The Wizard World

Chapter 11: Furious (Part 2)

Chapter 11: Furious (Part 2)

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Purple fruits, red veggies, blue-colored meat, and several nuts of different types; Angele had eaten a whole bunch of those. He stood in the kitchen waiting for Zero’s analysis.

‘No enhancement effect detected.’ Zero kept repeating those words.

After half an hour, Angele finally found some usable veggies.

‘Good for strength enhancement. Possible negative effect: Diarrhea. Please name the data.’ Zero reported. Angele was not sure if he should be happy about the result. He finally found a helpful veggie, but it would give him diarrhea.

‘Name it as Blue Bamboo Shoot.’ Angele said while looking at the veggie.

It looked really like the normal bamboo shoots on earth, but it was blue. It had a soft, but crunchy taste, and Angele could smell some flower-like aroma from it.

‘Naming finished, Blue Bamboo Shoots. Consume three times a day; a total of 30 times will increase your strength by about 2 points.’ Zero reported. Angele looked at the blue-colored data, and a graph of the bamboo shoots was shown. It also indicated the head part of the bamboo shoot contained most of the essence, which could increase his strength.

“Bamboo shoots’ heads…?’ Angele grabbed one of the bamboo shoots and took a bite on its head. It tasted slightly bitter at first, but turned slightly sweet after. This vegetable was used as a digestive support by the locals, but no one knew that it could increase people’s strength. However, Angele had to eat it more than 30 times and no less than 150 grams every time.

‘Alright, analyze the data of the sword skills gathered recently. Combine them all and find the most suitable set for me.’ Angele ordered. The chip worked best when Angele gave proper orders.

‘I hope the chip could multitask… It could save me a whole lot of time.’ Angele thought while eating the bamboo shoots. After finishing 150 grams of the bamboo shoots, Angele still wanted to try some other food. However, he found nothing useful after that.

He left the dining area, and he returned to his bedroom; Angele started to train with the iron balls again. Maggie and Celia were trying to converse with him recently, but he tried his best to avoid them. He absolutely had no time for them. He followed his plan for the next several days.


Angele blocked an iron ball with his right palm. It was early in the morning, and the light outside the window were all over him. He was alone in the bedroom with the door locked.

‘Is the sword skill set finished?’ Angele asked while breathing heavily.

‘It was finished three hours ago, please name the set.’ Zero reported.

‘Basic sword skill set.’ Angele randomly named it.

‘Name saved. Would you like a visual demonstration?’ Zero asked.

‘Yea.’ Angele said.

Zero inputted the images into Angele’s brain. Angele started to see simulations within his mind, and there was a guy standing there. He looked similar to Angele, and he used the sword to make a front slash. He then attacked the front side and followed up with a left slash, right pointing slash, and a low slash. He was attacking the same point, and the whole process only took two seconds to finish.

The speed was very fast, and Angele felt like he was seeing an illusion attacking the same point with four slashes. Right after that, the man demonstrated blocking techniques, advancing techniques, full power strikes, parrying skills, and evasive maneuvers along with many other basic sword skills. Everything was fast and simple, and it looked very smooth.

After the simulation was finished, Angele was able to see his bedroom again, and he started to contemplate about the whole skill set.

‘This would probably be the best set I could use at the moment, and the chip made sure I could perform all those.’ Angele thought, and he grabbed the crossguard sword by the desk. There was an insignia of the Rio Family on the handguard of the sword. It looked like an eagle trying to fly out of the thorns, and the body of the sword had a silver color. It looked very shiny.

Angele drew the sword carefully, and he started practicing. Suddenly, Angele heard the sound of horses stomping the ground outside. He opened the window immediately. At the main way out, the baron was riding on a white horse. He wore a complete silver-colored armor set, and there was a huge black sword being carried on his back. The blade had a width of a human’s head. There were ten cavalrymen behind the baron.

They left the castle as a squad quickly. Angele looked at them until he couldn’t see them anymore.

“Maggie!” Angele yelled after closing the window.

The maid knocked on the door quickly, and Angele opened the door.

“What happened, Young Master?” The maid was still wiping her hands; it seemed like she was washing something.

“Where is my father headed to?” Angele asked.

“There was some trouble over the silver mine, and the baron was going to check it out.” The maid answered.

“Okay.” Angele nodded. “You may continue with your own thing now. Oh wait, how is Cecilia doing?” He asked.

“I asked her to keep your bedroom clean.” The maid replied politely.

“Okay.” Angele said.

“Young Master, Knight Audis has returned to his territory this morning, and Wade has been recruiting new maids recently. Several thieves were sentenced to death not so long ago; it could get noisy in the castle after, so he asked me to inform you about it.” Maggie said.

“Understood.” Angele nodded, and he closed the door. It was November, and it was usually the time to recruit and calculate taxes. November was the busiest month of the year.

Angele checked his body condition after closing the door. His strength had gone from 0.8 to 1.4, and it seemed the Blue Bamboo Shoots were working distinctly well.

‘It’s about time. I need three or four more days to finish my preparation.’ Angele thought. “There is only one last thing to do.” He looked at the iron balls and said.


In the forest outside the castle, Dice was standing on a branch and gazing at the castle.

“Ha, Angele Rio, I am going get you first before the mission. You played me like a fiddle last time, where can you hide now?” He said. Dice found out who the young man was when he got back. He could not believe that he did not get the playboy, and his pride could not allow that.

He was well-prepared before heading to the castle again and thought his plan was perfect. Dice saw the baron left the castle, so he decided to kill Angele first and get the baron on his way back. He crouched on the branch, and he waited patiently for the entrance to be opened.

Suddenly, the door was lowered. A young man came out of the castle with two guards, and they were walking towards the forest. Dice got angry after he saw the young man’s pale face.

“That’s him! This little punk! Great…” Dice laughed, and he left the branch. He disappeared into the forest.


Angele had his sword on his belt and his longbow on his back. There was also a black ring that he was using to protect his finger.

Angele walked towards the forest alone, and the guards were sent back by him after a long conversation. They were already used Angele’s habits, so they did not think it would be dangerous to leave him alone in the forest.

But this time, Angele had something important to do, and he could not let them know. He walked across the training grounds and entered the forest.

‘Unknown suspect in front, prepare to defend.’ Zero reported right away.

Angele felt a chill similar to last time again, and he rolled towards the front without thinking. A silver knife flew towards his original position right after; he would’ve died already if he did not roll forward.

‘That’s him!’ The situation reminded Angele about what happened last time. He felt infuriated because he had no way to fight back that time.

‘Let me know where he is.’ Angele asked. He stood up quickly and hid behind a tree. He took out an arrow from the quiver as planned. He also dipped poison on the arrowhead and shot it right towards the enemy.

‘It isn’t snake venom this time…’ Angele was completely focused, trying to hear any movement.

“Die!” He said. He fired an arrow again, and he once again hid behind the tree afterwards.

The arrow looked like a white flash, and it was fired into a cluster of high grass. Angele could hear the sound of blocking. He was getting excited as he knew his life was in danger.

Angele heard the sound of the metal chain. He did not hesitate and fired another arrow, and he then ran out of the brush. He was running in an “S” like route to avoid potential attacks.

Angele could hear swift footsteps from behind; the opponent was chasing him. He kept firing arrows and rolling around. He found a downhill slope, and he rolled down to the ground. Angele drew his sword right after; he had no time to take care of the mud on his face.

‘I am still not good enough, but at least I can try retaliating now.’ Angele thought while holding his sword with both hands. The blade was also dipped with poison.

He could hear the footsteps from above getting closer. Angele took a deep breath, and he gathered all his strength. He glared towards uphill like a snake.

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