The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 prison break


[ True, deep love would never be forgotten over the years.]


Black prison in the north of the city

The entire black prison was filled with a dark and gloomy aura. The people who were locked up here all had extraordinary statuses. They were either high-level hackers or mafia bosses. However, no one knew exactly who was locked up in this black facility.

“Master Qi, the people over there found someone to do something to you. Be careful. ”

Sitting in a corner of the prison, Bai Qi’s mind was still ringing with these words. Her eyes instantly turned red, and her hands were clenched into fists.

It was a very devilish face. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a face that made men, women, old and young go crazy.

It was dangerous and treacherous.

No one knew that she was actually a woman.

The reason why she disguised herself as a man was very simple.

Her scumbag father’s family needed her son to inherit the family business. The scumbag father had thought about his son for his entire life. It was probably because he had been too wicked in his life that he only had her as a daughter when he was in his forties.

He had no choice but to announce to the public that this was a son and he was named Bai Qi.

Everything had been going smoothly initially. Who would have thought that he would suddenly have a slut in his sixties and even successfully conceive a child. The old man excitedly brought her for a check-up. It was really a son.

Bai Qi and her mother’s status instantly fell to the bottom. The scumbag father was afraid that she would snatch his son’s position and targeted her everywhere. He even did not hesitate to drag her into the black prison.

No matter how capable a person was, once they were in the black prison, they could only submit.

Bai Qi had been in black prison for a whole year. That person had grabbed her weak spot and made it impossible for her to escape from this purgatory. But now, there was no need.

No one had expected that she would be dragged into this by her ruthless father.

It had been a year. Bai Mo, just you wait. Since it was a wolf cub that she raised herself, it was not worth it not to have a taste of being bitten.

Just like in prison, black prison also had time for yard time.

But Bai Qi knew that there were cameras and surveillance cameras everywhere. This time, Bai Qi took the opportunity to see Xu Yichen, who was also locked up.

The two of them looked at each other and basically understood each other’s thoughts.

The surveillance time was only about ten minutes. When they were walking back, the black prison law enforcement officers did not notice that two people were approaching. At the blind spot of the surveillance cameras, they quietly undid each other’s handcuffs.


With a loud sound, Bai Qi threw the rock that she had just picked up from the surveillance camera at the head of a black prison law enforcement man in front of her. Bai Qi’s attacks were full of force. The more she hit, the more ruthless she became. A heart-wrenching sound came from the mouth of the big man.

Fresh blood dripped down

This youth’s ruthlessness gave birth to a powerful pressure in his life. He did not speak, but his silent fighting posture made people feel even more chilled.

“F * CK ME! ”

The prisoners behind could not help but be speechless when they saw this. At the same time, they also became excited and prepared to take the opportunity to escape from the black prison.

Xu Yichen quickly removed two handguns from his body and threw one to Bai Qi.

The two figures were as fast as lightning. Bai Qi’s eyes were half-closed. She aimed at a direction and fired three shots consecutively. The bullets simply rebounded in an unscientific manner.

A few people who had been shot fell from different directions. Three shots were as effective as shooting.

They died with their eyes wide open. They did not expect this person to have such accurate shooting skills.

Xu Yichen and Bai Qi ran in the same direction. Soon, the movements here would attract the attention of the black prison’s law enforcement officers, so they had to leave immediately.

The direction they were running towards was a forbidden area of the black prison. Ordinary people could not break in. Xu Yichen and Bai Qi used this opportunity to hope that they could escape.

Soon, the law enforcement officers of black prison swarmed over from all directions

“chase them, they’re running away! ”

“Stop, don’t run”

However, Xu Yichen and Bai Qi held two guns in their hands and kept firing bullets. A group of burly men chased after them, but they couldn’t match the strength of their legs.

Bang, Bang, Bang. Bullets kept shooting out from behind, but Bai Qi’s expression didn’t change. She ran in a fixed direction as fast as lightning.

Seeing the light gradually reveal itself in front of her, Bai Qi was delighted. She jumped up and pounced forward.

I’m out, I’m finally out!

Just when Bai Qi thought she could finally get out, there was a sudden explosion behind her. The gathered flames engulfed the place inch by inch, and she subconsciously fell to the ground.

Perhaps her luck was too bad, but she was still shot in the back, straight to the chest.

“Bai Qi! ”

The immortal dared to plot against her!

Before she lost consciousness, Bai Qi only had time to curse in her heart. She didn’t expect to die in this damned place before she could take revenge.

An unknown amount of time passed.

In her daze, someone seemed to be talking

“nurse, why hasn’t she woken up yet? ”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get the attending doctor to come over and take a look. ”

The sound of footsteps gradually faded away. Bai Qi was woken up just like that. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at this unfamiliar place curiously. This seemed to be a hospital. In the ward that was filled with disinfectant, there was only a bag on the side. There was nothing else.

She felt her body stiffen badly and subconsciously looked at her hands. Her fingers were like scallions. Her hands were beautiful, but this was not her body!

In a trance, Bai Qi replayed the scene of her falling from the roof and finally landing on the ground. That’s right, she was already dead, and it was quite a tragic death.

Bai Qi narrowed her eyes. Could it be that she had reincarnated through a corpse?

Thinking of this possibility, Bai Qi removed the needle from the back of her hand and got off the bed.

Because she was so dizzy, she directly threw herself onto the washing table. An unfamiliar face appeared in front of the mirror. It was the face of a woman.

This was not her face either!

That face was as exquisite as a painting, and her eyes were like quiet ink. They were filled with warmth and coldness. It was even more perfect than her previous face It had to be said that the original owner’s beauty was so dazzling that it made Zhang Yang blush!

However, there was no warmth in her eyes and eyebrows. The faint coldness and hostility in her eyes indicated that she was still Bai Qi. It was just that she had changed her body.

It looked ridiculous, but it actually happened.

Bai Qi subconsciously touched it. The warm and delicate touch on her fingertips made her feel that everything was not real. What made her even more horrified was that Bai Qi did not know who she was and why she was in the hospital.

She had no idea that she was the person who appeared out of thin air. How could this be?

Her mind was blank. Bai Qi could not remember anything about this body.

After thinking for a moment, her head began to hurt intensely.

Could this body have lost its memory?

At the thought of this, her head began to hurt even more. Bai Qi could not help but press her temples and stop thinking. Since she was in the hospital, there must be a file on her.

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