The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 4775 - 4775 Chapter 4775: Wu Yun in shock

Chapter 4775 - 4775 Chapter 4775: Wu Yun in shock

4775 Chapter 4775: Wu Yun in shock

Hei Xinjiu rolled her eyes. She staggered and mumbled,

“AIYO, my old waist! I’m afraid that I won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Fortunately, this silly Wu Yun is floating so high up, yet it doesn’t know that the closer it is, the more powerful it will be. It’s really stupid!”

Wu Yun, who was in the sky, chuckled inwardly when he heard that. This stinky girl still called it stupid? She was the stupid one!

What she said made sense. It should have lowered its height a little. That way, its power would be multiplied. It would definitely be able to kill this stupid girl.

Thinking of this, Wu Yun quickly descended, wanting to kill Hei Xinjiu completely.

Hei Xinjiu stole a glance, and a wicked smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. Little Thing, you’ve been tricked!

Wu Yun quickly descended to a height of only 30 feet from Yun Chujiu. With a rumble, several heavenly thunders descended.

Just as it was thinking that it could chop Yun chujiu into ashes, it saw that stinky girl sitting on a… Little Wu Yun with something similar to a fishing rod in her hand rushing towards it.

Wu Yun was instantly dumbfounded!


Why did that stinky girl sit on a Wu Yun? How could this be possible? It must be a spirit tool similar to Wu Yun.

But, what was she doing with that fishing rod in her hand?

Just as Wu Yun was puzzled, Yun Chujiu had already flown to its front on the little black cloud. With a click, she hooked a cloud wing and pulled it down desperately.

Wu Yun’s claws were instantly numb!

Oh My God!

This stinky girl actually wanted to snatch its cloud wing! ! !

Was she crazy? !

Wu Yun had never heard of anyone daring to snatch Wu Yun’s cloud wings, it was simply outrageous!

Moreover, the cloud wings were refined by Wu Yun, how could she pull them over with brute force? What wishful thinking!

Wu Yun thought of this and suddenly started to shake, wanting to get rid of Hei Xinjiu. Furthermore, he gathered all the power of lightning onto a bolt of heavenly lightning and struck it down towards Hei Xinjiu!

Hei Xinjiu never dreamed that Wu Yun would put everything on the line. Her attention was focused on the cloud wings, but she was struck by the heavenly lightning.

The fellow spat out a mouthful of blood, which happened to hit the cloud wings that were hooked.

At this moment, Wu Yun also broke free from the grip of the cloud fishing rod. He looked at Yun Chujiu lying on top of the little cloud proudly.

He snorted coldly in his heart. Although he no longer had the power of lightning to deal with this stinky girl, she had already been struck until she vomited blood. She would probably die very soon!

He still wanted to attack his cloud wings? He was really courting death!

Just as Wu Yun was thinking about it, he was stunned to find that one of his cloud wings was drifting towards the little girl.

Wu Yun was so angry that he almost died!

Whose Cloud Wing Are You? Are You Blind? !

He quickly controlled the cloud wing with his spiritual perception, only to discover that the cloud wing had lost the connection with his spiritual perception! What… What was going on?

At this moment, Hei Xinjiu’s internal injuries had been mostly healed by the guai Cao. The guy almost cried out in laughter when he saw the cloud wing flying toward him!

“Haha! Haha! Did you see that fool in the Sky? Your Cloud wings have already turned over to the light. If you have the ability, you can strike me again! If you don’t strike me, you are a grandson!”

Wu Yun was angry and afraid because he felt that the cloud wings had suddenly lost its spiritual sense connection with him. It was highly likely that it was related to the stinky girl’s blood.

If that was really the case, if this stinky girl spat out another mouthful of blood, wouldn’t his cloud wings belong to her?

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