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Chapter 9 - Cui Yingyu

Chapter 9 - Cui Yingyu

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When Ouyang Shuo had arrived online, the game time was just after 8 AM. From outside the door came a whirring sound, mixed with waves of cheers.

Opening the door, Ouyang Shuo saw that General Shi was displaying his spearmanship while Zhao Dexian and the others were watching from the sides, fascinated by his skill, and from time to time applauding.

Seeing that Ouyang Shuo had come out, Zuo Yi exclaimed, “Lord sire!”

Ouyang Shuo quickly replied, “No need to stand on ceremony. As the saying goes, the day is in the morning! Today we have a lot of things to do. As for specific circumstances, I am going into the village after the new settlers are ushered in. If you are free, you can go with me.”

“Please ask the prince, workers!”

Everyone came to the village again. Sure enough, another group of people had gathered there. They were the same, thin and dressed in poor rags. The difference was that this was a group of fifteen people, and had a mix of men and women, old and young. They were also carrying more belongings, some with a backpack, more like a family migration than the first batch.

They were led by a man in his fifties named Lao Zheng, he was very sturdily built and tough-looking. Everyone briefly introduced themselves after realizing who Ouyang Shuo was, and did not stay out in the village for too long. Ouyang Shuo personally took the luggage of the old man, and took the lead in bringing the group back.

Zhao Dexian, alarmed to see Ouyang Shuo carrying the luggage, quickly intervened to help with the luggage of the others, and followed the group back. Respect for the elderly was one of the traditional virtues of China, so Ouyang Shuo hoped that through a hands-on example it would pass to all of the others.

Back at the Lord’s Manor, a cookfire was set quickly. This time, among the fifteen, there was a pair of middle-aged couples. In one, the husband was a junior blacksmith, while the wife was a cook!

After breakfast, Ouyang Shuo started getting a detailed understanding of everyone’s situation. Fifteen people, five special talents, the other ten were ordinary farmers.

The older man in his fifties, surnamed Song, was a senior doctor, and was the first high-level talent in the village. Young child Er Wazi was a shepherd, only eleven years old, very skinny and underfed, and also an orphan.

Li Tiezhu was a blacksmith, burly, with bright and piercing eyes, looking a bit like a simpleton. His wife was named Lee, a junior chef, and a young mother.

The most special was another woman. This woman was 28, and quite beautiful. She was called Cui Yingyu. Originally a businesswoman, she had been trained to grow up and help her father in the family business.

Half a month ago, the family’s caravan encountered robbers. Under the protection of their escort, she was able to escape. She had found herself lost in the wilderness, and after many hardships, had almost starved to death. Doctor Song had saved her, and finally after following their current group of wanderers, they had come to Shanhai Village.

After gaining a general understanding of the situation of the these immigrants, Ouyang Shuo gathered everyone into the courtyard. Nearly thirty people gathered, a decent-sized crowd.

Seeing the growing numbers, Ouyang Shuo said proudly, “Today there are fifteen new brothers and sisters who have joined the big family of Shanhai Village. The village is still being built up from scratch, and it is hard to say that we are doing well...but we are here and trying!

“We have three things to accomplish today. First of all, we have to complete the repairs of the fences. Secondly, we have to build a small residential courtyard to provide shelter for everyone. Finally, I hope that everyone will work hard together and obey their leaders, so that we accomplish all this and get your homes built before night falls!”

The excited crowd answered together, “I will follow the lord’s commands!”

“Here, I declare the specific personnel arrangements.”

Zhao Dexian immediately bowed as he answered, “Sir.”

“I formally appoint you as construction team captain, coordinate all the building projects in the village.”

“Thank you, sire, for the promotion.” Finished, Zhao Dexian returned to his original postion.

“System Tip: Zhao Dexian has been promoted by his lord, his loyalty has increased 5 points!”

“Zhao Youfang!”

“Sir.” Zhao Youfang quickly stepped out.

“You are appointed as the acting chief of the basic logging site and are responsible for the securing of timber for our territory.”

“Thank you, sire, for the promotion.” Also finished, he returned to his original place.

“System Tip: Zhao Youfang has been promoted by his lord, his loyalty has increased 5 points!”

In addition to the two men, Ouyang Shuo appointed Song Dafu as the one responsible for collecting herbs, Miss Choi for logistics, Miss Lee was responsible for the food, and Er Wazi was to attend to himself. These four people are not in the distribution of labor, the rest were temporarily included with the construction team.

Song Dafu came forward. “Thank you, sire,” he said.

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand to accept the words, then said, “We are starting work! Doctor, Miss Cui, and Er Wazi, with me.”

Finished, Ouyang Shuo stopped Zhao Dexian and gave him the drawings for the residential courtyards and dining hall, with clear directions on where he wanted these buildings constructed. The residential halls would be in the west area, along the north/south line. The dining hall would be built in the southwest, close to the Lord’s Manor.

After his instructions were done, the rest of the people under Zhao Dexian set out to work. Zhao Youfang and his team waited a minute to speak with him. “Sire, I’m afraid the work that can be done by my team might be limited, we have older folk in my team!”

Ouyang Shuo smiled and patted his shoulder, saying, “Yes, I have already purchased 500 units of wood to help cover the needs for the moment. What you have to do is explore the forest and see what is available for us to use, calculate the total amount of wood that can be harvested. In addition, you need to pay attention and see if there are any precious trees, and mark them for attention. Youfang, your job is important!”

Zhao Youfang suddenly realized what he had to do, and respectfully said, “Thank you for your instruction, sire! We will do this quickly!”

“Well, get to work!” Sending Zhao Youfang and his people away, Ouyang Shuo turned to address the Song trio. “Doctor Song, the village has no way at the moment for you to set up a hospital. For the time being, you will stay in the Lord’s Manor. When our territory upgrades to a level two village, we will be able to build you a clinic.” The doctor was considered a gentleman by Shuo, hence his treatment.

Dr. Song’s expression was light-skinned, with delicate bones, and an indifferent expression. “As sire has arranged, I have nothing to ask except for one thing. Miss Cui is a gentlewoman, and I hope the lord might be able to take care of her.”

Ouyang Shuo quickly replied, “This is only natural.”

“So, I think Miss Cui might act as housekeeper, as I hope the Lord intends?” They turned to look at Miss Cui.

Seeing Miss Cui being agreeable, Dr. Song spoke quickly, “This is excellent. With this kind of treatment, if there are no objections, nobody will complain.” He turned to Miss Cui, “Miss Cui, before any others rush to claim the job, do you have any objections?”

Miss Cui was a businessman’s daughter, but also ladylike. Her appearance was naturally elegant, with a gentle temperament, and somehow managed to be stylish even with her travel-worn appearance. Her sufferings and hardships had not soured her beauty, but in the gentleness was more than a trace of new strength.

She slowly went opposite of Dr. Song, bowing to him and saying affectionately, “I thank senior for caring for this little miss.” He had been caring for her all this time, and naturally she was grateful for him looking out for her.

Dr. Song quickly lifted her back up, saying, “Very good! Since you have said this, come and meet your brother!”

Cui Yingyu rose and turned to Shuo, bowing again. “Little sister Yingyu greets big brother. Thank you, big brother, for taking care of little sister!”

Ouyang Shuo quickly answered, “It is truly nothing. It is my fortune to greet Miss Yingyu. My surname is Ouyang, you may call me that if you like.”

“Big brother Ouyang may call me Yingyu, as this family also called me, hee hee.” After they set the proper brother and sister relationship, Cui Yingyu was no longer very cautious, recovering some of her natural demeanor.

“System Tip: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wiyu and NPC Cui Yingyu for setting a brother and sister relationship, unlocking the God-Sibling System, reward is 200 reputation points!”

Ouyang Shuo glanced at the stats of Cui Yingyu.

Name: Cui Yingyu (Silver)

Identity: Shanhai village, lady of the house

Occupation: Businesswoman

Loyalty: 85 points

Features: Careful planning (Enhances trade profits in the area by 1%)

Evaluation: From the Cui commercial family, family of women, gentle temperament, proper businesswoman.

She was actually a silver talent, a pleasant surprise. She was indeed a valuable retainer, with a loyalty of 85 he was immediately able to trust this rare new talent.

Without hesitation, Ouyang Shuo took the resource bag from his waist and pressed it into her hands, solemnly saying, “Yingyu, we are a family now, and your brother entrusts this material to your custody. I will have to trouble you with our material management.”

Yinyu solemnly took the resource bag, asking how it was used. She then said, “Thank you, brother Ouyang, Yingyu will live up to big brother’s trust!”

After arranging for Dr. Song’s and Yingyu’s affairs, Ouyang Shuo turned to the little boy hiding off to the side. He was playing with the black wolf cub like a little herdsman as Ouyang Shuo loudly said, “Er Wazi, come!”

Yesterday, Ouyang Shuo had let Youfang make a wooden cage. The bottom of it was covered with hay, a den for the cub. Er Wazi was still a child, of course, and upon seeing the cute little cub, he immediately wanted to play with it, sneaking past to tease the cub.

Hearing Ouyang Shuo’s call, Er Wazi stiffened reflexively. Goofing off before the Lord and being negligent, he naturally was afraid of being punished.

“Sir!” he called out, quickly trotting back to Shuo.

Ouyang Shuo brought him to his side, patting his head. He said, “Do not be afraid. Tell me, what did you use to do?”

Er Wazi, with his head down, meekly replied, “I used to help with the cattle.”

“That was then, this is now. For now, you will just follow me as a temporary servant. When there is time, Sister Cui will teach you how to read. Do you understand me? I do not have any cattle to give you now to manage.”

Hearing that not only he was not going to be punished, but instead had the opportunity to learn how to read, Er Wazi nodded excitedly, saying loudly, “I understand!” He was thinking inside that his former landlord and this new lord were definitely not the same.

Ouyang Shuo said, “Well, study hard, in the future you will be a useful talent for the territory. In addition, I have an important job for you.” With just his fingers, he stuck them through the cage of the pup to tease it. “Watching you tease it, I have given it a name. It will be called Blackfang. You need to take care of him and feed him well, can you do it?”

Hearing that he was going to get to take care of Blackfang, Wazi got even happier, and nodded so hard that his head might fall off. “I can do it!”

Ouyang Shuo patted his head, saying, “Well, go play with him! If something comes up I will call you!”

With the arrangements for his people completed, Ouyang Shuo went to find General Shi and ask more about the situation with the wild goats. He made up his mind to see if those goats could be brought back to captivity.

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