The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs

Chapter 8 - Volume 1

Volume 1 Chapter 3 part1


I came across a floating island.

There was nothing particularly prominent on this small island.

At a small mountain there was a forest and a river on the level ground section which was spacious.

When I found it, it was an overly featureless floating island, but this is where I decided to hold my independent territory.

One of the reasons for picking this is that no matter how much it develops, it’ll only be at the scale of a semi-baron, but more importantly, this is an unpopulated island where nobody lived, so I made it mine.

Wouldn’t that be the best for the future, or rather, the rest of my life?

I’ll graduate from the academy, become a feudal lord, and then be a shut-in under the pretext of developing the land.

I can let the servants look after my family while I leisure around here.

On the lower part of the island is a dock where I can hide my airship.

It’s where I store Luxon.

Paper mache was heavily plastered onto Luxon, which would be used to start the modelling for the construction of a new airship.

The ones making it are robots built for manufacturing.

A red one-eyed orb with a metallic body was floating near me.

It was about the size of a softball.

“Is it really necessary to make a mock one?”

[All of this preparation is necessary. Besides, I cannot deny the possibility that the woman named Zola might do something.]

Luxon said it was going to self-destruct before, but when it realized that I could speak Japanese, it started following me under its interest.

Quite the simple fellow.

“Apart from that, what’s the situation of the island?”

[There is a mineral filled with heat in this floating island. It’s possible to make a hot spring by pumping water through it. It seems income can be earned by making it a tourist attraction in the future.]

“I’m not interested in tourist attractions, but a hot spring is good.”

My parents seemed surprised when I said that I would be living independently on an empty island. Land development is a plain, but difficult job.

They asked many times if I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t give up on becoming independent. In the end, they backed down said for me to tell them if anything troubling happened, but…in the first place, with Luxon here, development is not a problem.

This thing is definitely a versatile and capable fellow.

What’s amazing is that since in the game’s frivolous setting, it was an item that was for “making resupplying unnecessary,” Luxon can prepare any resources now that it’s become real.

It can’t create something out of thin air, but it seems that this thing can even turn the surrounding rocks into gold.

With such a cheat ability, I can’t fathom how they lost to the new humans.

However, after listening to its story, it seems that Luxon booted up when the functions of the base were almost nearly gone. It was waiting and on standby for orders, but it seemed it would try and gather information when the descendants of new humans, the adventurers, occasionally arrive.

That’s the reason why it understood our language.

That doesn’t matter now, though.

With how capable Luxon is, I’m heading smoothly towards independence without being sold off to perverted old women. It’s all about the results.

[We have begun construction of the estate, and have moved forward on the development of a harbor. The surface is also expected to be comfortable in a year or so.]

It would be terrible to leave this territory unmaintained. The ground is uneven, it’s overgrown with vegetation, and it’s not something I’d call comfortable.

Being able to make it habitable in a year is one of Luxon’s many abilities.

Its performance is something I can’t imagine was just one thousand yen in my previous life.

I regret not having spent more on the game, but having just Luxon itself is still most satisfactory.

“I have a request. I still have a bad experience with adventuring. I had to save my own hide many times just looking for you as a mob. I just want to live a peaceful life without its ups and downs now.”

[I will respect my master who has obtained my ability and wholeheartedly decides to be a shut-in. No ambitions, and selfish. An admirable human.]

“Was that sarcasm?”


I flicked Luxon.

It seems that its hard exterior is covered by a relatively soft material, as it didn’t hurt that much. It floated back to its original position.

[Aside from that, were you able to prepare for your entry to the academy?]

I shrugged my shoulders while replying to Luxon’s question.

“It’s done. I got a lot from the merchants congratulating me for my entry, so I didn’t need to prepare anything. My father was quite surprised at how friendly they became.”

[It’s because the economic activity of the territory has risen. Perhaps new humans are the same in that merchants are honest with money…]

I spread the funds from the treasure I got towards developing a harbor and developing the territory of the household.

I started with repaying the debt of the household, and the island became more lively once I invested into the stagnating territory. The economic activity was going well, so the merchants gathered and handed presents to my household.

The territory became quite prosperous in a few months.

“All things considered, is there a meaning to going to an academy?

[Outward appearance, the implication is that the qualities of young nobles will increase when going through education. There are many young nobles all over the place who can’t be a shut-in at their territory like you, master. Therefore, there are a lot of nobles in both the world and the aristocratic community that generally lack common sense. They want to gather them all in one place and educate them. Also, prideful nobles want to make a display of the kingdom’s grandeur and reduce rebellious spirit. This also puts countryside nobles at a disadvantage, but if they send out children towards the royal capital, it will propagate their pride, make them strive to pursue knowledge, and welcome new acquaintances too. Both have their merits and demerits, but I believe there’s quite the large significance in its existence.]

“…That was quite lengthy.”

[I believe the main reason for the existence of the academy is to create a sense of belonging to the same country. A strong unification in case of an emergency. It seems there are other continent nations that exist based on what you’ve told me, master.]

If that’s what its selecting as the meaning for an academy, does that mean that’s all to it?

I can only reason that an academy exists because it did in the otome game. What Luxon said might be right somehow.

[I’ve also heard that people search for marriage partners at an academy. It’s a place of socializing for youthful nobles. Please be careful, master. If you’re reckless, you’ll be exposed to shame.]

What does this thing think of me?

“As if mobs can stand out that much. They’re treated as part of the background. Anyways, my life isn’t going to change for the better at the academy.”

[Mobs, you say? I understand what you want to say, but that judgement is──]

I interrupt Luxon.

“Well, I’ll find a suitable partner. Rather than going for the unattainable goal of a noble’s daughter, I’ll find a daughter of a knight household who will be independent in the future. That would be nice.”

Just a smoothly sailing life.

I’m not going to stupidly go for a high-status woman, just looking at Zola makes me feel repulsive about it.

My life likely won’t change for the better from here on…but even so, I think that a happy life awaits me.


I was called to my father’s workroom, but what was waiting for me was an incident beyond my imagination.

“Well, why are you surprised? You discovered and conquered an unexplored dungeon. In addition to discovering a lost item, you found a new floating island.”

There was a letter addressed to me from the royal palace.

It was written that my achievements so far as an adventurer have provisionally granted me baron status.

Rather than being independent as just a knight in the future, I’ve been given the status of a baron.

“W, why!”

“This is just a guess, but you’re going to be the head of a baron household after you graduate so that you’re not under guardianship.”

My household is of a baron. Baron households can become guardians of only knight houses or semi-baron houses, so Holfault Kingdom’s rules say that I, who’s now arranged to be of an equal rank, cannot be under guardianship.

“My territory is not at the scale of a baron!”

“You think I don’t know?!”

It seems my father was also astonished.

At best, I thought that my independence would be recognized and that I would be at the knight rank, or a semi-baron if I’m lucky.

“Perhaps it’s the academy…”

“Maybe it’s so that you enter the class for the heirs of baron households and above.”

A majority of the nobles who go to the academy are youths from knight houses. The knight rank and semi-baron rank are considered knight houses, and those considered nobles are from baron houses and above.

At the academy, there are two types of classes prepared, a class for the future successors of nobles, and a class for the many others.

Knight houses attend the regular class and the nobles attend the advanced class.

My older brother is in the regular class.

Normally, since the second and third son aren’t going to succeed the house in the future, they would take the regular class. Houses of high rank or income would have their second and third sons go to the advanced class, but nobles from the countryside don’t have the leeway, so they normally go to the regular classes.

However, there’s an exception for girls. If they’re from a baron household or higher, they can enter the advanced class regardless of whether their house is affluent or humble.

…Since I had planned on being independent, I thought that I was going to enter the regular class at the academy.

However, now that it’s been decided that I’ll be a baron…I’m going to be placed into the advanced class.

“I was fine with the regular class.”

“Impossible. You’re going to be the head of a household. A suitable education is necessary, so even if you don’t like it, you’re taking the advanced class.”

“And what about my bride?!”

“…Of course, it will necessary for you to be with a young lady of respectable origins.”

I crumbled down onto my knees from the despair.

“I don’t want thiiiis!”

“Idiot, stop crying! There are few women that are like Zola. Besides, there will be a woman who thinks well of you at the academy…probably.”

My father said the word “probably.” It seems he himself doesn’t have faith in it, now does he?

“Isn’t a girl from a baron up to an earl household the biggest trap? I don’t want it. I absolutely don’t want it!”

My father panicked.

“You, stop calling daughters of nobles as traps! If someone hears you, it’ll turn into a major incident. I mean, your older and younger sisters are also daughters of a noble household. Do you see them as people that cruel?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying, though! They’re seriously the worst! If you look at them and think that they’re good women, then take a visit to the hospital!”

“You, saying that towards your sisters…”

If possible, I’d rather go for the daughter of a knight household.

“I’m not doing it! I prefer a gentle, kind woman. A daughter from a baron house and above is impossible!”

My father covered his face with both of his hands. I suppose there was a part about it that he agreed with.

Actually, though they’re nobles from the countryside, even when I look at my older and younger sisters, I get feeling that makes me go “Eh?!”.

I drew away from them after they held a calm expression while saying “Men are resourceful, aren’t they? I’ll look for another man with a good face. Or perhaps a slave! Hey, Papa~, I want an elf lover too──no wait, an exclusive servant. I want a slave.”

It seems that using my money, the second daughter purchased a slave, boasted about it, and became the target of envy.

My mother panicked after seeing her daughters like that, and my father, my older brother who just returned, and I calmly looked at that spectacle.

Whether it be an older or younger sister, they can do nothing but harm.

“Anyways, the class you’re going to is the advanced class.”

I felt as if my plans for happiness had been snatched away, and I sat down there while holding my knees in place.

My father looked at me with a shocked face, and it seemed that he was then trying to cheer me up.

“I, it won’t be all that bad. When you enter the academy, you’ll be with the heirs of prestigious nobles, including her Highness the crown princess. If you can build connections, your future will be peaceful.”

“No, they’re not going to take any notice of people like us.”

The prince in the otome game liked plain looking people, and probably disliked the nobles gathering around him. I’m seeing the prince and the other capture targets with a narrow view of that sort.

“…I understand, but it seems I didn’t speak clearly. Thanks to you, the territory has gotten a little better. Just two more months and we’ll be more wealthy.”

As my father apologized while in low spirits, I felt down about having to think of what will happen in the future.

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