked into the room slowly. She was dragging her feet across the room due to the fact that she was still sleepy.

“Why aren’t you filming?”

“We filmed for the entire night last time and we’ll have to head to another filming location in G City later this afternoon. I need to sleep in the morning.” She then lay down and buried her face into the pillow.

He flipped her body over and chided, “Are you trying to suffocate yourself?”

Fang Erlan opened her eyes slightly and called out, “Xiao Chenyang…”


“When Xiao Yue comes later, get her to buy me a bottle of warm milk…”

“I’ll buy it for you.”

“Alright,” she answered feebly.

Xiao Chenyang exited with the key card. He returned to the room after buying some warm milk and breakfast, only to see that she was sprawled across the bed and seemed like she’d be falling off soon.

He woke her up and poked a straw into the bottle of milk. “Here’s your warm milk,” he said, handing her the bottle.

She finished it in one gulp, after which he handed her the sandwich.

Fang Erlan sat up straight and closed her eyes while munching on the sandwich.

She was completely exhausted and was simply chewing mindlessly.

After having her fill, she went back to sleep.

Xiao Chenyang had some food too and proceeded to freshen up afterward.

As soon as he came out of the bathroom, he heard her mobile phone ringing. He stepped forward to look at the caller display and saw that it was Co-director Li who was calling her.

Just as Xiao Chenyang was about to answer, Co-director Li hung up.

Thinking to himself that it was probably for something important, he decided to call Co-director Li back.

Before he could do so, the latter sent a text message.

It read: “Erlan, you’ve seen the photos for yourself. How do you plan to settle it?”

A sullen expression formed on Xiao Chenyang’s face as soon as he read the message. Photos? What photos?

After some thought, he replied: “Come over to my room. We’ll talk about this issue.”


He picked Fang Erlan up in his arms and asked, “What photos did Co-director Li show you?”

Fang Erlan instantly sobered up the moment she heard his words.

“How… how did you know?”

He threw Fang Erlan’s mobile phone at her, after which she unlocked it to look at the message. After reading the content, she said, “They were photos of me and Yan Ge…”

“In bed?”

Fang Erlan immediately retorted, “Of course not! We didn’t get intimate… it’s just some photos of me hugging him.”

“Co-director Li is clearly trying to threaten you. How do you plan to settle it?”

“I was planning to call Sis Yangyang today…”

“Since you’ve already begun dating him, why don’t you just publicly admit to your relationship? You two may just date each other openly. Wouldn’t it be better if you don’t have to be cautious or hide it from anyone?” he said coldly.

Fang Erlan grabbed the sheets tightly and stared at the calm expression he had on his face, unable to figure out what he was thinking.

Fang Erlan nodded and said, “I think you have a point. Good idea. I’ll call Sis Yangyang now.”

She dialed Mei Yangyang’s number and said, “Sis Yangyang, Yan Ge and I have begun dating.”


“What do you say we admit to it openly?”

“Have you thought about it yet?”

“The Co-director has snapped some photos of us behaving affectionately.”

Mei Yangyang asked, “Do you plan to marry him?”

Marry him?

Fang Erlan’s mind went blank the moment she heard her words. “I don’t plan to marry him just yet.”

“Wait until you’re thinking of marrying him before you announce your relationship. Don’t act rashly. Do you know what will happen once you announce your relationship? Yan Ge’s fans will drown you in their castigations and criticisms, so think twice before you act. Consider it carefully,” Mei Yangyang said bluntly.


“I know.” She ended the call and looked at Xiao Chenyang. “Did you hear that? My boss thinks I shouldn’t announce it. So I don’t plan to.”

The doorbell rang again, and Fang Erlan got out of bed to answer the door.

Co-director Li entered the room, smiling. However, he was caught by surprise when he saw her bodyguard inside.

“Aren’t you going to get him to go out?” Co-director Li asked.

“No, he’s not an outsider,” Fang Erlan said casually.

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