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Chapter 1183 Debts Cleared

Chapter 1183 – Debts Cleared

Great Zhou's declaration of war on Great Jin spread through the night sky of China like lightning, letting all the players realize that the old situation in the China region was finally about to be totally broken.

"Let's fight. Since it's avoidable anyways, why not fight earlier than later?"

"Without destruction, there cannot be construction. It's time for China to have a ruler that unifies everything."

"The warring states era is not suitable for the global situation; the times call for a true ruler."

This time, the player groups did not grumble, and all of them chose to be bystanders to this war. The times were different, and the global landscape had changed. The mergers and reconstructions were coming to an end, and a global race had arrived along with it.

As the top region in the world, the China region could not fall behind the others.

The moment the war exploded, 90% of the players turned their eyes over to Shanhai City, looking toward that mysterious king in the Xia Palace.

They were eager to find out how Great Xia would react to this situation.


Shanhai City, Xia Palace.

Long ago, when Han Xin led his troops into Great Han, the Shanhai Guards had already returned with intel regarding the activity of Great Zhou. They had been moving frequently and large amounts of war resources were being gathered in Handan City.

All signs pointed to the fact that Great Zhou did not want to be lonely and could start war at any moment.

The Grand Council had predicted that Great Zhou was going to send troops to interfere in the Great Han battlefield; they did not expect that their true target would actually be Great Jin.

Although Feng Qiuhuang was defending against that, she was still caught off guard.

Wuying Hall.

Grand Council ministers Baiqi, Sun Bin, Military Affairs Minister Du Ruhui, Administrative Mentor Court head secretary Zhang Liang, Chief Secretary Jia Xu, Shanhai Guards Commander Shen Buhai as well as Military Intelligence Secretary Cobra were all present.

Ouyang Shuo sat on his throne and looked toward Cobra and said, "Intel department, introduce the latest developments."

"Yes, my King!"

Cobra stepped out, "Based on the intel found by the Shanhai Guards and the Military Intelligence Division, the reason why Great Zhou dares to go all out and attack Great Jin is because of their cooperation with the other dynasties."

The two intel organizations had a great relationship with one another, no one bothering to fight for credit.

"In the north, Great Qing arranged their 200 thousand guards at the Nanjiang Province and Jingdu Province border to help Great Zhou defend the north. The moment the Beijiang legion corps invades, Great Qing would not sit still."

Based on the rules, the dynasties could not initiate war against Great Xia, but it did not mean that they could not help their allies defend their border. Such a course of action circumvented the rules set by Gaia.

"On the south, Great Song's imperial city guards moved out of Xiangyang and are at the Jingchu Province border. Meanwhile, Great Ming's imperial city guards went south to defend Wannan and Jiangnan Province to prevent us from going up north."

"On the west, Great Qin and Great Tang did not move any troops, but when Jin queen sought help from Qin, she was rejected. Looking at the situation, Great Qin does not want to break the terms of the alliance but will not assist Great Jin either."

Qin, Han, Tang, and Song, none of them were people who bowed their heads to others and followed instructions. Ouyang Shuo had thought too simply before.

When Ouyang Shuo heard that, he laughed and said, "Great, in the blink of an eye, anyone that could jump out has jumped out. Why so? Are we so scary that before we do anything, everyone around us is already in a rush to hug together?"

As he said that, Ouyang Shuo was on the verge of laughing out loud.

Looking back to Great Xia's road to expansion, it was pretty much a constant battle to break out of encirclements. Starting from the alliance in the Lianzhou Basin to the City-States and now the six country alliance.

When Du Ruhui and the others heard that, they laughed in their hearts.

That was right. Since the beginning, Great Xia had seen and been through all kinds of problems. The happenings of today did not surprise them. When they had made the strategy to sweep China, they had already predicted such a situation.

Although that was the case, Ouyang Shuo was still a little curious, "I want to know, what promises did Great Zhou make to let the three dynasties willingly help him defend his border?"

Ouyang Shuo did not believe that they would do it for free.

Shen Buhai stepped out to reply, "Based on the intel from the Shanhai Guards, they promised a province of land for the dynasty to expand. Of course, this intel needs to be further verified."

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head in praise. The Shanhai Guards had done remarkably well to be able to find out such secret intel in such a short time, not wasting the huge amounts of gold he had invested in them at the start.

"That sounds like the style of Di Chen, splitting the cake with his allies."

Ouyang Shuo was deep in thought. Di Chen's actions not only recruited Song and Ming, but he even managed to move Chun Shenjun and Zhan Lang away from their roots. He appointed them elsewhere, killing two birds with one stone.

Who knows how Di Chen had managed to persuade the two of them.

Shen Buhai continued, "I would also like to add that from the report from the spies, the Mongol Empire has been prepping their military supplies and look ready to act."


Ouyang Shuo's eyes froze up. He had always possessed a level of worry toward Mongol Empire, not relaxing on the monitoring of his close neighbor. However, unexpectedly, since Genghis Khan appearance in the wilderness, the Mongol Empire had remained really peaceful.

Even to say that they were even more well behaved than when they were Mongol tribes, reducing their disturbances on the borders. Obviously, before their conditions of going to war were met, Genghis Khan did not want to trigger anyone.

"The fox has finally revealed his tail."

Ouyang Shuo did not believe that Genghis Khan did not have the ambition. He was so well behaved because the time was not right, and he was training up his forces.

With Genghis Khan's style, it was okay if he did not attack, but if he did, he would go right for the kill.

"Did you find out who their target is?" Liaojin Province was connected in large parts with the Mongol Empire, and Ouyang Shuo was worried he would become the target.

If that happened, it would be a huge problem.

"Based on the intel, their target is the Turkish Khanate on the west."

Ouyang Shuo asked, "This matter is of utmost importance, do you have confidence?"

"This intel was obtained by a snake guard from a Mongol noble, and there's a 70% certainty that it's true." Shen Buhai was really confident.

Before Genghis Khan had appeared in the wilderness, Ouyang Shuo had ordered the intel departments to strengthen their infiltration of Mongol tribes. It seemed like that was a good move.

The snake guard mentioned should be a girl that became a servant in a Mongol noble family, so the news was really reliable.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, temporarily putting down the worries in his heart.

Thinking about it, the choice of Mongol Empire was really understandable. The Turkish Khanate and the Mongol Empire came from the same bloodline and had a deep connection, and their culture and system were pretty much the same.

Swallowing them would be easy to digest.

There was one more point. Now that flames of war were starting in Zhongyuan, Genghis Khan did not want to be burnt by the flames. Not attacking Liaojin Province was probably due to such a worry.

On the contrary, using the chance that Zhongyuan was in chaos, and no one had troops to bother about the grasslands, they would swallow up Turkish Khanate; it was a great move.

As expected from Genghis Khan.

Be it him keeping silent in the shadows or striking out decisively now, it left one with a deep impression.

If the Mongol Empire was able to swallow up the Turkish Khanate, their strength would increase greatly, becoming a huge problem. With their strategy, after taking down the Turkish Khanate, Liaojin Province would be next.

What made one helpless was that Great Xia had no energy to interfere.

"Inform the spy in the Mongol Empire to try to delay them as much as possible."

This was the only thing that Great Xia could do.

"Yes, my king!"

Shen Buhai was really smart and understood the king's intentions.

The king was prepared to make sacrifices; he would rather not interfere if it meant managing to protect the spies they buried there, keeping them hidden. If they managed to do so, the spies could be of use in the future war between Mongol Empire and Great Xia.

After the intel department finished reporting, Ouyang Shuo was about to ask the officials about how to react to the current situation when someone suddenly outside the hall reported, "My king, envoys from Great Qin and Great Tang are here."

At such a sensitive time, it was really weird for both of them to send envoys.

"Why did they come?" Ouyang Shuo asked.

The Honglu Temple official replied, "To give the cauldron!"


The hall fell into total silence.

After a long while, Ouyang Shuo let out a sigh, "They are trying to draw a clean line with us."

For Great Qin and Great Tang to have half a province of land was because of Great Xia's help, and the premise would be that they had to become allies that attacked and defended together. Seeing that the flames of Zhongyuan had flared up, the two of them were unable to fulfil their promise.

Be it from guilt or because they did not want to take advantage of Great Xia, Qin Shihuang and Tang Taizong were surprisingly in unison. At such a crucial moment, they unconditionally handed over the cauldrons that they were not willing to give up to Great Xia.

From now on, all their debts were cleared.

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