There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 21

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Signing the fantasy-like contract, and holding onto a solid and incomparable thigh. Ye Zhizhou politely refused the golden thigh and little nephew's offer to send him off with their grand car, opting to return home by public transport. When he returned home, he immediately fell on his bed, rolled into his quilt and slept like a dead fish.

Half an hour later, he woke up with a blank look. Turning on his computer to check Weibo, he logged in to his small account - he looked for the remaining dark threads from the morning and then changed the set times.

-- it was a bit of a thrilling day, time to get back at society.


At 9.30 pm, fans on Weibo were as normal as usual, waiting for the day's update as they didn't want to skip out something amazing.

{I am a little account}: A blogger who works at XXX bank just uploaded something hot. He just came across the bank database updates today, and then secretly searched for several actors' names. He was shocked at a new transfer record! That aunt who keeps saying her nephew is such a thankless ingrate - the one million your nephew gave you, are you just feeding it all to the dogs?

[Picture] x9

Hot drama, nephew, ingrate. Just with these few keywords, it is self-evident who it's referring to!

Fans were stirred up and continuously opened up the picture, getting stunned by the dense transfer records - especially the most recent one million transfer. These many zeroes, simply blinding! Although the important information had sunk in, the impatient fans couldn't withstand it ah. After various of sources and hours of checking, they confirmed that the one making the transfer was indeed Yao Cheng, and the receiver was shockingly that aunt!

Damn, this reversal. More than one million ah, if this act still makes one a thankless ingrate, then what could be called filial piety?

As the screenshot flooded out, Yao Cheng's cousin's Weibo was grilled by the sharp users in less than an hour. The fans quickly summarized the main content and took screenshots.

Showy, always picking on girls, skipping classed, beating up the teacher...

The dark powder covering Yao Cheng these days were all posted by this cousin. He was also very proud of his posts and sought recognition on the internet. And the most infuriating thing was his post from a few years ago when Yao Cheng was a high school student. He triumphantly said on Weibo: "Today, I dumped a big pot for that step kid. Let him remember that making serious mistakes can get one beaten up. So happy."

The internet users were shocked to anger at seeing this. Remembering the aunt's words, Yao Cheng was beaten up by a girl's parent for supposedly harassing her.

"Today, that step kid came and asked for alimony. I let mom buckle him for 100 million, ha ha ha."

"This step kid still wants to go to college? Dream on, my mom said to just wait till he's 18 and then drive him out."

"That step kid entered first year, really annoying. I want to find someone to beat him up."

"It's the holidays and that step kid also came back. I got my punching bag back, la."

Comments like this were everywhere on this cousin's Weibo, driving users almost insane.

What kind of child is this! How can he be so evil! Yao Cheng sent money to this kind of relative? Very foolish! Is there a hole in your brain?

Then, people also dug up Yao Cheng's past. When he was in the new term of his second year, his uncle fell sick and was hospitalized once. It was found that Yao Cheng began sending money home since then.

{A small fish}: So... the reason Yao Cheng dropped out of school was because he transferred his tuition money to pay for his uncle's treatment? Later, he also sends them money every month...

The fans who saw these comments were silent. Before, they thought Yao Cheng was annoying - and now they wanted to love him dearly. How bad would it feel if your loved ones were bullying you to death? How bad would it be?

Thinking carefully, the things that aunt had said actually didn't have any evidence - they were too quick to believe it because of Yao Cheng's initial bad impression.

And what was the cause of Yao Cheng's bad impression?

The rumours.

And what did the rumours say?

That he was always late and was loathed by both the crew and the cast. Poor attitude and bad manners, antisocial and hard to get along with. Even the director said that he regretted choosing him as the lead actor...

But obviously they already dug it up ah. Those rumours came from Deng Jun's small account. And before this, they also saw Yao Cheng post dinner group photos. In the photo, he, the cast and the crew all had linked arms around shoulders - drinking and laughing, looking so happy. As if life had never been unfair to him, as if there was only goodwill and kindness around him.

Is this child stupid or what.

Some emotional fans ran back to Yao Cheng's previous post, feeling guiltier and sadder. Also seeing that he stopped posting after the dinner group photo, they couldn't help but feel awful for his grievance.

This is just an ordinary boy who likes to play game ah. Where is the black stuff saying his ugliness? Thinking carefully, Yao Cheng had just turned 21 this year - to face the overwhelming internet abuse these past few days... how could he have endured that?

Fans repeatedly refreshed his Weibo, looking at the brief introduction on it; a smiling face.

They felt pained.

If you've been wronged just say, ah. The other scolded you, but you didn't scold back. That kind of family, what are you doing by giving them money? You earned it with difficulty, why don't you just use it to buy some good food? Or to continue your study? It's also alright if you just save it.

Look at Zhang Xinran, she's obviously walking forward to be a superstar in people's eyes. How can you be so miserable? You both started at the same point, how can you just end up being bullied like this?

Everyone on Weibo was at a slump, and the drama rating ended up being much lower than the last time. Everyone just unconsciously roamed around on Weibo, just like a lost soul. They didn't know how to vent the dejected feeling in their hearts.

Near midnight, a detailed posted about Yao Cheng's aunt was posted. The full venting of the fans poured in, and then with the real hammering post, their three views were all broken, mad rage rushed!

Such a stingy, mean and greedy woman. She dared to boast as Yao Cheng's benefactor? Pei! Shameless! She also dared to go to the local TV station to smear Yao Cheng. Really, really angers one to the point their livers hurt!

After that, someone also dug up Yao Cheng's donation record. After getting payments from the drama, he traveled to S city and Y city's orphanage, donating his money and doing some volunteer works. Silently doing a lot of good things.

Fans looked at the Aunt's post, and then looked at Yao Cheng's donation record and his photos with the children at orphanage while volunteering. The last of the hesitation in their hearts finally vanished. All smashed their keyboard in guilt.

What a good child, even with that black miserable past. Damn that aunt, damn us even more!

The #weoweYaoChenganapology topic quietly rose in Weibo, irresistibly shooting straight to number one - the #beautynerd and #nationschoolgirl and so on topic were firmly left behind!

Fans flocked to Yao Cheng's Weibo and started apologizing; begging him to come back.

{A small fish}: But don't you think it's strange? Yao Cheng was smeared black tragically, and only Li Hao and the other young actor came out to speak for him. Only Zhang Xinran who was 'harassed' by Yao Cheng didn't make a sound from beginning till end. Obviously they are both the main players in this drama...

Fans who were filling the comments with apologies were stunned at seeing this post. They quickly rushed to Zhang Xinran's Weibo to go over her last few days' posts.

Nothing, not a single line mentioned about Yao Cheng. The posts were just messages of gratitude and appreciation towards the director, happiness because of some other invitation from an actor and so on. The most recent post was about celebrating the new contract with the Mu Tian label, getting a forward lottery and sending a signature photo.

Good subtlety.

The opening had been buried, this night was doomed to be tumultuous.


Ye Zhizhou turned off the computer in content after logging out from his 'A small fish' account and erasing all the traces of his secret work. After stretching his body, he climbed to bed and slept.


On the 35th floor of Mu Tian building, Ouyang Chun shut down the computer and picked up his phone to call Qing Xiao. He simply said a few sentences before hanging up. He leaned back on his chair and slowly gripped the beads to forcedly rub at it. His tone was cold, "Xiao Cheng, harassed girlfriend?"


At 8.00 am, Ye Zhizhou was awakened by the doorbell. He stumbled out of bed in a dazed, and yawned before opening the door.

"Morning." Ouyang Chun, who was dressed in a simple white shirt and black pants, slightly rose his hand to greet him. His deep looks were outline with the morning sun, the handsome looks almost making people want to throw themselves at his feet.

Ye Zhizhou's spirit who also just awakened quickly activated, eager to pounce itself on the man. His, uh, little brother who was easily excited in the morning also stood up against his will.

His mind was instantly cleared by this. His hand moved faster than his brain, directly slamming the door.

After a few seconds of dead silence, the doorbell rang insistently.

After getting back his rationality, his IQ finally resurrected. His heart thumped and the little brother finally calmed down.

Oh no! His golden thigh!

He quickly jumped over to open the door, showing the dark faced man his his flattering smile, "Boss, you came. I'm just too excited that my hand slipped. Umm... Did you already have breakfast?"

Ouyang Chun looked at him with narrowed eyes, looking at his sticking up hair to the collar revealing pyjamas, then continuing down to the round, smooth toes. With deep and serious eyes, he said "Compared to breakfast, I want to eat you more."


The door was closed again.

Ouyang Chun's patience was finally gone, and the corner of his mouth was pulled into a straight cold line. He reached backwards, "Key."

Qing Xiao stepped forward in silence, and took out the spare key provided by the property manager. Hesitantly, he said, "Uncle, this is not a good way..."

"Disobedient children need to learn a little lesson." Ouyang Chun used the key and opened the door, looking at the scared youth inside. "You can come to me and follow me to the car by yourself, or grabbed, tied up and taken away. You choose."

The so called honorific can kill. Ye Zhizhou cracked his neck and pulled up his pyjamas, he then...chose a wise option, "That... can I go brush my teeth first?"

One hour later, Ye Zhizhou's hand was stuffed with a steamed bun and the other with a milk cup with a straw - the straw being personally inserted by Ouyang Chun. They entered B city, where outside a shooting base.

The blindingly handsome Ouyang Zhi came in. Smilingly, he walked toward them and waved, his tone was full with excitement. "Aunt, you came! Please give me some help with my next MV, I'm looking forward to our cooperation."


"I saw the news on the internet." Ouyang Chun who just stood behind finally stepped forward. He touched Zhizhou's hair and then bowed down to kiss his ear. "Don't worry, I'll fix it. Now just go and have some fun." Saying this, he then gently pushed him toward Ouyang Zhi.

Ye Zhizhou took a step forward and stood still. He couldn't help but turn around, only to see a tall figure leaving.

[Ouyang Zhi and Protagonist love probability has dropped to 90%. Please make persistent effort, Host.]

[Ouyang Di and Protagonist love probability has dropped to 85%. Please make persistent effort, Host.]

"......" Ever since he was fancied by the golden thigh, the meat pie from heaven always seemed to drop for him. He stood beside the handsome Ouyang Zhi while chewing on his steamed bun - looking intently at the screen in front of him with a numb mind.

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