The Wizard World

Chapter 16: Peace (Part 1)

Chapter 16: Peace (Part 1)

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After a while, Angele wiped his sword on a corpse’s clothes, trying to clean its blade. He looked around; there were decapitated body parts everywhere. His face looked a bit pale; though he had already killed someone, the current scene was too much of a shock to him.

A breeze blew across the tree, and the leaves started to make noises. The sunlight mixed with shadows on the ground looked like the river flowing. Angele’s silver sword shone under the sunlight as he walked towards the knight level warrior. He checked the man’s belongings and found nothing aside from a coin pouch.

“They were trying to hide their identities during the mission maybe?” Angele guessed. He stood up, and he could smell the blood in the air. When Angele was about to leave, he saw a shadow coming from his right side. He did not expect it coming, and had no time to react, so he slashed towards it heavily.

The “shadow” had a very bad smell, and it made Angele sick. He ran into the thing, and he was pushed far away from it. He rolled about ten meters away, but he did not get hurt. Angele finally got the chance to look at the thing.

It was a huge black bear. The bear was about 3 meters tall and was standing straight. It was going to attack Angele again. From Angele’s perspective, he felt like he was looking at a small hill.

“Crazy Mountain Bear…” Angele was scared after he realized what the “thing” actually was. An average Mountain Black Bear was about half of its size, and the baron had one of the Mountain Black Bear’s skin in his hall as a trophy, so Angele was familiar with the beast.

He did not have time to think, so he jumped backwards swiftly. He then pointed his sword at the bear’s left eye. Though the bear was huge, it was still very fast and it simply slapped Angele’s sword to make him lose his balance.

“Crazy Mountain Bear: Strength greater than 6, Agility greater than 2, Stamina greater than 10,” Zero reported. Angele could not hear the report until the bear stopped roaring.

When the opponent was much stronger than Angele, the chip’s data was unable to help him win the fight. The chip was able to report the enemy’s location to Angele because the opponents were at least close to him in terms of attributes.

The chip’s analysis was based on Angele’s sensory information, and it would get stronger if Angele himself was stronger. The Crazy Mountain Bear had extremely high strength and stamina. Angele tried to fight the bear with his high agility. However, he could only barely damage the bear and his slashes did pretty much nothing to it. The bear’s skin felt like thick metal, and his sword could not slash through it.

Angele decided to run away quickly as there was nothing he could do. The bear did not chase him because it knew the target was much faster than it. The bear walked towards the bodies, and it started to have a nice meal.

Angele examined the bear for a while, and it shook his head.

“Its skin is way too thick. I need some legendary weapon for it, or maybe higher strength would do as well? I can’t damage it at all for now,” Angele thought. The bear was eating, but it did not lower its defences. Angele saw that the bear was about to chase him, so he just left the place.

Angele was satisfied with today’s result. At least he gained some fighting experience, and he had gotten a better understanding of his own ability.

“Maybe I can go for the bear next time. I need to eat some more bamboo shoots.” He thought as he left the forest.

He killed some Saladin’s troops and slew a knight level warrior. Angele thought his fighting ability had already reached the knight level, which meant he had similar power with the baron. He felt a bit relaxed as he knew he could protect himself now. Power was the only thing that matters in this world.

The knight he killed was at a similar level as Wade and Audis. If Angele and the baron were at the top level among the knights, Wade and Audis would be at the middle level. The gap between the top and middle was huge. Dice would’ve probably been at the top level, so he had the confidence in taking the mission of assassinating the baron. He was killed by Angele because his assassination skills weren’t too effective on melee fights. Angele used poison and also had the chip’s assistance. If they engaged in a regular fight, Angele would be the one dying.

Average future knights with seeds would improve a lot during the first several months, and most of them would stay at the low and middle level after they became knights. They rarely gained top level power. Angele focused his training more on the skill side, unlike other great warriors who instead focused more on pure power. People in this world thought that if one was faster and stronger than the others, one would not even need skills to defeat them.

Angele spent about ten days to conclude his recent fights after he got back to the castle. He was trying to figure out his mistakes during the recent battles, and he started to eat the Blue Bamboo Shoots after he recovered. The baron also returned to the castle, and he heard that Angele was nearly killed by the Crazy Mountain Bear in the forest.

Fifteen days later.

Angele was reading some random history book in the special library. He was using the chip to store everything in his brain. There were several hundred books in the room, and they were like a priceless treasure in this world. The Rio Family spent a long time to collect them.

The book was all copied by hand, and the paper looked old, but still had a nice feeling to it.

“I wonder what material was used for those papers. Some books are still completely readable even after a hundred years,” Angele thought. It was noon, and the sunlight went into the room through the window. Angele could see the dust in the air with the light.

“Angele.” The baron opened the door, and he said. He had his long hair draped over his shoulders, looking shiny in the sunlight. Karl had a handsome face, but currently had a serious expression. There was a golden short sword on his waist, and he looked strong but gentle.

“Father.” Angele quickly stood up and greeted the baron politely. He knew the baron treated him very well, so he wanted to at least show his gratefulness. Sometimes, Angele could see the worry in the baron’s eyes, and he knew that the baron was just worried about his future.

“I heard you met the Crazy Mountain Bear in the forest?” The baron said with a deep voice.

“You heard about it? I was just trying to…” Angele spoke in a light tone.

“Tell me the location!” The baron stopped Angele from talking.

“Father…” Angele said.

“Don’t make me repeat!” The baron was a bit disappointed, and he had a cold look on his face.

“About 200 meters away from the north of the castle. I don’t know the exact location…” Angele felt a chill from his back and told the baron the location. It was Angele’s natural reaction since he just couldn’t handle the pressure from his father.

The baron glanced at Angele for a second and left the room.


The door was slammed shut.

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