The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 2242_END

Chapter 2242: Chapter 2089, the grand finale


“F * Ck, you scared me to death. ” Xu Ci rolled her eyes when she saw it was Gu Yinshu. “What’s wrong? Didn’t you follow your heart? “

Gu Yinshu didn’t say anything. She just threw a swimming ring at him. “stop talking. Didn’t you come out to play today? “

“Did you have a fight? “

Gu Yinshu rolled her eyes at him. Xu Ci basically understood something. In fact, he and Gu Yinshu had been quite close recently and knew about his situation.

“I heard that you’re planning to go to the provincial team? “

“Yes, people always have to make plans for their own future. Besides, I have youyou now, so I can’t go on like this. ” Xu Ci got up from the water His dark hair looked particularly beautiful in the light. His gaze fell on Xu Youyou, and a gentle smile bloomed on his face.

“That’s true. As men, we have to be responsible. “

Gu Yinshu reached out and splashed the water on him. There was a hint of ridicule in his smile. “When you win the championship in the future, I’ll come back to give you a celebratory feast. “

“Then it’s a deal. ” Xu Ci looked back at him and smiled. “I wish you and freewill all the best. “

“Of course. “

The two looked at each other and smiled. Xu Youyou didn’t know what they were laughing about, but when Xu CI looked at her, she also smiled back sweetly.

With a click, Shen Qing recorded the scene with his camera.

When they were young, their faces were full of vitality and Collagen, perhaps even a little more youthful.

But everything was beautiful.

“Gu Yinshu! “

A carefree voice came from the other side. Gu Yinshu turned around and saw that she had put on an awkward swimsuit and was slowly walking towards him.

“Don’t be afraid. “

The young man reached out his hand to her. At this moment, he seemed to relax and handed her his hand.

The corner of the young man’s lips curled up slightly. In an instant, it became the deepest and most colorful stroke in Jiang Suixin’s memory.

In every girl’s heart, there might be such a young man in white. Gu Yinshu was clearly the person in her heart.

She could not forget him, nor could she erase him.

“follow your heart. “

Xu Youyou also came up from the water and held her hand enthusiastically. “Come and swim with us. “

“okay. “

When they finally parted ways, everyone was quite emotional because Xu ci was about to enter the national team, while the others were about to go their separate ways.

“How about this, let’s make an appointment and we’ll get together again in three years, okay? ” Shen Qing suggested and quickly received other acknowledgments.

“when the time comes, what will we become? I’m really curious. ” Xu Youyou fell into Xu CI’s arms, her face full of longing and yearning. “I’m really looking forward to that day. “

“We’ll definitely live the life we want the most. ” Xu Ci kissed her forehead. “When I win the championship, I’ll definitely come back and marry you. “

“Aren’t you old-fashioned? If you didn’t know better, people would think that you went to Beijing for the exams just like the ancients did. How can you not have goosebumps when you say such old-fashioned lines? “

Xu Youyou reached out and touched his chest. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “even if you don’t win the championship, I’m still counting on you. “

“Well, we can’t go back on our words since we made a promise. “

“Okay, we’ve agreed on three years. At that time, we must gather together, ” Jiang Suixin promised. “I hope that each of us will embark on our own future, and in the end, our lives will be full of flowers! “

“Okay! ! “

“At that time, we must gather together! “

As everyone was about to embark on the early stage of their own future, everyone felt longing and yearning for the rest of their lives.

They reached out and fist-bumped with each other. With each other’s blessings and the agreement to reunite in three years, they left separately. What happened in their youth will eventually become the most beautiful image in their memory.

The End

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