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Chapter 24 - Girl Talk

Chapter 24 - Girl Talk

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After completing the class changes, Ouyang Shuo left the barracks. He was not going to intervene on the matters of the daily training of the mounted crossbowmen, territorial patrols, and those stationed at the northern salt fields.

The military was in the experienced hands of General Shi, and with a tenacious lieutenant like Lin Yi, as well as the increasingly mature and skilled sergeants, he was confident of them. He wanted to give them power and let them be tested so as to grow quicker.

Of course, the core duties of appointing and removing personnel, he wasn’t quite going to let go. That was the core element of his influence on the army. If he was really hands-off, it would be hard to say if the soldiers would even recognize his authority as their lord after some time.

This was part of the charm of the game. NPCs were more than just stiff bundles of data, they had their own feelings. The more advanced the NPC, the higher their intelligence.

Take General Shi. As a emperor-level historical figure, his experience and awareness was even higher than a player like Ouyang Shuo. Although General Shi would never violate his orders because of the system rules and his historical background, but if Ouyang Shuo’s actions were too absurd, he would not be able to convince the general to do his best for him!

Thus, their Loyalty stat was not just a simple summary of everything. Although in principle they would not betray Shuo, but there were possibilities they would fight over authority or slack and neglect their duties.

In turn, because of this, Lords could use the full force of the system to exercise their authority and to train their decision making skills. After all, the cost of making mistakes in the game was still much less than in reality.

Outside the barracks, Ouyang Shuo pondered what to do next. Everything in the territory seemed to be proceeding in an orderly manner, progress towards the grade 3 village was slowly moving forward. Just a little while ago, he was troubled by his financial problems, but the destruction of the raider camp seemed to have completely resolved this.

Thinking of that point, it reminded him that he still had building blueprints in his storage bag. There were 5 building blueprints in his storage bag, namely the stables, the dojo, the hospital, the tailor shop, and the weapon workshop.

Among them, the stables and weapon workshop were required for grade 3 villages. Ouyang Shuo looked at the construction requirements, and found out that unfortunately, right now they could only build some stables.

Stables: Place where horses are kept.

Requirements: Stables building plans, 200 wood, 50 stone.

Build time: One day.


Weapon Workshop: A comprehensively equipped weapons and armor manufacturing facility, you can build ordinary weapons and armor.

Requirements: Advanced Blacksmith, Weapons Workshop building plans, 400 wood, 200 stone. Build time: 2 days.

The weapon shop required a high-level smithy, Shanhai currently didn’t have one. His only blacksmith, Li Tiezhu, was promoted to intermediate blacksmith just a little while ago, and it was difficult to upgrade to an advanced blacksmith in a short time. Fortunately, there was still time, and Ouyang Shuo could still hope to directly get a randomly generated advanced blacksmith.

As for 2nd grade village buildings, Ouyang Shuo still lacked the Ancestral Hall and the Private School. Now that he had money, Ouyang Shuo headed directly to the Basic Market, spending 10 gold coins to buy both sets of building blueprints. In this way, he could start building all the required infrastructure for a 2nd grade village, even though he still needed a Scholar for the school.

During the previous five days, the Construction Division had completed the arrow towers, the primary mining sites, and 15 small courtyard homes.

Heading back to the Lord’s Manor and administrative office within, Ouyang Shuo ran into Deputy Director Zhao Dewang. He directly handed him all the building blueprints, and told him to get all five buildings built as soon as possible. In addition, he did not forget to specifically ask him to get a stable built for Black Tornado next to his own courtyard.

In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo visited the two seriously injured militiamen. After being treated by Dr. Song, they were both out of any danger.

The first one was a 20 years-old young man, called Song Yi. In the fight, 2 fingers of his left hand were cut off, meaning he’d be maimed for life. Seeing Ouyang Shuo visiting him, the little fellow could not hold back, and cried like a child.

The other man was about thirty, called Li Tie, and his right eye had been shot out completely by an arrow, blinding him.

This was a true man, when Ouyang Shuo were seeing him. His emotions had already stabilized, and he was still able to talk and laugh. Semi-serious, half-joking, he said, “Sire, I, Li Tie, may only have one eye, but I am still able to kill the enemy.”

Ouyang Shuo’s heart was sour. “Well, I believe in you. However, you will not be on the front line. Soon, when Shanhai rises to the level of a town, I will be setting up a special security team for the territory at that time, and both you and Song Yi will be on it. For now, your task is to rest and take care of yourself until your injuries are good, do not stop your martial arts training. I do not want to take you into the security team if you cannot even catch a thief!”

Li Tie immediately exclaimed, “Sire, rest assured that I will never bring shame to you or to the militia team!”

“I believe you! Keep your spirits up, I will leave and let you recuperate. Remember my words, and ease your hearts! Your faith and good work I will remember, and at the right time, will give you enough to make up for what you have lost!”

“Thank you, sire, for your care.” After Ouyang Shuo’s appeasement, coupled with his promise, the hearts of the two were reassured and they had completely calmed down.

He headed back to the Manor, to see 2 women in the corridor to the west wing courtyard chatting.

“Sister Gu, we have come today as requested. The lord did not say how we were to be set, we don’t even know what he looks like.” The one speaking was a beautiful young woman in a dress. Although her clothing was made of ordinary linen, the workmanship was extremely delicate, and gave her an innocent air.

“Little girl! I heard that our sire is a handsome teen, do you have any thoughts about him?” The other woman was a middle aged woman who wore very simple clothing, with little to no makeup.

The other woman was the target of this joke, and immediately frowned. “Sister is making fun of people. Although I am curious, you should know about repaying a debt. Sire rescued me from the bandits, I have nothing but gratitude for the Lord. I do not have any other thoughts.”

“Do not say you do not know what it is like. Every day in the raider’s camp was simply painful,” the older of the two went on, clearly emotional. “However, I have heard things. The Material Reserves Division secretary, Lady Cui, was the same as us, living in the wilderness. The Lord took pity on her, and cherishes her talent. So, not only does the Lord take care of her, but entrusts her with tasks! Lady Cui not only lives up to the trust of the lord, but her Material Reserve Division is kind and has won everyone’s respect.”

“Sister Cui is not only so beautiful, but capable. I admire her greatly!” The younger woman was still a girl, and immediately latched onto Yingyu as a role model.

“Young girl, do not pretend that your talent in tailoring is anything small. Shanhai Village is outstanding, your future achievements must not be any less than Lady Cui’s,” the other said wisely.

At this moment, Ouyang Shuo was standing in front of the yard, rather embarrassed. From their conversation, he had guessed that the two in front of him should be the two that Gu Xiuwen told him about this morning, advanced chef Gu Sanniang and advanced tailor Mu Qingsi. Inadvertently listening to the two’s private dialogue in his own home, he had not walked in yet.

“Ahem!” Ouyang Shuo deliberately coughed to let them know he was coming, before he entered the yard.

“Yes!” Turning to see Ouyang Shuo, Mu Qingsi’s little face immediately flushed a little. It was the older one who spoke, uncertainly asking, “Has the Lord come back? I am Gu Sanniang, greeting my lord!”

“I am Lord Ouyang Shuo. I was busy with things earlier, and I have neglected the two of you. Please forgive me.”

Gu Sanniang looked at Mu Qingsi and saw her standing there with her head bowed, blushing deeply, unable to speak, with her hands pulled up in her sleeves.

Originally Mu Qingsi was not so shy, it was just that she and Gu Sanniang’s conversation was too private. With Ouyang Shuo, the protagonist of their conversation, appearing in front of them, she was naturally shy, not knowing when he came close and how much he had heard.

Not only was her heart uneasy, but she was shy about their new home. She was waiting until Ouyang Shuo chose to speak and set the mood. Gu Sanniang hurriedly pulled her sleeves, getting her to react and bow in salute. “Mu Qingsi greets sire!”

Ouyang Shuo naturally pretended not to see her dilemma and discomfort. “Is miss Mu fine, is this home good for you?”

“Thank you, Lord, for your care. It is all good.” Mu Qingsi began to calm down, and knelt down to Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo didn’t allow this, hastening to come forward and helping her up, earnestly saying, “Miss Mu is too humble, you need not do this. Our ages are similar, if you don't mind, you can simply treat me as your brother.” This was only an 18-year old girl, Ouyang Shuo could only feel pity for her.

Mu Qingsi instantly became red-faced, certain that Ouyang Shuo had heard their conversation, hurriedly shook her head and said, “Mu Qingsi is of low birth, I dare not claim such a luxury!”

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand. “We are a family in this village, there is no high and low distinction between us in the past, so let it go with the wind. We are in Shanhai Village, each by virtue of their own skills, duties, and self-reliance. Therefore, you will not pretend to be small. If you do not agree, then I will have to be angry.” Ouyang Shuo deliberately made his face stern, watching Mu Qingsi.

The young lady’s cheeks bloomed roses as she watched Ouyang Shuo and called out, “Big Brother!”

Ouyang Shuo replied happily, “That’s right. This is Shanhai Village, rest your heart. I have been long fascinated by your tailoring skills!

“Gu Sanniang, at this stage, you will be responsible for the cooking of the Lord’s Manor. When the village finally opens a restaurant to service everyone, I will ask you to take that over.”

Gu Sanniang smiled. “I will comply with the Lord’s arrangements!”

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