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1239 TWO Chapter 1239-Attacking Great Zhou

Chapter 1239 – Attacking Great Zhou

The 4th month was quickly coming to an end. Great Xia's two wars on the outside had totally different outcomes.

In Africa, the Great Xia Army split into two fronts and were unstoppable. Furthermore, South Sudan and Kenya civilians, which had been taken down by Great Xia, had obtained relief ration from the Imperial Court.

Be it Uganda or Tanzania, the civilians of the two countries did not totally hate the Great Xia Army. This gave the army the basis to not enter a war with the people.

Baiqi's use of grain was really experienced.

The civilians of Uganda and Tanzania learning that South Sudan and Kenya had received relief ration and understanding so much was obviously not a coincidence. Rather, it was carefully planned.

Due to that, Ouyang Shuo was really relaxed about the Africa Battlefield.

However, the Tibet battlefield was unusual. Based on pre-war analysis, the Tibet army would not be the opponent of the Li Jing led Bear legion corps. Even if they fought in the high plain region, they could still beat them in one battle.

The truth was far from that.

Based on the intel Li Jing reported, there was another power behind the Tibet Dynasty acting as their shield. Although the soldiers fighting against the Bear legion corps were wearing the Tibetan uniform, they were not Tibetan troops.

That was truly interesting.

Due to that, Ouyang Shuo ordered Li Jing not to feel any time pressure. The Imperial Court did not set a deadline for them and simply let him adapt based on the situation of the battlefield.

Before they understood who was behind the Tibetans, the Great Xia Army going all out in with an attack was not a good idea. Furthermore, the Tibet region was filled with many mountains, and the geography was really complicated. They could be ambushed at any moment, which was why they had to be really careful.

The Battle of Tibet entered a standstill just like that.


4th month, apart from Great Xia, the global situation also had new changes.

The most intense area was still the Asia region, where the Mongol and the Persian Empire went head to head.

When the war had just started, using the element of surprise and their determination, along with their massacring city act, the Mongol cavalry stepped on the City-States of the Persian Empire and took down many cities.

Large amounts of resources and population were transported back to the Mongol Empire.

The grand fear of the Mongol west conquering that had happened in history was on display once more. However, the game was not the same as history. After the war started out bad for them, the Persian Empire quickly reacted and counterattacked.

The war had just begun.

4th month, 10th day, to solve the backline problem of the Mongol Empire, Ouyang Shuo especially sent an envoy to rush to Karakorum to inform Genghis Khan that while the Mongol Empire was conquering the west, Great Xia would not attack them.

When Genghis Khan received the report, his expression was complicated. Although he saw through what Ouyang Shuo was planning, he had to accept this favor. He decisively gave up on his wariness toward Great Xia and started to go all out in the Persian battlefield.

That was because this was a plot.

During this period, there were Mongols who were worried that Great Xia was plotting an attack. Their goal was to let them lower their guard before attacking, "The Han people are crafty and cannot be trusted."

Especially the nobles that had land connected to Great Xia, they were even more nervous and afraid that once the empire moved away the defensive troops, they would be in great danger.

Genghis Khan did not feel that way, "The Xia emperor is the strongest in the mid plains, and he would not easily go against his words. All of you do not have to worry."

Between rulers, there had to be a certain amount of trust.

Genghis Khan was clear-headed. Be it pillaging resources or expanding their land, west was the best choice for them.

Hence, even if the early success had netted them a great amount of resources and had solved the hunger situation in the empire, Genghis Khan was still going to continue the war with the Persian Empire.

It could be used to train their troops while building up his army.

To the Mongol Empire that mainly consisted of nomads, their agriculture was weak, so they did not need to talk about industrialization or the industrial revolution. Such a complicated systems was impossible for them to set up.

If the empire did not want to be eliminated, they could only build up their army through war.

Only by conquering the Persian Empire and occupying the Persian City-State and making the Persians their slaves could they build up a system that could let the Mongol Empire gain a foothold.

Sometimes, brutality and violence was a method.

Hence, after Ouyang Sho made his promise, Genghis Khan gave up on his intentions of stopping after robbing Persia and shifted the focus of the empire toward the west.

This battle between these two dynasties would probably last for a long period of time.


Apart from the battle between the Mongol Empire and the Persian Empire, within the global landscape, there was also another place that was really exciting. It was the South American continent that had slipped from the minds of everyone.

Along with the Spain Dynasty reinforcing troops to Argentina, the situation in South America had escalated, and the smell of gunpowder was really strong. In the middle of the 4th month, the Indian Empire could not take it anymore and initiated their attack on Argentina.

The first battle resulted in a huge setback for the Indian Empire.

In the face of the well trained Spanish firearm tactics, the Indian army that mainly used cold weapons suffered heavy losses during their first large scale engagement.

The Indian Empire was made solely of soldiers. They wanted to stick to the Indian tradition of using bows and spears to defend the honor of their empire.

Unfortunately, what they tasted was a bloody lesson.

A huge war totally revealed all their fatal mistakes and weaknesses.

The sweet taste of victory totally ignited the desire for victory in the bones of the Spanish Dynasty. They were obviously not satisfied with just defending the Argentina region.

News had it that the Spanish were already planning to attack the territory of the Indian Empire.

At the same time, the Indian Empire's defeat at the south gave the Brasilia Dynasty confidence. They did not hesitate and agreed to cooperate with the Dawson Dynasty.

Their goal was to let the Dawson Dynasty support them with firearms and help them train up gunners.

With that, the Dawson Dynasty were given a reason to interfere in the South America battle. Jack would probably be smiling in his sleep because of that, and he had no reason to not agree.

With his skill, controlling the Brasilia Dynasty was just a matter of time.

At the end of the 4th month, the Spain and Brasilia dynasties officially formed an alliance and agreed to swallow up the Indian Empire.

Ouyang Shuo saw through the workings within. On the surface, it was an alliance between Spain and Brasilia Dynasty, but in truth, it was Spain working with the Dawson Dynasty.

Silver Hand was totally controlling the South America situation.

Even under such a situation, the three dynasties were forgetting Ecuador, not fearing it but also not going head on against it.

They were trying to weaken the presence of Great Xia in South America.

The logic behind it was obviously - they feared Great Xia. Be it Jack or Brasilia, they were afraid that Great Xia would send reinforcements to South America and add many uncontrollable aspects to their plan.

During this period, the Indian Empire did not request for help from Great Xia nor did they request for any training help regarding gunners. They were seemingly trying to forcefully tide over it.

Since that was the case, Ouyang Shuo obviously would not take the initiative to raise up the matter.

In the South America battlefield, Ouyang Shuo had patience. He ordered the Ecuador Jiedushi to lay in wait to collect intel on the area, including the Indian Empire.

Based on his judgment, this was not the best time for Great Xia to enter the South America war.


5th month, 1st day, imperial capital, imperial city.

In the 5th month, the spring sowing had been completed, and the wilderness was totally green, brimming with life. This also meant that the time for the war of unification had begun, and it could not be dragged on any later.

Anymore and the first harvesting season would arrive, which would give the enemy room to breathe.

Based on Ouyang Shuo's predictions, in the 5th month, the Battle of Tibet would be completed. With that, Great Xia could totally focus on preparing to unify China.

However, with the changes that had occurred, the war matter could not be dragged on.

On this day, Ouyang Shuo officially announced the start of the unification war. His first target was Great Zhou. The relevant battle plans were confirmed by the Grand Council before the winter.

The army was totally prepared and were just waiting for the go signal from Ouyang Shuo.

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