The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs

Chapter 141 - Volume 5 Afterword

Otomege Volume 5 Afterword



Thank you very much for buying the fifth volume!

This is the author Mishima Yomu.

The volume this time can be said as the second volume of commonwealth arc.

The main heroine of the fifth volume is undoubtedly Noelle, but I’m curious of the readers’ impression toward those five.

Both Leon and Marie are overwhelmed by them after their uniqueness is strengthened even further.

Greg received the same treatment with Chris at the WN, but this time I made his character like that in this LN.

It’ll make me happy if you readers can enjoy those five powering up even more than at the WN.

But, I want you readers to enjoy Noelle’s character even more than that.

At the previous volume, even though she already made her appearance there she got overshadowed by Marie’s active role.

Marie is really……you know.

Why is she this popular?

Certainly she has some elements that it won’t be so strange for her to get popular but, if you just count the fourth volume, her popularity is number one, overtaking even Leon.

Leon is number one in the whole, but Marie is number one if you only count the vote at fourth volume.

Marie didn’t only outstrip the heroines, she even outstrip the main character and took the number one spot for a single volume──amazing.

The Marie route that is the reward for filling the questionnaire is also received well, I went 「!?」 when learning that.

I’m happy but……is it fine like this?

Well, I only wrote the SS with the feeling of it’ll be good if the readers enjoy it.

It’s easy to write it anyway.

The SS this time also surpassed the level of mere bonus story just like last time, so I was impressed with myself for writing that much.

The reward for filling the questionnaire of volume 5 is also the continuation of Marie route, so it will pleases me if you readers can enjoy it.

I’m not writing about Noelle at all here.

I’ll reflect and write about Noelle.

Noelle is really cute! Side ponytail the best!

──That’s all.

I’ll write the next volume with everything I have too, so please keep supporting this series too from here on.

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