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1245 TWO Chapter 1245-Taking revenge

Chapter 1245 – Taking Revenge

"Before you go to the Secret Document Pavilion, help Shen Buhai merge Difeng into the Shanhai Guards. There will be no problems, right?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

Taking in Great Zhou was much more complicated than taking in Sui, Shu, and the others from before.

As the only player territory that could go against Great Xia previously, not only did they have a lot of aristocratic families, but they also did not lack super guilds.

Apart from that, there was the terrifying Difeng.

The most brilliant matter they accomplished was the assassination of Feng Qiuhuang.

This was a super intel organization on the same level as the Shanhai Guards. If he could not use it for himself, he could only remove them.

The problem was that intel organizations were not so easily removed. Those spies, locations, and more were things only a small number of people knew. They could easily hide their tracks by changing their identity.

The moment they hid themselves, it would lead to many problems.

As such, Ouyang Shuo needed to borrow the strength of Di Chen and Juedai Fenghua to take over the organization. Moreover, this was a true test of Juedai Fenghua's loyalty.

It was not that the Shanhai Guards knew nothing about Difeng.

If Juedai Fenghua tried to play tricks on this matter and the Shanhai Guards found out, she would be unable to gain a footing in Great Xia, and it would even affect the Di family.

Ouyang Shuo did not need to mention this, as Juedai Fenghua was clear about the matter.

"Do not worry your majesty. I'll handle it well."

As the leader of Difeng, Juedai Fenghua wished for it to have a good ending.

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head in satisfaction. He did not mention that if Juedai Fenghua did a good job, she would be in charge of intel collection in the future, the true core.


In Handan City, apart from Di Chen and Juedai Fenghua, Ouyang Shuo did not meet anyone else.

During this period, be it the representatives of the aristocratic families, or the guild leaders Yijian Xilai, Yanzi Lisan, Xiu Chundao, Priest Qingniu, and the others, he blocked them all outside of his door.

Toward these aristocratic families, although Ouyang Shuo would not take revenge, he was not going to make them feel important. They were all removed from their posts and rehired based on Great Xia's hiring needs.

Along with Great Xia opening up to players, the Imperial Court was getting really familiar with such hiring work.

This also meant that from today onward, these aristocratic families would not be able to receive special treatment in Great Xia. Not only that, but if they dared to behave in such an unrestrained manner in the future, they would be dealt with by the Great Xia law system.

They would be treated with no mercy.

Ouyang Shuo was not Di Chen; he had absolute control over Great Xia. Those small and medium-sized aristocratic families did not have the ability and skill to mess up the order that he had created.

Toward the aristocratic families, Ouyang Shuo maintained neutrality. However, toward the super guilds, Ouyang Shuo was out for revenge. Especially toward Laojun Temple that had once betrayed the Shanhai Alliance. Ouyang Shuo was not going to be soft on them.

Ouyang Shuo ordered all of them to follow what the other guilds did. They had to disband within a week, and their members would be split to different posts in Great Xia.

If not, they would be kicked out.

Traitor Priest Qingniu was on Ouyang Shuo's blacklist and was directly slaughtered before being exiled. Being exiled from Great Xia meant being exiled from China, so his outcome was predictable.

Ouyang Shuo wanted to send a signal so that the guilds would not have any funny ideas. They would have to either give up their power and merge into the Great Xia system or they would have to get lost.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo knew his limits. He struck the higher ups, especially the guild leaders. As for the other members, apart from those who obviously did wrong, they were all treated the same.

Just like that, the super guilds were forced to disband.


How to takeover Jingdu and Ludong Province was naturally handled by the Cabinet, and Ouyang Shuo did not need to worry about it. Hence, on the 6th day, 1st month, Ouyang Shuo returned to the imperial capital.

Ouyang Shuo had to decide on the two Provincial Governors.

In the China region, Jingdu and Ludong were top rate provinces. Not only were they located at great geographical positions, they also had large amounts of resources and firm foundations. Ouyang Shuo naturally had to be careful about his choice.

After pondering about it for over two days, Ouyang Shuo finally made up his mind.

6th month, 3rd day, the Imperial Court sent out a series of appointments to push the personnel matters of these two provinces into place.

Imperial decree, Wang Shouren is removed from his duty as Chuanbei Provincial Governor and moved to Jingdu Province. His position will be filled by Lingnan Province Jiaozhou Prefecture Governor Song Wen.

Wang Shouren, who was Wang Yangming, was all rounded and a true genius. The even rarer part was that he was morally upright, and Ouyang Shuo trusted him a lot. He had run the Beichuan Province really well.

During the court of law storm, Wang Shouren was one of the obvious supporters amongst the Provincial Governors.

Moving him to Jingdu would undoubtedly be a new challenge for him. That was because Jingdu Province was right next to the Mongol Empire, so it would become the frontlines in their battle against the Mongols.

More importantly, Jingdu had a special strategic position among the locations in the north. Moving him there put Ouyang Shuo at ease.

A year ago, Song Tianxiong tried to interfere in Ouyang Shuo's heir matters, which annoyed Ouyang Shuo. The affair even affected even Song Wen. Not only was he scolded, but he was even barred from further promotions.

Only today did Ouyang Shuo promote him.

After facing such a setback, Ouyang Shuo believed that Song Wen would have grown. He should have realized who he should be loyal to between his family and the Imperial Court.

Promoting him would also be answering to his wife and putting her in a more answerable position.

The Imperial Court ordered Sun Nongyan's removal from the post of Zhen An Prefecture Governor. He would be promoted to Ludong Provincial Governor.

After Gu Xiuwen and Cui Shouren, Sun Nongyan became the third native Provincial Governor. At this point, the native officials were like stars in the official court, slowly rising up and becoming a huge power.

Behind them stood Ouyang Shuo.

Apart from the Provincial Governors, the Prefecture Governor, prefects, and even the county magistrates experienced a huge change of blood, removing all the aristocrats and replacing with reliable officials.

In front of the strong Great Xia, those aristocratic families had no way to fight back.


After dealing with the Provincial Governor appointments, the handover of Great Zhou was basically settled.

What was next was the war prisoners. As there was not a huge war, after post war calculations and replenishment of losses, the palace guards and Pill Sun legion corps had 650 thousand people awaiting organization.

Like before, Ouyang Shuo was not in a rush.

As the Battle of Great Zhou had proceeded so smoothly, and there were no huge battles, Ouyang Shuo immediately decided to chase the win and destroy the remaining three countries.

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