There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 107

After his constitution rose to A-rank, Ye Zhizhou no longer had to strain himself as much during daily training. Now, instead of directly collapsing after a day of high-intensity training, he only felt a little tired. Chigita was amazed by this change and then felt even more sympathetic towards Eddie. "It looks like Instructor Ned is particularly fierce today. Look at his students, they look like they've lost all hope."

Anuot keenly noticed that something was different about Ye Zhizhou and asked, “Pansy, did your constitution rank increase?"

"Looks like it. My spiritual power rank also increased." Ye Zhizhou formed a small ball with his spiritual power before quickly dispersing it, laughing. "It was probably because yesterday's training pushed me to my physical limits, so my rank suddenly upgraded last night."

"My god…" Chigita was dumbstruck and reached out to touch Ye Zhizhou's fingertips. When he sensed the aura around his body, Chigita's eyes started to shine. "An A-rank constitution… Maybe you can even get to S-rank if you continue to train. Adding on your SSS-rank spiritual power… Pansy, it's such a waste that you didn't join the mecha department!"

Anuot patted him on the shoulder with a smile. He said sincerely, “Congratulations. Make sure to report this to the dorm administrator. The stabilization stage that follows is also very important, you should be more careful.”

"Thank you, I will." Ye Zhizhou scratched his head sheepishly, and then took a look at Eddie who was still training. He asked with hesitation, "You guys… Did you guys receive a cake that Eddie baked yesterday?"

"Yeah I received one, mine was a chocolate cake. It was really delicious!" As he recalled the cake's taste, Chigia smiled brightly. "I'm so lucky to have roommates as good as you and Eddie!"

Anuot looked at him doubtfully, "Why did you suddenly ask about this?"

"Uh…" Ye Zhizhou lowered his voice while displaying a confused and uneasy expression. "Maybe it was just my misconception, however… After eating the cake that Eddie gave me yesterday, I kept feeling like my brain was very muddled. Today, after I woke up, my limbs felt weak. At first, I thought it was because my spiritual power and constitution rank both rose at the same time, but… During the break this afternoon I felt hungry, so I took out a piece of leftover cake from last night and ate it to fill my stomach. Not too long after that, my hands and feet began to feel weak again…"

The smile on Chigita's face disappeared. He leaned his head to the side and exchanged a look with Anuot before seriously asking, "Pansy, are you sure?"

"Definitely. Not only that but…" He took out the cake box from his space and opened it to show them, his voice becoming even softer, "I also found this. Do you see the yellow granules mixed into the cream? It wasn't there before and only appeared this afternoon… Did your cakes also have these?"

"Leave the rest of the cake and get it tested." With an ugly expression, Anuot raised his hand to close the box. "Both Chigita and I experienced no adverse effects after eating the cake… Don't tell Eddie about this for now. Wait until we get the results back."

Chigita hesitated. "Could it be that you were mistaken? Or, he might've just used the wrong ingredients? Eddie seems like a very nice person…"

"Did you already forget about how you were tricked by your good friend in middle school?" Anuot looked at him sharply. "I'd rather be safe than sorry. If something is suspicious, then it must be thoroughly investigated. Otherwise, it's unfair to both Eddie and Pansy!"

Chigita wrinkled his brows and turned his head away, no longer speaking.

Ye Zhizhou saw the reactions and spoke up, trying to ease the tension. "Maybe I was just mistaken, or maybe, Eddie accidentally used expired ingredients. Okay, okay, let's relax. I wouldn't have mentioned it if I had known about your experience."

"No. It's completely proper for you to bring it up right now. The cakes were made together, yet mine and Chigita's had no problems while yours did." Anuot seemed to be particularly concerned about this kind of matter and seriously said, "If you want a friendship to last, then there must be no doubts at all. Since you discovered a problem, it's best to get a clear conclusion." After he said this, Anuot took the cake from Ye Zhizhou and took charge of getting the cake tested.

The three of them gathered in the living room after dinner, each busy with doing their own things. Chigita seemed a little absent-minded. "What is Eddie up to?"

Anuot paused in the middle of dismantling his mecha model and answered, "It seems like he went to the main kitchen again."

Ye Zhizhou, who was currently cramming this world's genetic knowledge, raised his head when he heard this. He thought about something for a bit before taking out a game console and threw it to Chigita. "If you don't want to read, then go play some games. There are quite a few interesting small games on this." “

Chigita took the game console, slowly turned it on, carelessly chose a game, and was then greatly started. He was full of energy as he became engrossed in the game. "What the fuck! These refined graphics! The level design! The creator must've been a genius!"

His lover in the last world really was a genius at creating games… He squinted as he smiled, lowered his head, and then focused his attention back on studying hard. Much of the knowledge in this world was identical to his own world, but the gender differentiation, that was completely different. Before the make-up exam, he needs to rebuild his knowledge system.

Half an hour later, Eddie came into the dorm with three bags of cookies. He handed one to everyone and said while smiling, "A little surprise. Let's work hard at tomorrow's training."

Chigita's hand slipped, and he failed to pass his game level. He took a look at the cookies in front of him but then suddenly leaned over and grabbed the bag that was given to Ye Zhizhou. He smiled at Eddie and said, "Pansy's bag looks more delicious, I'll eat his instead!" After saying that, he quickly opened the bag and stuffed a couple of cookies into his mouth.

Anuot frowned while Eddie's expression stiffened, and he hurriedly reached out to grab the bag from Chigita. "Don't. The ones I made for Pansy are strawberry flavored. You and Anuot don't like strawberries right?"

"I suddenly like strawberries again." Chigita stood up, using his height advantage to dodge Eddie's hands, and deliberately shouted, "Eddie, we're all friends. You can't be partial. I want to eat strawberry flavored cookies too!"

"I'll make some for you tomorrow so just give this bag to Pansy for now." Eddie thought that he was just playing around and helplessly smiled. "Why are you still acting like a child? Quickly, give me back the cookies."

Chigita didn't answer and simply continued to eat until he was held down by Anuot, who had leaned over.

"Stop making a ruckus. You obviously don't like strawberries." Anuot grabbed the bag of cookies from Chigita's hands with a dark expression and threw it back to Ye Zhizhou. He turned to smile at Eddie. "Thank you for the cookies. It's very considerate of you."

Eddie felt relieved and hurriedly expressed that it was nothing.

Eddie hadn't noticed that Chigita, with his mouth full of cookies, had looked at him deeply before turning away to hide the sadness in his eyes.

[The probability of Chigita and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 50%, may the host persist in his efforts.]

Ye Zhizhou was stunned by the system notification that had suddenly popped up and turned to look at Chigita. He had thought that it would be the more rational Anuot whose love probability would go down first. In the end…

The next day, Chigita looked a little lethargic. Ye Zhizhou silently moved forward to pat him and handed him a pill to eat. Chigita doubtfully ate it but then his eyes lit up. He reached out a hand, wanting more.

“No more.” Ye Zhizhou swatted his hand away, paused, and then asked, "That bag of cookies… Do you want to have it tested?"

When this was mentioned again, Chigita wilted. He listlessly said, "Give it to Anuot, he'll arrange the testing."

Ye Zhizhou nodded to show that he understood.

Two days later, Clay went back to the military headquarters. Ye Zhizhou was occupied with training and couldn't send him off; thus, he could only reluctantly use the communicator to send the other a few simple words of farewell.

Eddie continued to deliver evening snacks to their dormitory. Chigita's attitude gradually changed from pressing down his sadness and reluctantly accepting the snacks to widely smiling and accepting it as if nothing had happened. His love probability with the protagonist gradually decreased day by day, from 50% to 30%. There was no movement on Anuot's side, but he clearly distanced himself from Eddie.

A week later, the test results came out. Anuot and Chigita silently sat on the sofa, both of them looking at Ye Zhizhou.

“What are you going to do?” Anuot took the lead to speak up with a very ugly expression.

[The probability of Anuot and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 30%, may the host persist in his efforts.]

"Why would Eddie do this…?" Chigita could no longer deceive himself. He leaned back on the sofa with his head and shoulders drooping, looking very pitiful. "He actually added something into the snacks every day… It was fate that everyone was assigned to this dormitory, and we clearly just met each other. We had no conflict with each other so why would he do this…?"

Anuot wrapped an arm around Chigita's shoulder and comfortingly patted him. "Don't try to understand how bad people think. It's useless."

Chigita turned his head to bury his face into Anuot's shoulder, his entire body becoming listless.

[The probability of Chigita and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 10%, may the host persist in his efforts.]

Ye Zhizhou put down the test results in his hand and thought for a moment before saying, "Let's report this to the teacher. We'll follow the school's policy on what to do in this kind of situation." The protagonist definitely had a reason to come to the military academy, but Ye Zhizhou still hadn't found a hint on what it could be. In this case, he might as well pull out the flags first. Giving drugs to classmates was a pretty serious issue, so the protagonist might be expelled. If it really did end that way, it would be very easy to pull out the five flags in this school.

“You're not going to confront him, to ask him why he would do this?" Chigita impatiently asked him as he raised his head.

Ye Zhizhou shook his head. "It's not necessary… These drugs would only reduce my endurance and reaction speed. The worst outcome would've been that I wouldn't be able to finish the freshman training. And you both know what happens if I don't complete the training. His purpose is obvious—he doesn't want me to stay in the military academy. As for the motive… Since this has already happened, there's no point in pursuing the motive. Besides, are you sure that he would even tell the truth?"

"Probably not," Anuot replied without a doubt. "I'm going to send a message to the dorm administrator." He immediately got up, more proactive than both Chigita or Ye Zhizhou. "You guys tell Eddie to come back."

Chigita's moved his mouth but said nothing. Ye Zhizhou took out his communicator and sent Eddie a message.

The dorm administrator arrived very quickly and Eddie also rapidly returned, holding a pizza in his hands. "Pansy, what did you need me for? My pizza had just come out of the oven… Why are you here, Teacher Louis? Did you need to inform us of something?"

Louis frowned as they looked at Eddie, and then moved forward to take the pizza from his hand. Louis said with a stern face, "Eddie, someone has reported that you've been drugging your classmates. Come to the academic affairs office with me. I'll also need to have this pizza tested, along with all of those other snacks." As Louis said this, they pointed to the pile of snacks on the coffee table behind them.

When Eddie heard this, the smile on his face froze. He glanced at the snacks on the coffee table and then at Ye Zhizhou, Chigita, and Anuot who were standing behind Louis; his expression became blank.

"Eddie, is there anything you'd like to explain?" Louis had a good impression of this gifted double majoring student. When Louis had first received the report, they had just thought that someone was joking around. However, seeing that the coffee table was full of evidence, it was hard not to believe it.

"Ah." The corners of Eddie's lips pulled up into a sneer and he looked towards Ye Zhizhou and the twins, shaking his head. "What's there to explain… I treated them as friends, but they investigated and slandered me behind my back. Envy is terrible." He bowed his head as he said this, showing an appearance full of anger and disappointment.

Seeing this, Louis hesitated again. They raised a hand to stop Chigita who looked like he wanted to speak, and then said with a dark expression, "All of you follow me to the academic affairs office. Your training will be canceled tomorrow. None of you are allowed to attend your regular classes until this matter is resolved!"

The military academy's testing equipment was much more advanced. Two hours later, a fresh test report was placed onto the director of academic affairs' desk.

“Eddie.” The director put down the test report and asked with a heavy voice, "Why did you want to drug Pansy?"

Eddie lowered his head and didn't speak, passively resisting.

The director knit their brows and then looked towards Ye Zhizhou, who was standing on the side. "The school will deal with this matter for you. It's okay, go back to the dormitory and rest."

Ye Zhizhou slightly frowned. He turned to glance at Eddie, who refused to speak up for himself after the matter was exposed and then turned away to walk out of the office. The protagonist's reaction was totally beyond his expectation. Things went a little too smoothly, so he kept having the feeling that something was strange.

Three days later, the results of Eddie's punishment came out—expelled from school, half a year of physical labor, and never being allowed to work in the military and political departments for life.

Chigita nestled on the sofa while looking at Eddie's already empty room with a blank expression. "How did things suddenly develop into this… Eddie just quietly left while we were away, without any explanation or justifications. Why…?"

Anuot wordlessly rubbed his hair.

[The probability of Chigita, Anuot, Ned, Chris, Dale, and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 0%, may the host persist in his efforts. The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth soul flags have been pulled out. Congratulations to the host, may the host persist in his efforts.]

[Plot change has been detected. Asking Host to accept the new plot.]

[The fourth and fifth soul flags have been restored. Targets have not changed. Asking host to please pay attention! Asking host to please pay attention!]

Ye Zhizhou's heart, which was just full of joy from pulling out all the flags, instantly shattered into dust. He couldn't help but widen his eyes at the light screen, reading the notification over and over. He could understand that the flags had been restored, but what was this "targets have not changed?" Did it mean that the flags he just pulled out from Chris and Dale suddenly grew again? Then, didn't he just pull them out for nothing?!

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