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1309 TWO Chapter 1309-Not disappointing

Chapter 1309 – Not Disappointing

The Privy Court suggested they select 500 thousand elites from the 550 thousand Brasilia Dynasty army. They would remove the injured, those who did not meet the cut, and the only sons of the family.

Removing 50 thousand was already the maximum.

Due to the America Governor-General House's uncertain situation, if they disarmed a large number of soldiers and tossed them into civilian life, it might pose a serious safety hazard and affect local rule.

At the same time, it would give Rio and the other local officials some fake illusions.

Hence, this power had to be restricted in the military.

Without military power, Ouyang Shuo would not be afraid of Rio and the others causing any big waves. As time passed, they would not have such thoughts and would slowly merge into the Great Xia system.

They would choose the best among the elite soldiers to replenish the losses of the America warzone.

To conquer Panama City, the North America legion corps and the Tiger legion corps had suffered a certain amount of losses. Especially the North America legion corps, which was the main attacking force; they suffered heavy casualties and were in need of replenishment.

Absorbing a portion of the Brasilia army soldiers into the military would help to unite the local people and settle military and civilian relations. They would not let the America people feel that the Great Xia Army was there to monitor and supervise them.

Apart from that, the South America legion corps, which acted as a defending army, recruited South America players that wanted to join the military, attracting the elites amongst them.

This helped to draw in a portion of the local players.

The Privy Court calculated that after replenishing the losses, there would be around 450 thousand people. They recommended building two legion corps, one of which was not fully filled.

The two legion corps would not be listed as a part of Great Xia's orthodox army.

Their mission was not on the Empire's main battlefield but on the global battlefield; they would help the Empire participate in wars that the Empire could not join outright. They could be called the mercenary army of the Empire.

For this, the Privy Court gave out specific suggestions.

At the current stage, they could send the fully filled 1st legion into the Maple Dynasty battlefield and the 2nd into the Mayan Dynasty battlefield.

With this north and south pincer, they would continue to restrict the Dawson Dynasty to prevent its rise.

As they restricted the Dawson Dynasty, the America warzone and Atlantic Squadron could grab some winnings during all the chaos, taking the chance that the Dawson Dynasty was fighting wars to occupy the Greater Antilles Islands.

As such, they would be able to kill two birds with one stone.

With the current situation that the Mayan Dynasty and the Maple Dynasty faced, as long as Great Xia slightly hinted at it, they would rush up to accept this new injection of strength.

There were two rules to hiring them.

First, the hiring dynasty would be in charge of all logistical supplies.

There was a certain meaning behind this.

It needed to be emphasized that the salaries of the soldiers would still be given by the Empire; this was also an important aspect to the Empire controlling the Mercenary army.

For this, the salary would not be given to the soldiers directly but to family that they designated. The families were another link that the Empire used to restrict the Mercenary army to ensure that they would not have any funny thoughts.

Of course, if a soldier of the Mercenary army died in battle, the Empire would still give compensation gold and would not view them as outsiders. If the soldiers did well in battle, the Empire would give them rewards in the dark.

The salary would be sourced from the high priced payment from the hiring dynasty.

To encourage the Mercenary army soldiers to fight valiantly on the frontlines, the Privy Court suggested for their military salary standards to be 50% more than the Empire's normal warfighting army.

The Great Xia Army already paid a high amount, so another 50% increase was enough to tempt anyone.

Secondly, the hiring dynasty needed to split out a large piece of land for Great Xia's Mercenary army to build a military base.

The military base would be both a fixed camp and a key way for Great Xia to exact control over the Mercenary army.

The power that this military base possessed would be similar to Great Xia's overseas territories.

At the same time, to strengthen their management of the military base, the Privy Court would participate in the construction of the military base and command headquarters to ensure their usability.

This was the amazing part.

Even if war ended, Great Xia could use these military bases to continue to exact their influence on the hiring dynasty. For this reason, it was no wonder that Ouyang Shuo agreed to the Privy Court's plan right away.

With these two points, along with the Privy Court adding some America warzone soldiers into the Mercenary army in the process, they could basically ensure that this army would still be controlled by the Empire.

As such, they helped to resolve the safety problems in the South America region and helped the Empire grab another hand of good cards.


After the Privy Court's plan was approved, it proceeded in full swing.

The one in charge of communicating with the Maple and Mayan dynasties was Honglu Temple assistant Di Chen.

Ouyang Shuo recognized Di Chen's ability and was willing to give him a platform to perform.

As expected, after Great Xia revealed their willingness to provide Mercenary armies, be it the Maple Dynasty that was pushed to the edge of the war or the Mayan Dynasty that would be next, both were delighted.

Especially the Maple Dynasty, which acted like they had seen their saving grace.

After the Dawson Dynasty withdrew troops from Columbia, be it because of the dynasty's strategy or due to venting their anger, Jack ordered the troops to increase their attacks on the Maple Dynasty.

Jack even said that he would conquer the Maple Dynasty within a month and unify North America.

The frontline army could feel the fury of the king. It was like they were all injected with steroids as they aggressively charged at the Maple Dynasty with soaring morale.

Even with the firearm Great Xia's firearm support, the Maple dynasty was on the verge of falling.

At such a time, any outside help was precious to the Maple Dynasty.

They did not resist any of the terms Great Xia raised and accepted it all.

Truthfully, the terms that Great Xia raised were not too unfair. Compared to the survival of the dynasty, a military base and a mercenary fee were not much.

These Mercenary troops were fighting for them.

Ouyang Shuo was really humane. Apart from cash payments, they could choose to receive payment in the form of rare ores or the mining rights to minefields.

In conclusion, they would not force the two dynasties into desperation.

Through the Mercenary service fee, the Great Xia business bank also used the chance to enter the finance markets of the two dynasties.

Along with the industrialization wave proceeding aggressively, iron, copper, tin, and other ore resources were higher up on the Empire's priority list.

Due to that, Ouyang Shuo approved the Imperial Court setting up a National Resource Department to ensure the logical use of land resources, ore resources, energy resources, and ocean resources.

Along with industrialization occurring, the Empire's structure welcomed a round of new explosion. Organization after organization was set up to fit the Empire's needs.

The ability of the Empire was becoming more and more like modern nations.

The National Resource Department would have the land division, ocean division, mine resource division, energy division, and geological prospecting division to support the Empire's industrialization strategy.

Out of the five divisions, the geological prospecting division had the easiest job. They did not need to find mines or oil fields like their predecessors.

They only needed to analyze the land based on current research distribution data.

Just China itself had all sorts of rich mines and oil resources, which were enough to support this period of the Empire's industrialization.

Of course, Ouyang Shuo definitely was not a short-sighted person.

He instructed the National Resource Department to be more protective when they mined, focusing more on overseas territories like Africa, Nanjiang, and South America.

When needed, they could consider importing these resources from other dynasties.

In conclusion, they had to take the path that could last. After all, according to Ouyang Shuo's strategic planning, the game world's position would be really important in the future period of time.

Apart from building the National Resource Department, the Empire also started building the China Mining Group and the China Energy Group, which took up the roles of energy mining and ore mining.

Once these two groups were built, they were destined to be giants.

Across the entire Empire, many modern factories were built with minefields and oilfields as their core, forming a complete set of facilities to process the resources and transport them to the shore.

Railroads were being constructed to connecting the inland areas to the shore.

The Empire's focus slowly turned from agriculture to industrialization. The Imperial Court and the various offices made use of welfare policies to promote farmers and craftsmen changing occupations to workers and entering the industrialization wave.

Many talented players that previously lacked a place to shine obtained a chance to do so.

The entire Empire was brimming with life. Scenes of constructions flames and smoke rising into the air were everywhere; it was like how the other dynasties were burning with the flames of war.

Great Xia's population benefit was releasing unprecedented amounts of power.

These were the foundations that Great Xia would use to rule the world.

Although the Dawson Dynasty was peaceful compared to Great Xia, they had less than 100 million people and were not the same as Great Xia.

A vast territory, rich resources, enough people, a stable environment, and a highly efficient internal system; all of these factors working together would shape a new Empire.

In terms of industrialization progression, Great Xia was slowly shaking off the other dynasties and was walking at the forefront of the world. Moreover, their pace would only quicken. Such a Great Xia would only be even more terrifying than the one that fought on the battlefields.

If the world war continued on like this, Great Xia would definitely be the final winner.

All things were on his side, so there was no reason for Ouyang Shuo to disappoint them.


7th month, 1st day, Imperial Capital.

The perfect ending of the South America war matter helped to solve one of the things in Ouyang Shuo's mind.

Following which, the focus of the Empire would turn from South America to the European battlefield. To match the Empire's strategy, stirring up the situation in Europe was really important.

The first point was to ensure the survival of the Ottoman Dynasty.

For that, Ouyang Shuo instructed Baiqi, "It's time to act."

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