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1297 TWO Chapter 1297-Self-preservation is the most importan

Chapter 1297 – Self-preservation Is the Most Important

The European battlefield was fully mobilized.

Facing the three pronged attack from Great Xia, Egypt, and the Indian Empire, the Spain Dynasty panicked!

4th month, 25th day, Tortosa City.

Spain King Casillas held an emergency meeting with his top three generals.

First, Duke of Alba, blood slaughterer Fernando. Named as the Spanish military god, he was also the Spain army overall commander. A day ago, he had personally led 250 thousand troops to attack the Ottoman Dynasty.

Secondly, John of Australia, the brother of Phillip the 2nd, Spanish Invincible Squadron Fleet Admiral.

Thirdly, Duke of Parma, Alexander Farnese, the Spain Dynasty Argentina region military commander, who had led 250 thousand troops to face off against the Indian Empire.

The Spain Dynasty included Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Argentina as well as the Western Sahara and Mauritania that they had just occupied.

They had a population of around 15 million, second only to the Ottoman Dynasty.

Apart from the Invincible Squadron, the Spain Dynasty had 750 thousand troops, forming three legion corps.

Apart from Fernando and Alexander's troops, the remaining 250 thousand were personally controlled by Casillas and were used to defend their homelands and Africa.

150 thousand were housed in Spain and 100 thousand were spread across Morocco, Algeria, West Sahara, and Mauritania.

Facing the attacks of the three armies, Spain had no advantage and had to face enemies multiple times their number. Their only advantage was the fact that they were fighting on home ground.

"What should we do?" Casillas asked.

Fernando was the first to speak, "Out of the three, the Great Xia Army sent the least but is the strongest. Moreover, they are facing our weakest."

"I recommend we move the 100 thousand troops in Africa to Algeria to delay the Great Xia Army to buy time for the other battlefields."

"When needed, we can enlist troops in Africa."

"Can we just give up on Africa?" Casillas was afraid of Great Xia and said, "With just 150 thousand, we definitely cannot defend against the 500 thousand Egypt army."

Fernando shook his head and said, "Your majesty, Africa is the biggest barrier for the south of our Empire. If we give it up, we will be exposed to the enemy, and it will only make the situation worse."

"There's also one more important point. The 500 thousand Egypt army is attacking from Jidian City, and their logistical support is a problem. If we give up Africa, we would be helping them create a huge resource replenishment backline for the Egypt army."

"Hence, not only must we not give it up, but we must even defend it to the death."

After pausing for a while, Fernando continued, "Rather than give up Africa, why not give up Argentina? It is not of much value anyways."

A long time ago, Fernando had raised his unhappiness at them for wasting their manpower on South America. Now, he finally had a chance to request they move out of South America.


To Fernando's surprise, not only did Alexander speak against it, but even the king decisively opposed the suggestion.

Alexander's objection was predicted, as he was the Argentina Provincial Governor and military commander. In Argentina, he was life half a king. Naturally, he would not be willing to give up on his power.

His majesty's objection was something Fernando did not understand.

One could only say that Fernando did not understand his king.

The rise of Casillas was quite legendary. He benefited from Silver Hand and Azure Badge working together to crush Great Xia and force them out of Morocco.

The Spain Dynasty had picked up the benefits because they were nearby.

After obtaining these two pieces of land, the unassuming the Spain Dynasty was given the help it needed to rise up. Not only in Africa, but it also helped them take down Argentina Region.

The dynasty had land in Europe, Africa, and America, having a rough image of a global empire.

This was Casillas's greatest pride and the highest point of his life. His position in Europe was higher than Henry, William, and Caesar, and he was on the same level as Ottoman King Manstein.

Within Silver Hand, the Casillas family position had been rising higher and higher.

Even to say that when working together with the Dawson Dynasty to crush the Indian Empire in South America, the Casillas Family had become close with the Dawson Family and was walking into the core of Silver Hand.

Under such circumstances, how could Casillas easily give up Argentina?

The moment they gave up, along with the Africa region that might not be kept, the strong Spain Dynasty would return to their original state and become the bottom of the European dynasties.

This was something that he could not accept no matter what.

"So your majesty is saying?" Fernando had a bad premonition.

When Casillas heard this question, he slowly rose, his eyes filled with determination as he said, "Withdraw from the Ottoman Dynasty."


A deathly silence ensued.

After a short while, Fernando spoke once more, "Your majesty, have you thought through the consequences of withdrawing?"

This five dynasty attack on the Ottoman Dynasty was the largest scale joint operation of Silver Hand; they were only allowed to succeed.

If the Spain Dynasty withdrew, how would they answer to the organization?

Without Silver Hand's protection, even if the Spain Dynasty could dodge this bullet, would they be able to block Great Xia's attacks in the future?

Hence, in Fernando's eyes, this was a short-term solution.

Even Alexander who supported not withdrawing from Argentina opposed this decision.

"If we do not withdraw, what can we do?" Casillas was annoyed as he said, "We cannot even protect ourselves, do we have to die for the organization?"

That did not make sense.

Fernando and Alexander understood Casillas's logic.

Even if Silver Hand achieve victory in their attack on the Ottoman Dynasty, as Spain was separated from the Ottoman Dynasty by the Gaule Dynasty and had already obtained Morocco and Algeria, they would naturally get nothing.

The Spain Dynasty was just doing community service and would get nothing in return.

As a result, Casillas chose to withdraw from the Ottoman Dynasty to strengthen their defenses and deal with the invading Egypt army.

"Furthermore, fighting the Egypt army is helping the organization out. It the Egypt army invades us, won't the Ottoman battlefield situation change too?" Casillas explained.

Those words did make sense.

Everyone could see that Azure Badge had given the Egypt Dynasty to Great Xia for multiple reasons. Apart from wanting Great Xia to interfere, Azure Badge also wanted to use this move to free up the Egypt army.

To use them to save the Ottoman Dynasty was really obvious.

One could say that the moment the Egypt army landed in Spain, Spain itself would become a part of the Europe battlefield.

Fernando said, "Your majesty, I feel that we should discuss things with the Alliance Army before retreating."

When Casillas heard that, he nodded.

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