The Wizard World

Chapter 646 (END) - Endless Legend (Ending)

Chapter 646: Endless Legend (Ending)

Translator: _Leo_ Editor: Kurisu

Inside the building, Angele was listening to his team members’ conversation. Hera’s voice was echoing in his ears.


Angele suddenly stood up and walked to Hera.

“What happened, Saladin?” Hera was surprised. She was not sure why Angele walked to her.

The others were all staring at him. They wondered what Angele was going to do.

Angele glanced around quietly.

“Hera, I love you. Please go on a date with me.”

Suddenly, the members all stopped chatting; they were looking at Angele like looking at a stranger.

Hera thought Angele was joking.

“What did you just say?” she asked.

“I love you.” Angele stepped forward and grabbed Hera’s waist. He dragged her into his arms.

It almost looked like they were hugging each other closely.

Hera’s face quickly blushed. Her body was cold, but it quickly warmed up; it seemed like Hera was not sure what she should do.

Angele could feel excitement and happiness in his mind. He knew that he succeeded, and the ancestor’s memory was triggered again. Angele was doing the correct thing.

He blinked his eyes and grabbed Hera’s chin. He then kissed her crazily.


A ray of black light hit his chest, making a loud noise.

Hera pushed Angele away and yelled at him, “You’re not Saladin! Who the hell are you!?”

“I’m Saladin. Who else can I be?” Angele shrugged. The other members also stood up, and slowly put their hands on their weapons.

“Hera, I love you. Be my lover. You know that I’ve stayed in the guild because of you, right?” Angele was just saying what the ancestor wanted to say.

The other people in the hall also heard their conversation, and some of them were cheering. The mercenaries were bored, so they were glad that they found something to do.

Hera looked at Angele’s face; she had many thoughts going through her mind. She was not sure what was happening. Saladin was not an extrovert, and it was nearly impossible for him to do something like that.

Angele knew that Hera was hesitating, and the excited feeling in his mind slowly disappeared. He was getting a bit anxious.


“Stop it!” Hera interrupted. “Can you give me some time? I’ll answer you after the mission is completed.” Hera leaned to the side.

‘There’ll be no chance, since it’s impossible to complete the mission!’

Angele could even feel what the ancestor was thinking, and quickly calmed down.

‘If I can’t get it to work with a normal method, I’ll have to do something… unusual!’ He made up his mind.

“Hera! You’re mine!”

Suddenly, he raised his hands and grabbed Hera’s shoulders, dragging her into his arms again.

“What are you doing! Let me go!” Two black rays appeared around Hera and flew to Angele.


The two black daggers were deflected from Angele’s chest and they quickly fell to the ground.

Angele sneered and picked Hera up. “What am I going to do? You’re mine!”

Before others could figure out what just happened, he charged out of the building and hit Hera in the neck. Hera fainted right away.

Around ten minutes later.

Inside the basement of a random house.

Angele tied Hera to a metal bed and waited for her to wake up.

“Ugh…” Hera slowly woke up. Angele drugged her, and she could barely move. “What did you do to me?”

“You’re mine now. I’ll take everything away from you.” Angele stood up.

He could feel the ancestor’s anger in his mind after finishing the word. It felt like someone was raging in his mind.

‘You can’t do anything… I’ll destroy everything you liked…’

Angele stepped forward and grabbed Hera’s collar.


He removed all the clothes from her body; she was completely naked.

“I don’t want to do this, but this is my fate. You should’ve accepted my love.”

“You’re not Saladin.” Hera was not blushing anymore. She was just staring at Angele and yelling at him.

“We’re one.” Angele smiled and the clothes on his body were burnt to ashes, revealing his muscular body. He walked to Hera and tried to kiss her breast.


Suddenly, something vibrated in his mind, and he had to take several steps back. He could barely stand still.

“It’s coming!” Angele fell to the ground and his sight blurred. He had no idea how long had passed.


After the noise, he appeared in the center of a street. The pedestrians and the carriages. Everything looked the same. The morning sunlight illuminated the buildings again.

“I’ll have to do everything all over again?” Angele smiled.

He had a general idea of the structure of this realm.

Angele did not just stand there to wait for Rock. He joined the crowd and activated his stealth technique without being noticed. He then flew into the sky.

He was about 30 000 meters above the land, surrounded by white clouds. He could see a thin layer of blue glow on the land; it was probably the atmosphere.

Angele felt like he was standing over a humongous globe. He stopped for a while, and started flying again. He was heading into space.

After leaving the atmosphere, he entered the space. He followed in a certain direction and started teleporting. He teleported more than 30 times and heard some light noise again.

His sight blurred, and after he could see things again, he noticed that he was standing in the middle of the street.

‘I was correct…’ He pursed his lips in a smile.

Angele did many other experiments.

He tried to teleport to different areas, but nothing happened.

Angele also talked to Hera in private, but she never agreed to go on a date with him.

He tried to kill many people in the city. He even killed the members of the Black Bird Guild.

Angele also tried to kidnap Hera; he raped and killed her.

The worst thing he did was destroying the city. He cast a damage spell, and the heat from the spell turned the whole city into lava.

Angele tried to challenge this realm using many different methods. He tried over 1000 different methods.

He did whatever he could to break the loop, and collected a lot of information. He found many things that could help him find the secret, and the feelings from the ancestor were getting stronger in his mind.

‘He wants to reincarnate into my body.’ Angele shook his head slightly. He knew that if he could not find a way to break the loop, he would be imprisoned in this place forever.

The golden hourglasses appeared in Angele’s eyes again after he collected more information. The sand in the hourglasses also started falling.

He had no idea how long had passed.

Suddenly, he heard noise made by a metal weapon.

He detected some familiar energy waves, but they did not last long.

“It’s Ken… He’s here too.”

He then felt some cold energy waves. He analyzed the energy waves, and realized that it was Serko.

After trying to break the loop for so many times, Angele finally found out what the origin of this ancestor was.


He slashed Hera’s body in half and stood in the rain of blood. He killed everyone in the city, and the buildings were all destroyed by him too.

Angele raised his head and looked at the sky. The sand in the hourglasses almost ran out. If the sand ran out, he would be consumed by the ancestor, and his soul would be devoured.

“Eternal… Time…” Raising his hands, he looked at his palms and the wrinkles on them.

Suddenly, a lot of strange scenes went through his mind.

He was sitting in a spacious library, and there was an opened book on the table in front of him.

A pale face of a woman slowly appeared on the page. The woman reached out of the page like leaving the water. She then slowly hugged his face using her hands.

“Who is… calling me…” the woman spoke in a gentle voice. It was Hera’s voice.


He pulled the string of the harp slightly and made some crisp noise. The scene changed. Angele was sitting in a cold palace with a harp in his hands; he was the only one there.

“Hera…” He sighed with mixed emotions, and rubbed the harp like it was the skin of his lover.

There was noise made by sea waves outside. He could see that the palace was surrounded by water.

He did everything he could to revive Hera, but what he got was just a puppet. He collected all the soul fragments he could find, but Hera’s soul was too weak. The only thing he could do was seal her soul in the harp.

He lived in the palace for millions of years, and he made it to the end of this world.

The scenes kept flashing in Angele’s sights. They were the memories of the ancestor. The sand in the hourglasses finally ran out. He could see the line between life and death in his mind.

Angele shook his head, and noticed that he was standing in the shadow of a tree. There were countless blue feathers flying in the air. It almost felt like it was snowing.

“The day keeps repeating itself, but the soul shall never be imprisoned.” He grabbed one of the feathers.

His skin started drying off, and the wrinkles covered every corner of his body. The life energy was leaking out of his body. His power level decreased from rank 8 to rank 7, then it went from rank 7 to rank 6, and it never stopped. He lost all his power and became a mortal.

Angele was a young man with a healthy body, it only took him one second to become a dying old man. The flame of life was fading away in his body.

Suddenly, the things he’d experienced were gathered into one. It felt like they were being compressed and sent into Angele’s mind.

“That’s the Infinity Origin…”

He released the feather, and some strange light flashed in his eyes.

The green grass under his feet started dying, but his body started recovering. His skin became elastic again, and the wrinkles slowly disappeared.

Suddenly, Angele’s body started cracking like glass.


The noise came from inside his body.

Angele’s body broke into countless pieces like glass, and fell to the ground quickly.

No one knew how long had passed.

Angele slowly woke up from the darkness. He opened his eyes, and noticed that he was in an abyss.

There was a humongous white planet rotating in front of his chest.

He knew that the planet was the realm he entered. Raising his hands, he tried to grab the white planet. Angele’s golden eyes could see the stars around the planet and the white strings that connected them. The white strings were the rules of the realms. They decided what happened to the stars, the countries, the cities, and the creatures.

Civilization or destruction, war or peace, chaos or rules, life or death… The circles were all displayed in front of Angele’s eyes.

Suddenly, Angele raised his head and looked at the area ahead.

A humongous yellow eyeball slowly moved to him.

“Congratulations,” the eyeball spoke in a low voice.

“Congratulations to you too.” Angele smiled.

The were many colorful balls floating around them in the void. They were different realms with different coordinates. Their size and color varied.

Their true forms were larger than the realms after they became ancestors. The ancestors could no longer enter the realms using their true forms. They could only send their shadows.

A head-sized red ball slowly moved to Angele.

“This is the wizard world?” Angele recognized the ball right away. “I guess I can’t go back to it anymore…”

“Yeah, it’s the same for me…” Serko was a bit speechless. “My original form was destroyed. Our new forms were created based on the properties of our souls. The weak realms could no longer handle our power. If we’re not careful, we can easily destroy the weak realms.”

“That’s what we needed to pay to become the strongest beings of the universe.” Angele nodded.

Serko turned around and released a white light screen. An arched gate slowly appeared on the screen.

The gate was a light gate, and its frame was made of white bones. There were countless characters and runes engraved on the frame. The gate looked old but strong.

“There are countless realms in the dimension universe. What are you going to do?” Angele questioned. He was not sure what the gate would lead him to, but it had to be the entrance to a strong realm.

“I want to explore the endless dimension realm and find the secrets of the ancient time… This has always been my dream.” Serko glanced at Angele. “You want to join me?”

Angele hesitated for a second and laughed. “Sure.”

They started heading to the colorful light gate together. Angele glanced at the wizard world for one last time.

No one knew what special power he’d acquired.

The scene in his left eye looked like a green forest that was full of energy, but the scene in his right eye looked like a plain that was covered in snow. The four seasons were changing in his eyes.

Circle—everything was trapped in an endless circle. Angele acquired the power to control everything in the circle. He might not be the strongest ancestor, but it would be nearly impossible for other ancestors to defeat him.

They entered the light gate together and disappeared in the colorful glow.

They disappeared from the dimension universe after that day, and no one had ever seen them again.

The legend said that Angele was the ancestor of time, and the four seasons were right in his eyes. He could control everything around him. There were people who thought that Angele’s story was made up by a random realm guardian.

However, most evil gods and realm guardians believed that Angele was once around them, for they could find books that described his journey.

Angele was born in the wizard world, and became the first ancestor that was from the wizard world. The evil gods in the Nightmare Realm also knew his name, and he had already become a legend in many different realms.

The evil gods and the realm guardians in the Nightmare Realm and the wizard world decided to use the scorpion mark as the symbol of their realms.

Ancestors were the start of everything, and they were the source of the souls. The energy and souls that left their bodies would return to their bodies after a certain period of time. They were the ones who created the dimension, and only the people who were after the ultimate power knew the legends of the ancestors…

The legend of Ancestor Angele was just one of these stories.


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