The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Villains


“Young Madam, what do you mean by that? ” As an outsider, millie’er could not help but say sharply, “Yanwei relies on her own abilities to earn a living, unlike some women who rely on men to survive. ”

The second half of her sentence was directed at Gu Ruochu.

“Millie’er, what are you talking about! ” Gu Yanwei acted as if she was scolding her. Millie’er shut her mouth and the disdain in her eyes was very obvious.

Heh, her minions are indeed very powerful. They even dared to criticize her in the Huo family. They must have relied on the fact that the huo family does not like Gu Ruochu to be so arrogant.

“rely on your own abilities to earn a living? Are you saying that my sister has not eaten or drank for half a year and then relied on her own abilities to buy such a famous handbag? ” Gu Ruochu did not hide her mockery, “we all need to learn this ability! This is simply the possession of a divine skill! ”

Millie’er was rendered speechless because Gu Ruochu’s words were very honest. She could not understand. Hasn’t this woman always been timid and never argued with others?

Mrs. Huo seemed to be displeased, “enough, what’s there to argue about? ”

Gu Yanwei knew that Mrs. Huo had always liked her. Of course, she would stand on her side. As for her little sister, she could only be a clown.

“Mother, I’m not arguing. I’m concerned about my sister. ” Gu Ruochu smiled almost perfectly “A month’s salary is thirty thousand. If you don’t eat or drink, it’s a hundred and eighty thousand for half a year. That’s enough to buy the bag in my sister’s hand. I wonder where my sister gets so much money to buy a pretentious bag. I’m really worried. ”

Gu Yanwei sighed softly, “Ruo Chu, isn’t it just a bag? Why don’t I just give it to you? This will hurt the friendship between sisters. Ruo Chu, don’t you agree? ”

Anyway, she was still spending Gu Ruochu’s money so she did not feel sorry for her.

Looking at Gu Ruochu’s arrogant look, the first one who could not control herself was millie She shouted loudly, “Mrs. Huo, you’re not going to bully your own sister just because you’re Mrs. Huo, are you? ” Mrs. Huo, look at her ghastly appearance. She’s like a mad dog that has come out to bite people Some people really do look innocent and pure on the surface, but in reality, they are very scheming.”

Millie’er knew that Gu Ruochu was not liked by the huo family and wanted to use this opportunity to curry favor with Gu Yanwei. At this moment, she was not afraid of Gu Ruochu and her attitude was very firm.

Gu Ruoyun’s expression changed when she saw how brainless millie’er was.

As expected, Mrs. Huo saw that Gu Ruochu’s expression had turned even uglier and her heart was filled with even more displeasure.

“What do you mean by that? My sister hasn’t even spoken yet and you’re already so impatient to jump out and cause a Ruckus with me? I’d like to ask if it’s you who thinks of me this way or someone else who thinks of me this way. ” Gu Ruochu was still smiling at first However, the warmth in her eyes was slowly fading and her sharp gaze was staring straight into her eyes.

Millie was shaken by the aura emanating from her body but she still stubbornly said, “Young Madam, that’s not what I meant. Yanwei hasn’t said anything so don’t accuse a good person. I’m the one who’s defending her. ”

Anyway, she must seek justice for Yanwei.

A good person So Gu Yanwei is a good person and I’m the evil one!

“sister, is this your friend? ” Gu Ruochu did not reply but looked at Gu Yanwei instead.

Gu Yanwei looked as if she was in a difficult position, “ruo Chu, don’t argue with her. She’s just straightforward. ”

What a straightforward person. She’s mocking me both openly and secretly as a villain A villain

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