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Chapter 27 - Private School

Chapter 27 - Private School

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In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo went over to the southeast district of the village, which was the area set aside for culture and education. The newly built hospital and the ancestral hall, as well as the private school being constructed, were all in this district.

He first went to Dr. Song’s hospital and saw the happy face of the old gentleman. Since the doctor’s uproar, as long as there was time, Ouyang Shuo would take the initiative to come to the hospital and visit.

The hospital had two parts. At the front was the area to issue medicine and treat patients. At the back were accomodations. Ouyang Shuo walked in, and saw that Dr. Song was with a patient. He did not disturb them, simply greeting the doctor, and walking back out.

He then went into the shrine next door. The ancestral hall for the village also had two parts. At the front was a gatehouse, divided by a square in the middle from the true ancestral hall to the back. Because Shanhai Village was player established, the Hall was not devoted to any one clan, and the surnames of the villagers were not the same. Consequently, Ouyang Shuo chose to focus on the Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of Chinese civilization, for general ancestral worship.

Next to the ancestral hall was the Mazu temple, now wreathed in incense. More than 80% of the people of Shanhai Village had chosen to place their faith in Mazu.

Not far away, the private school was being built. Zhao Dewang was personally supervising it. Ouyang Shuo did not come forward to disturb him, instead returning to the manor.


On the 27th of January, the private school was opened.

A village-level private school was mainly there to provide basic education. The teacher taught literacy, the basic thousand words or so, and then the great classics of Chinese literature. The students basically consisted of the children of the village, including Er Wazi, for a total of twelve people.

More specifically, Ouyang Shuo had added an additional requirement. The school had also opened an adult literacy class, teaching some literacy to those talents Ouyang Shuo wanted to cultivate.

Those talents included the logging field manager Zhao Youfang, quarry field manager Chang Shangu and mining field manager Yuan Shaoping, as well as some civil servants. Zhang Daniu, San Gouzi, Zhao Sihu, and Li Mingliang, the sergeants of his soldier squads, all needed this training to become officers. These people didn’t know a single character.

In order to cultivate their talents, Ouyang Shuo had enforced this command under order of death. No matter how busy these people were, they had to be in the school for half a day, every day, to learn the basics. At the same time, he specifically told Elder Fan to monitor their progress every day, and if they were falling behind, report to him immediately. He naturally had ways to motivate the recalcitrant.

At the opening ceremony of the adult literacy classes, Ouyang Shuo said, “You are all very lucky. At this age, you have the chance to re-enter school. Most of you, before coming to Shanhai, were farmers. Maybe you had the dream of reading in your casual time, but attending a school was not a something you can afford during your young age.

“Now that you are grown up, perhaps you think that reading is something that does not matter anymore. Even if you can’t read, you are still alive, living and surviving like everyone else.

“I want to say you are wrong, wrong, wrong! The persons who came to this village is no longer the same people as you are now, the managers of the strategic resources of this territory! The things that you are doing now, and that you will do in the future, are far more important than the things you did before coming to Shanhai Village. In these important positions, to enjoy the rights you must also fulfill your duties. Therefore, to go further, you must lay a foundation. I do not wish for you to fall behind because you are illiterate, and I am going to tell you very seriously that no one is going to wait for you.

“So, please cherish this opportunity. I can tell you very clearly that this is only a very small part of the territorial training program, just a starting point, and there will be many more advanced opportunities for future training. In time, I hope to see your faces and lecture you again.”

The seven people sitting there had varied attitudes. Some were listening to him, some looked like they understood, and some seemed a little muddled. In the end, it was up to them to seize their own good fortune.

After the lecture, Ouyang Shuo left the podium to Fan Jin. The old man had way passed the age of ignorance and what was left behind by time was only an elder filled with wisdom. Although old, he was still filled with spirited air, his bones were still strong, and he wasn’t like the other professors, all talk and no actions. He was active and was a real scholar that teaches knowledge to the world.

Ouyang Shuo had great respect for such a scholar, happily sitting at the back of the classroom with the other students, carefully listening to the first of the adult literacy classes.

After the class, Ouyang Shuo walked out of the school, heading for the commercial street district. Yesterday evening, Little Sister Mu had told him that she had finished the leather made from the king boar hide that she had been making for him, and he had to remember to come by the tailor shop.

During this time period, Little Sister and her apprentices had been so busy that their feet hadn’t touched the ground. To complete a goal of five hundred sets of clothing was not an easy job.

Although Qing’er was usually very playful, she was very focused and precise when she worked. Her expression was serious, and she was strict with the apprentices. Just watching her, her apprentices were afraid of her in the same manner as how mice are afraid of cats.

Ouyang Shuo had not imagined that his Little Sister had such a side to her. But, in this world, success was not accidental. Talent was important, but her own efforts and dedication and love of tailoring were the more important than only talent.

Sure enough, when Ouyang Shuo stepped inside the tailor shop, everyone’s heads were down, busily sewing the clothes on the table. He stood at the door for ten minutes, and none of them noticed him. Seeing Little Sister working so seriously, Ouyang Shuo could not help feeling soft-hearted.

However, Ouyang Shuo was not prepared to be too nice to her. This Little Sister, she was really thick-skinned, and her ability to take advantage of him was also quite huge. If he spoiled her too much, Ouyang Shuo estimated that she’d become quite difficult to deal with.

“Cough! Little sister, brother is here, and you haven’t come up to meet me, ah?” Ouyang Shuo deliberately teased her.

Little sister raised her head, and shot back, “Well, bad brother. Can you not see your lovely sister is busy?”

Ouyang Shuo could only change the topic. “Yesterday you told me that the leather armor you made is done, and I have stopped by to pick it up.”

“This time I had made a gold level armor out of the leather. Oh, my brother has such a good reward!”

“What? Gold level leather armor?” In his estimation, a silver level leather armor piece would have been quite satisfying. He really had not expected Little Sister to give him such a big surprise.

“It is the sincere truth!” Little Mu said, taking out a set of leathers from the side. In addition to the armor set, there was a pair of dark red boots and gloves.

Ouyang Shuo took the armor and looked at it over carefully. As a whole it was black, wrapping around the whole chest and stitched together with a multi-level leather chain. Everything was made of leather, except for the metal buckles.

The leather had a very steady feel to it, fashionable without affecting its practical functions. The whole piece was very consistent with his preferences, Ouyang Shuo loved it and didn’t want to put it down.

Ouyang Shuo was amazed, and realized that Little Sister really had a talent in tailoring. She was not only skilled, but could personalize items to each person’s differences. He could hardly wait to see the properties of the armor.

Name: Brutal Guardian (gold)

Type: Leather Armor

Weight: 3 kg

Defense: 45

Toughness: 50

Maker: Mu Qingsi (with equipment naming rights)

Evaluation: Made by senior tailor Mu Qingsi from quality 8 king boar hide. Exquisite workmanship, practical design, excellent protection.

Sure enough, 45 points of defense and 50 points of toughness, enough to ensure that without gold level weapons, it would be difficult to break it.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo’s surprised expression, Little Sister Mu was extremely happy. “I thought of the name for the leather armor as I want it to be a good guardian for big brother.”

With her help, Ouyang Shuo put the leather on, and immediately felt safer. Wearing it, he would no longer have to worry about danger from arrows.

“Yes, this is really good, our family has a good child.” At this moment, Ouyang Shuo could only appreciate Little Sister more.

“Well, of course, people call me the Genius Girl!” Little Sister had no modesty, responding the same way to all praise.

“Also, Big Brother, there is a set of gloves and boots, I made it from the quality 6 mutant wild boar hide. Although not as good as the armor, they are also silver class armor.” Sister Mu handed the new treasures to Ouyang Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo took the gloves and boots, looking at their properties.

Name: Brutal Gloves (silver)

Type: Leather Armor

Weight: 1 kg

Defense: 30

Toughness: 40

Maker: Mu Qingsi (with equipment naming rights)

Evaluation: Made by senior Tailor Mu Qingsi from quality 6 mutant boar hide. Exquisite workmanship, practical design, excellent protection.


Name: Brutal Boots (silver)

Type: Leather Armor

Weight: 1.5 kg

Defense: 30

Toughness: 40

Maker: Mu Qingsi (with equipment naming rights)

Evaluation: Made by senior Tailor Mu Qingsi from quality 6 wild boar hide. Exquisite workmanship, practical design, excellent protection.

This was a full set of leather armor made by Mu Qingsi. Qing’er’s skill had improved quite a lot! Ouyang Shuo could not help but look at his own personal stats.

Name: Qiyue Wuyi

Title: Celebrity (Good impression on historical figures +10%)

Territory: Shanhai Village

Merit: 1400/1600

Title: Third Viscount

Occupation: Officer (part-time)

Level: 20 (1,027,540/1,109,980)

Reputation: Well-known (1400/10,000)

Body Structure: 18

Comprehension: 20

Luck: 5

Charm: 8

Command: 29

Force: 9

Intelligence: 8

Political: 29

Talent: Not Open

Power law: No

Skills: Intermediate Collection, Basic Shipbuilding, Basic Diplomacy, Basic Scouting, Basic Weapons Proficiency, Basic Riding, Basic Spearmanship, Basic Archery

Mount: Exquisite War Horse (gold)

Equipment: Exquisite Iron Spear (gold), Ring of Courage (black iron), Brutal Guardian (gold), Brutal Boots (silver), Brutal Gloves (silver), Fine Iron Sword (silver)

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