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1356 TWO Chapter 1356-Grand finale

Chapter 1356 – Grand Finale

The Arab Empire claimed to have 1.5 million troops.

Of course, that was just a number.

Based on the intel from the frontlines, not only did they use backward equipment, they even lacked training and were ill-disciplined. They also lacked actual combat experience and were a weak bunch.

Ouyang Shuo ordered the removal of 500 thousand men, who would be arranged to retire. They would help to make up for the lack of labor in the Arab region. 500 thousand more were made to change jobs to enter the railroad soldier system to help construct railroads for the Empire.

The best 500 thousand were organized into the 1st and 2nd legion corps of the West Asia warzone.

This entire process would probably take one to two months.

At the same time, after the West Asia legion corps moved into the Arab Empire, the 1st and 2nd South Asia legion corps would withdraw from Arab Empire territory.

Their new camp location would be the Caesar Dynasty border.

Considering everything, apart from the three proper legion corps in the West Asia warzone, there were four temporarily formed legion corps in West Asia, totaling at 1.75 million people.

This was a relatively shocking military power.

If Great Xia went all out to attack the Caesar Dynasty, the latter would definitely be unable to take it.

The European situation became uncertain.


The Arab Empire surrendering to Great Xia caused the global landscape to shake.

A large-scale global reshuffling was underway.

5th month, 16th day, the day after the Arab Empire surrendered, the Ottoman Dynasty and Romanov Dynasty's war ended.

The two sides expressed that they would use negotiation as a method to peacefully settle their conflict.

It was easy to see that the bosses of Europe realized that compared to their internal battle, the Great Xia around them had already become a giant beast that was staring intently at them.

At such a moment, if they still fought internally, Great Xia would laugh till all its teeth fell out.

This ceasefire was just a start for the reorganization of the European dynasties.

Especially Silver Hand's number 1, Jack's grandfather. The joint meeting he initiated helped to alert all the other dynasties.

All sides started to probe one another and compromise.

Weirdly, for some reason, the alliance meeting did not end in an actual cooperation structure. All sides only expressed that they would pay attention. They did not follow number 1's suggestion to use the Dawson Dynasty as a core to build a global empire to go against Great Xia.

Caesar and the other kings were not fools.

The Europe war that lasted for two years saw the Silver Hand camp go from the ascendency to great defeat. Although Great Xia had interfered, the Dawson Dynasty's lack of action could not be overlooked.

The Dawson Dynasty that was the pillar of Silver Hand and was alone outside of Asia and Europe did not provide any actual help to the European battlefield.

On the contrary, it did not help because it was working to unify North America.

In Caesar's words, "The truth is already in front of all of us. Compared to the overall interests of the organization, personal interests are more important to Dawson."

Under such circumstances, who would agree with the Dawson Dynasty's proposal of building a global empire with them at the core?

None of them were fools!

Only when one contributed would one receive returns.

The Dawson Dynasty did not take up the corresponding responsibility but wanted to reap the biggest profits, how could that be possible?

On the contrary, Manstein's suggestion tempted Caesar and Pushkin.

After the meeting ended, the three European pillars bumped heads and had a secret meeting to discuss the future of Europe.

The motto they shouted out was, "Europe belongs to Europeans!"

They were planning to work together to kick away the Dawson Dynasty, whose reputation had fallen to the ground, to create a brand new European continent.

This was a really smart plan.


Gaia 10th year, 5th month, 20th day, a piece of news exploded out through the world.

The Ottoman Dynasty, Romanov Dynasty, and Caesar Dynasty made a joint statement. They would join together and form a Super dynasty – the Europa Empire.

Ottoman King Manstein would be the Europa Empire emperor. Caesar and Pushkin would possess the authority of kings and would become the two pillars of the Empire.

The moment the Europa Empire was established, it upgraded to become the world's third Emperor Dynasty, taking the European continent for itself.

Following which, 5th month, 21st day, Africa's Bantu Dynasty announced its submission to the Europa Empire. The Bantu King would become the third king of the Empire.

It was easy to see that because they formed the Empire in a rush, the internal relationships were not totally decided. The running system of the Europa Empire was similar to the already destroyed Great Zhou, having signs of an enfeoffment system.

This was a miraculous match with Europe in history.

With that, the Europa Empire jumped to become a super empire crossing Africa, Asia, and Europe. Its overall strength exceeded the Dawson Dynasty's, becoming the second empire only beneath Great Xia.

Not only that, but the Europa Empire was a new dynasty that went beyond the control of Silver Hand and Azure Badge. It was the first merger between the two organizations.

In a traditional sense, Silver Hand and Azure Badge had withered away and would dissipate; a new camp model with dynasties at its core replaced them.

The global landscape would welcome a new super reshuffling, resulting in one super strong and two strong empires.

The Great Xia Empire was naturally the supreme overlord, a global giant worthy of its name. On the other hand, the Europa Empire and the Dawson Dynasty were strong in Europe and North America respectively.

The Darkness empire was located at a secluded corner and did not have any room for expansion.

As for the Indian Empire, it was barely breathing in the global landscape. Whether it could continue to survive or how long it could survive for would depend on Great Xia's attitude.

In the global landscape, the only contestable land would be Central Africa.

The Great Xia Empire, the Europa Empire, and the Dawson Dynasty each owned large amounts of land in Africa. Congo in Central Africa was the only contestable land, and it was the buffer zone between the three empires.

The future wars would be even more turbulent.


In the blink of an eye, it was already the 6th month.

6th month, 3rd day, 10 am, the intergalactic squadron smoothly arrived in the space outside of the resource planet.

Hence, the time to separate had arrived.

Ouyang Shuo did not give a riling goodbye speech or hold a grand ceremony. That afternoon, he quietly ordered the Great Xia spaceship and the China spaceship to break away from the main group and head toward an unknown path.

These two spaceships disappeared into the vast space under the eyes of the players across the entire world.

A new page in humanity's history was being written.


After setting off, the exploration team, including Ouyang Shuo, rarely appeared in the game world. They spent all their time on the spaceship to discuss specific exploration plans.

After the exploration team left, the game world became really cold with very few waves and ripples.

That was obviously a false image.

In the road to conquest, fights were endless and would never stop.

Gaia 10th year, 9th month. After four months of management, Great Xia's organization of West Asia officially came to an end. The wounds from war had slowly healed up.

Along with many merchants swarming in, the West Asia Governor-General House welcomed unprecedented level of prosperity.

The mining of oil resources in the Persian Gulf were listed into the empire's plan and would become the new engine behind the Empire's industrialization. It would bring them to new heights.

After stabilizing West Asia, opening up the Asia-European path had risen up the priority list. The Empire did not mind pumping in huge amounts of resources to complete this land traffic miracle construction within two to three years.

The six squadrons of the Empire had completed their change of equipment, taking full control of the world's oceans.

Ocean trading numbers were reaching new records every day.

Along with the Great Xia currency becoming the global currency, Great Xia was slowly becoming the rule maker of global trade rules as well as the engine of the global economy.

In pArcticular, the China region became the economic center of the world.

The Great Xia Bank was proceeding toward their target of being the bank of the world.

The road to industrialization on the shoreline cities was soaring quickly. New technologies were created daily, and many different products were released. The Great Xia Empire was evolving from an agriculture empire into an industrialization empire.

The Asia-Europe-Africa railroad being constructed would help to connect the entirety of Asia, Europe, and Africa into one, opening up a water Silk Road.

With the help from both the land and the sea, the distance between the Empire's mainland and overseas territory became shorter and shorter.

In comparison, the Dawson Dynasty that occupied North America did not have ocean authority in their last lives, and they did not have overseas allies or crucial overseas territory either. Even their basic overseas trade depended on Great Xia.

As such, the Dawson Dynasty's influence in the world was falling by the day.

If this continued, the Dawson Dynasty would walk the same path as the Darkness empire and become ostracized in the future, walking at the edges of the main current of the world.

In the future, the Asia, Europe, and Africa giant continent would be the true center of the world.

Beneath the global prosperity, the darkness of war had not faded completely.

9th month, 1st day, basically without any prior signs, the Great Xia Empire suddenly declared war on the Europa Empire.

The moment news of this came out, the world was shocked.

The moment the top empire declared war on the second greatest empire, a world war would ensue.

Normal civilians did not know what to do; they were all terrified.

The Great Xia Army was mobilized.

The North Asia legion corps, Great Xia Phoenix legion corps, and Beijiang legion corps were mobilized under the leadership of warzone commander Li Mu. They crossed the north border and charged into the Siberia Region.

In the Middle East, the 1st and 2nd legion corps of the South Asia legion corps, the 1st and 2nd West Asia legion corps, and even the Bear legion corps under the West Asia warzone moved toward the European border.

Looking at the situation, a huge storm was heading directly toward the newly formed Europa Empire.

Not only that, but in Africa, the North Africa legion corps under the Africa warzone moved toward West Africa under the Europa Empire, seemingly ready to attack.

In Europe, the West and North Europe legion corps under the House of Tudor Jiedushi also eagerly prepared for war.

On the seas, the Mediterranean Squadron and the Atlantic Squadron were increasing their patrol of crucial naval routes, purposely locking down the entire exit route of the Europa Empire.

The war situation was started right at the trigger.

This made the newly formed Europa Empire really nervous.

After only four months of meshing together, although the Europa Empire had passed its most dangerous period, many internal matters were not totally cleaned out.

After all, how could it be easy for the two camps to merge together?

In pArcticular, to the Ottoman Dynasty people in the core region, the Spanish, French, Italians, and Russians were enemies; a blood hatred existed between them.

One must know that the two years of war had halved the number of Ottoman civilians.

Facing the all-out attack of Great Xia, the Europa Empire was not enough confidence to dare to wage war; they were afraid of dragging the entire empire into the mires of war.

As for the Dawson Dynasty, it was happy to just be a bystander.

The formation of the Europa Empire meant that the Dawson Dynasty was cut out of the Europe system. It hurt Jack greatly, leaving him even more furious than when Great Xia bested them.

At such a time, it would be good enough if Jack did not butt in. Why would he try to help them out?

Once the two empires started an all-out war, one or two days would not be enough to reach a conclusion. If it were short, it would take one to two years, and it could even last for several years.

This was the best chance for the Dawson Dynasty to rise up once more.

Jack could not understand why Great Xia would get hot-headed and choose such a time to suddenly declare war on the Europa Empire. Jack thought. 'Still so young, so rash.'

Jack looked down on the queen in power.

There were rumors that Great Xia declared war now because of this queen. The goal was to use a seismic battle to confirm the prestige and authority of Great Xia.


9th month, 5th day, the Europa Empire panicked and sent an envoy with Caesar at the head to the imperial city to try to mediate the conflict between the two sides.

They were really worried that Great Xia's queen was being young and rash and truly did not mind starting an all-out war.

Hence, the Europa Empire hoped to use negotiations to stop the war from happening.

At the start, Great Xia's attitude was really firm; they showed a no negotiation attitude, wanting to meet on the battlefield to settle the score. As a result, Caesar and the others panicked, and he stayed uneasily in the imperial capital.

To alleviate the conflict, Caesar thought of one person. It was the former Federation President and current head advisor of the Great Xia Administrative Mentor Court. Caesar thought about asking him to help out.

Old Chen was the core consultant of the queen; he had the rights to speak.

Old Chen, who cared about old friends, once again acted as the persuader. In the end, he managed to convince the Great Xia queen to agree to start negotiations.

Even then, the Great Xia side was menacing.

Honglu Temple head Zhang Yi represented the Imperial Court to raise two conditions to the Europa Empire- give up West Africa and the Siberia region.

When Caesar heard that, his brows furrowed. Great Xia was truly greedy.

In terms of land mass, the two regions Great Xia requested took up more than half of the Europa Empire. Siberia alone was bigger than the entire European continent.

Of course, Siberia had vast land but little people, but its strategic value was much greater than its practical value.

A point that could not be neglected was the oil resources of Siberia. It was the core engine supporting the Europa Empire's industrialization; this was the hardest thing for the Europa Empire to give up.

As for West Africa, it was the Europa Empire's important support point in Africa.

If they handed it over, their influence in Africa would wane drastically, resulting in Great Xia being the sole boss of the area. In the future, they would probably fail to even keep South Africa.

Hence, the Europa Empire had no reason to give up either region.

Caesar could not make a decision, so he could only seek advice from the Empire.

In the next week, the representatives of both sides began arduous negotiations. Meanwhile, Great Xia did not stop their advance and behaved aggressively on the battlefield.

In North Asia, the Phoenix legion corps proceeded up the Ural Mountains.

The Ural Mountains were the separating line between Asia and Europe, located between the east European plains and the Siberian plains. The intentions behind the Phoenix legion corps entering the Ural Mountains was obvious – they wanted to cut up the Siberia region.

On the contrary, as a result of the European war prior to this, they had close to zero troops in Siberia. Previously, to attack the Ottoman Dynasty, the Romanov army was gathered in the east European plains.

This situation of few troops in Siberia occurred after the game map was reset.

Before this, in the 10 times expanded Siberia, not to mention defending, but even communication was a problem.

This gave the Great Xia Army a chance.

The Great Xia Army's advance pushed the Europa Empire onto the back foot.

9th month, 15th day, Great Xia's South Asia 1st and 2nd legion corps entered the original Caesar Dynasty area to directly attack the Europa Empire's core land.

The West Asia 1st and 2nd legion corps were running around at the border.

Looking at the situation, Great Xia was determined to get what they wanted; before doing so, they would not stop.

All of a sudden, the Europa Empire faced a never seen before crisis.

At the crucial juncture, after doing an all-round evaluation of the war, the Europa Empire finally compromised, deciding to give up the Siberia Region in exchange for peace.

Manstein was sharp. He knew that Great Xia's true goal was to take down Siberia to unify Asia.

As for West Africa, it was just a subitem to increase their negotiation chips.

If they truly wanted West Africa, Great Xia could have made use of the chaos in Europe last year to send troops to take it down rather than wait till now.

As expected, Great Xia agreed to the Europa Empire's conditions.

10th month, 1st day, both sides officially signed the Ural agreement. The Europa Empire was willing to give up the Siberia Region in exchange for a five year promise of Great Xia not using force against them.

The moment this agreement came into effect, the European continent would welcome a period of peace.

In the next five years, trade cooperation and culture exchange would replace war and become the main thing of Asia, Europe, and Africa and even the entire world.

The world of peace that everyone had hoped for finally descended.

As long as Great Xia and the Europa Empire maintained their composure and did not start up war, the Dawson Dynasty and the Darkness empire would not dare to have any funny thoughts.

When Jack heard the news, he felt lost.

It was then he realized that he had belittled the Great Xia Queen.

From start to finish, Great Xia's performance was just to take down Siberia and unify Asia. They had never intended to start an all-out war. Hence, Jack had been happy for nothing.

The compromise between the Europa Empire and Great Xia also showed clearly that the control of the world was in the hands of these two empires.

The Dawson Dynasty's situation of being ostracized was becoming clearer by the day.

Jack was lost while someone else was afraid. The afraid person was Darkness empire king Keisuke Honda. The day he learned of the Ural agreement, he sent an envoy to Great Xia.

Keisuke Honda expressed that the Darkness empire was willing to be friendly with Great Xia forever. Moreover, they would return Hawaii to express their kind intentions.

At this point, Hawaii returned to the arms of Great Xia under such theatrical circumstances.


10th month, 5th day, Great Xia's regent queen published a series of appointments to arrange the Siberia Region.

Imperial decree, the North Asia Governor-General House will be established in the Siberia Region. The west, central, and east Siberia provinces will be under it.

The Beijiang Governor-General House was removed while the Beiyuan and Liaojin provinces were listed under the Imperial Court's direct rule.

The relevant people in the Beijiang Governor-General House would be moved over to the North Asia Governor-General House. Original Beiyuan Governor-General Xiong Ba would continue to be the North Asia Governor-General. Original Beiyuan Secretary-General Wei Lao was also shifted over.

The North Asia warzone was naturally shifted over to the North Asia Governor-General House.

At the same time, the Privy Court also set up a disarmament plan. Based on the situation, they would try to slowly disarm or change the occupations of the soldiers of the two legion corps of both the South Asia and West Asia legion corps.

Of course, disarmament was disarmament, and Great Xia would never relax their control over the reserve troops.

With Great Xia's military foundation, if a world war broke out, they would be able to gather five million troops with combat experience from their reserves in a short amount of time.

This was also one of the foundations that protected Great Xia's rule.

Along with industrialization proceeding quickly, the weapons update and change era had arrived. New weapons were born every day. As a result, the style of war was slowly changing.

The number of soldiers would not be the main factor deciding military might.

This was of course a story for the future.


The meaning of Siberia to Great Xia was not limited to unifying Asia or having another overseas land.

The greater meaning was them obtaining another oil resource point.

Currently, 70% of the oil resources in the world were in the hands of Great Xia, giving them the power to control oil prices.

This added another chip that helped the Great Xia currency globalize.

Along with globalization proceeding, in the future, the Great Xia currency would break away from gold and become connected with crude oil, which was also called black gold.

Great Xia had already completed the strategic arrangements for this matter.

Apart from that, establishing the North Asia Governor-General House helped to wipe out another border concern of Great Xia. The north side had a natural barrier in the Ural Mountains, so it was basically safe.

Additionally, after taking down Siberia, the Great Xia navy could control the Bering Straits and enter the Arctic Ocean to further strengthen their ocean power.

In the future, Great Xia would create the Arctic Ocean Squadron to strengthen their control of the Arctic.

Through the Arctic Ocean, Great Xia could connect with the House of Tudor Jiedushi. From a strategic position, they would surround the Europa Empire.

Its strategic meaning was exceptional.

If one thought a little further, after controlling the Siberia Region, it became possible for Great Xia to attack North America from another direction. For example, they could strike the Alaska Region.

With that, along with the America Governor-General House, Great Xia could create a north-south pincer of the Dawson Dynasty.

All in all, although the expansion value of Siberia was not huge, it helped to make up for the weakest link in Great Xia's global strategy, perfecting their global plan.

This also made Great Xia's global overlord position unassailable.

As a result, it was not hard to understand why Great Xia did not mind starting an all-out war to take Siberia from the hands of the Europa Empire.

This strategic arrangement had been decided long ago in the year end military meeting of the 9th year.

The in charge Bing'e executed this strategy really well, making Ouyang Shuo who was paying attention to this matter really happy. He felt that he had not wasted his time developing Bing'er.

Many years of development were finally bearing fruit.


Gaia 10th year, 12th month, 30th day, galaxy, Great Xia spaceship.

Ouyang Shuo sat at the captain seat. On the transparent screen in front of him, the galaxy outside was there for him to see.

At the middle of his screen was a giant green planet.

This was Planet Hope, a super planet that was covered in 65% forest.

After half a year of traveling, the exploration team had finally reached the space outside of Planet Hope. They were about to begin a whole new exploration journey. Thinking about this, Ouyang Shuo found it difficult to hide the excitement in his heart.

The once hidden hot blood and adventuring passion was boiling once more.

Looking at this stunning planet, the excitement and ambition he held in the bottom of his heart burned once more.

The shine of this planet helped to bring out his deepest memories.

At that moment, Ouyang Shuo was thinking about way too much.

With the host of emotions from his adventure gamemode life, the fury of being betrayed, the emotions and shock of being revived, and the fear and lost he felt when building Shanhai Village.

The days of fighting, the hot-blooded wars, and the carefully thought out plots. Every time, he led Great Xia from one peak to the next.

Suddenly, all of it disappeared.

Like dust, it was wiped off from Ouyang Shuo's heart and became a thing of the past.

"Real men do not talk about the past!"

Looking at the eye-catching Planet Hope, Ouyang Shuo only wished for this to be a new start.

Thinking about this, Ouyang Shuo got up and turned around with gusto. He looked at the officials and generals behind him. Jiang Shang, Zhang Liang, Wei Yang, Fan Li, Jia Xu, Black Snake, Baiqi, Han Xin, Ran Min, Er'lai, Xue Rengui, and Chang Yuchun were all present.

In the game world, they had fought at Ouyang Shuo's side and had earned many historical merits.

Great Xia was already standing at the peak of the world.

Now, they had tossed aside everything from the game world, starting from scratch. Ouyang Shuo was ready to start a more arduous and exciting historical journey.

Between ruler and servant, they were connected in their hearts.

Ouyang Shuo's passion was at its peak, and his entire aura was changing. His eyes swept across his officials and generals as he said solemnly, "Ministers, are all of you willing to follow me once more, to fight the world again?"

When Jiang Shang and the heard saw that, they all knelt on the ground on one knee. Their gazes were unwavering as they swore in unison.

"We will follow your majesty to the death!"

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