The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 5.3

Seeing that he was not able to probe any deeper, Yu Yin decided to stop here, "I played enough here, tonight I have a dinner appointment so I'll take my leave first." Waving the coupons and coins in his hands, Yu Yin asked, "What should I do with this?"

Taking the coupons from Yu Yin, w.a.n.g Hong added the sum of the coupons and the coins before speaking into his wireless earpiece, "Yu Heng1, bring one thousand dollars cash over here."

After a moment, a young man around Yu Yin's age walked over. He had a piece of bandage over his face, seemingly injured. His facial expression looks a little fearful, his mob of black hair did not seem to fit his overall appearance. Yu Yin glanced at his name tag, '赵昱恒 (Zhao Yu Heng).'

Taking over the cash, w.a.n.g Hong pa.s.sed it to Yu Yin, "Here, I changed it into cash for you."

"Thanks la" Receiving the cash, Yu Yin immediately stuffed it into his pocket.

"Let me send you to the door ba." w.a.n.g Hong gave a look to Yu Heng and Yu Heng left instantly, not daring to speak up.

This can't be how Ah Guan is treated when he works ba? Seeing how everyone here is afraid of w.a.n.g Hong, Yu Yin could not help but came to that thought.

Just as w.a.n.g Hong was about to turn and leave, Yu Yin saw the machine next to him flashed and a transparent hand reached out, trying to pull w.a.n.g Hong's sleeve. However, just as soon as it reached out, the hand cowered away.

What situation is this?

"What's wrong?" Seeing that Yu Yin did not follow after him, w.a.n.g Hong paused in his steps and asked.

"No, nothing" Yu Yin quickly walked up to w.a.n.g Hong.

Both of them, one leading the other, reached the black automatic gla.s.s door very quickly.

"Next time when you want to come, give me a call. I can give you some discounts." w.a.n.g Hong stood by the door and said with a smile.

"Alright, I will definitely come again." Smiling as he responded, Yu Yin took two steps and stopped before the black automatic gla.s.s door. The black automatic gla.s.s door opened and Yu Yin turned to look at w.a.n.g Hong, "Oh right, do you know a girl named… Lin Xiu Jing?"

w.a.n.g Hong was obviously shocked for a moment.

"Sorry, I have never heard of her"


Just as the black automatic gla.s.s door was about to close, Yu Yin squinted his eyes and saw that on the other side of the door…

w.a.n.g Hong smiled.

A cold and intriguing smile.

What is the relationship between Lin Xiu Jing, w.a.n.g Hong and the victims?

Walking down the steps of the adult arcade, Yu Yin became suspicious.

w.a.n.g Hong's att.i.tude proved that he knew Lin Xiu Jing, so why did he lied?

Holding out a notebook to record Lin Xiu Jing's name and the information that he just gathered, Yu Yin turned into a valley that leads to the Hospital and began to ponder.

These few people, including the taxi driver Lin Yu Da… seems to have absolutely no relation, but yet seems to have a faint connection.

Removing the taxi driver, at least the rest of them had a relation.

w.a.n.g Hong is the young master of the adult arcade, and Ah Guan and He Mu Yan are his employees. In addition, previously, a lady named Lin Xiu Jing would often frequent the adult arcade to wait for her boyfriend.

Yu Yin suddenly stopped in his steps.

He forgot to ask who Lin Xiu Jing's boyfriend is!

However, looking at the current situation, it is hard for Yu Yin to return to the adult arcade, otherwise, w.a.n.g Hong would definitely be suspicious.

Then again, he already probed a little too much just now, hence w.a.n.g Hong should already be suspicious.

Just as he paused his train of thoughts, his phone that was in his pocket rang loudly. Yu Yin fished out his phone and saw an unknown number on the screen.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Yu Yin. Who is this?" Yu Yin's phone number is rarely pa.s.sed around. Those that have his number and would call him are usually the friends that he hangs out with, or his dad and second dad.

The caller was silent.

Seconds later, very slowly, something that sounds like a girl wailing traveled from the other side.

Yu Yin frowned, who is the b.a.s.t.a.r.d that played this kind of tricks on him?

Just as he was about to hang up the phone, a very familiar sound reached his ears through the call.

The mewling voice of a cat.

Mew, mew, mew, slow and pitiful, almost as if the cat was crying right next to his ear.

In that moment, Yu Yin felt gooseb.u.mps all over his body. He quickly hung up the call, pressing the 'end call' b.u.t.ton multiple times, but the mewling sound was still around. In fact, it got louder and louder.

"Stop crying!" Yu Yin yelled at his phone.

The mewling sound did not stop. Just as he was about to shut down his phone, a sharp pain exploded from his back.

Yu Yin let out a painful cry and his phone fell from his hands. The screen went black and the mewling sound stopped. Turning his head, Yu Yin saw two hooligans holding a wooden bat each. One of them was very close to him, obviously the one that just hit him a second ago.

"Who are you people ah? Daylight robbery ah?" Enduring the pain in his back, Yu Yin shouted unhappily at the two hooligans, hoping to attract attention from the people outside the valley.

The two hooligans exchanged a look and smiled eerily.

"This is to teach you a lesson, don't poke your nose where it doesn't belong!" one of the hooligans said and rushed up to Yu Yin, sending another blow towards Yu Yin's thighs.

This time, he was ready for the incoming blow, thus Yu Yin was able to dodge the wooden bat. However, the injury in his back caused him to knock against the surrounding walls in the valley.

Seeing his weakened state, the two hooligans raised their wooden bats, obviously aiming to give him a good bashing.

Naturally, Yu Yin would not obediently wait there and let them hit him. He calmed his mind and with his better judgment, decided to avoid the incoming blows and rush out of the valley.

He failed to dodge a few blows and was. .h.i.t by the wooden bat. The increasing pain on his body infuriated Yu Yin.

Just as they were about to reach the entrance of the valley, Yu Yin lost focus and one of the hooligans saw this as a chance to aim for his head——


A sharp whistle sound pierced into the air, shocking the two hooligans. "Quick, run! The police is here!" They abandoned their wooden bats and escaped down the other pathway of the valley.

Seeing them flee, Yu Yin let out a sigh of relief and knelt on the ground.

Police ah…?

He raised his head and was stunned. At the entrance of the valley was not a policeman…

The one who hurried over to help him up, was the youth who was supposed to follow dad to his workplace, Yu.

"Why are you…? Aiyo… Pain ah!" Yu Yin cut off his own sentence when his injuries got pressed by Yu, tears almost rolled out his eyes.

Yu shook his head, pointed at the direction of the Hospital, and then helped Yu Yin out of the valley.

Yu Yin lowered his head and saw the whistle around Yu's neck. No wonder the sound was so real.

In that second, he suddenly felt like laughing.

1Yu Heng (original text: 昱恒) is an employee at the adult arcade. He is not related to the Yu (虞)Family.

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