The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 1432

Chapter 1432: Chapter 1420: no moral integrity


“I’m not thinking anything. You’RE THE SHAMELESS ONE! ”

The car stopped when they reached the office. Fu Li reached out to help her unbuckle her seatbelt as he approached her with a smirk. “Let me think about what you were thinking just now. Are you afraid that others will think that we’re in a car? ”

“You’re talking nonsense! ” Yi Yu reached out to push him away. “Don’t get so close to me, you perverted man! ”

She would never admit that she was thinking like that just now!

“Okay, okay, I’m perverted. ” He smiled again. Her seatbelt had already been untied. He reached out to pick up his bag and smashed it on him a few times. “BASTARD! ”


Yi Yu immediately stopped. Looking at his frowning face, she really thought that she had hurt him.

“I didn’t use much strength just now. Where does it hurt? ”

Seeing him looking at her with a mischievous smile, Yi Yu realized that she had been fooled by him again. This man had no integrity at all!

“Stinky Man! ”

She picked up her bag again and threw it at him a few times. After all, he had thick skin and flesh. He would be fine no matter how she threw it!

After throwing it a few times, she stopped. Yi Yu glared at him and turned around to walk towards the company.

“Let’s have lunch together. ”

“Okay. ”

She turned around with a smile on her face again and even made a hand gesture of a kiss on purpose. Fu Li was a little surprised. This was the first time he had seen this thin-skinned woman making such a hand gesture, and it was even a kiss!

He smiled and rolled up the car window.

“Good Morning, sister Yi Yu. ”

When she arrived at the office, there was a wave of greetings. Yi Yu was in a good mood. When she sat down, she saw the extra work tasks that her boss had sent her, so she immediately perked up and started working.

“I think a celebrity-chasing dog like me should have started working at a magazine. Being sent by the editor-in-chief to film the gossip of those celebrities every day must be very exciting, ” a few interns began to gossip “I thought I could see a lot of celebrities at an entertainment company every day, but in the end, they were absent every day because of work and external affairs, which made me very sad. ”

“that’s not necessarily true. You know that celebrities hate Paparazzi the most. If he finds out that you’re tracking a celebrity that you like, he will hate you to death. ”

“So what? At least I have a deep impression in his heart. What if we end up together after falling in love and killing each other? ”


Have you read too many novels?

Zhao Ying had worked here for more than two months. There was only one more month before she would know the test results. She was not the only intern in this office. She really wanted to stay here through her own efforts.

“Xiao Ying, have you found a house to move to? ”

“Not yet, I’m looking at it now. ” Zhao Ying felt that she had to move out of the house. Otherwise, she would not know what kind of situation she would be forced into by her biological mother. What kind of situation was this.

Zhao Ying rubbed her forehead, but it was nothing. After all, she had grown up with her grandparents since she was young. She had no feelings for her parents to begin with.

In the past, when the school held a speech to promote parental love, she was basically numb and ignorant. She couldn’t feel the emotion of tears.

“Call me when you move. I’ll help you. ”

“Sister Yi Yu is the best to me. ” Zhao Ying smiled. She felt that Yi Yu was the sister who truly loved her.

Zhao Ying’s smile reminded Yi Yu of Xiao Mi. These few days, Xiao Mi didn’t call or make a call on wechat. She didn’t know if something had really happened.

She was very worried.

It was noon time to get off work, but suddenly there was a business banquet to attend. They could not miss a single one in this office.

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