There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 26

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He turned back and looked at Zhang Xinran, slightly surprised. "How are you here?" The entrance to Mu Tian's parking lot was based on card access, which were only available for the staff. What's more, he and Ouyang Di had parked in VIP zone, with required a different method of accessing. How did the protagonist manage to bypass the several check ins?

"Yao Cheng, you must help me. I know you're very rich now." Zhang Xinran's hair was scattered in the struggle, and her dress was also a bit dirty. "Huang Tu wants to bury me. There's reporters everywhere, and I really have no choice. Look back at your previous feeling for me, and help me."

Ouyang Di was busy picking up his gift from the car, and so, he stepped out a bit late. Suddenly seeing a baffling woman, he stepped forward in front of Ye Zhizhou and spoke to the bodyguards. "Call security and send this woman out. Also, remember to check the parking lot system and CCTV footage."

"Ouyang Zhi?" Zhang Xinran stared at him, her eyes gradually brightening. She excitedly said, "Mr. Ouyang, I know you are the behind-the-scenes boss of Mu Tian. I was forced to change agenciesd by Liu Fei Fei's father! I... I would like to go back to Mu Tian - so, please give me a chance."

Ye Zhizhou was stunned - the protagonist's way of setting up people was just a little too fierce. He didn't want to know how deep her scheming ran. "Miss. Zhang Xinran." Deliberately biting out the name clearly, he tapped Ouyang Di's back and stepped forward, signalling at the bodyguards to let her go. "What is the connection between my money and my assistance? And you are an adult - when you make a decision, you have to learn to take the consequences."

Zhang Xinran didn't think that Ye Zhizhou would be so cold to her - and so, she couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "We have so many years of feelings... haven't you always liked me? I'm willing to be with you now. You can help me - just pay the penalty fee to take me away from Huang Tu, and I'll be able to start over! I don't care about the you in the past. As long as you're good to only me in the future, I could surely..."

The more he listened, the more ridiculous it became. He also faintly guessed why the protagonist suddenly sought help from him. He hurriedly rushed to interrupt her words - with a serious face, he said, "Ms. Zhang, I met you at the beginning of this year. To say that we have many feelings together is a bit exaggerated. As for me liking you, I think Ms. Zhang has misunderstood me. I already have a lover, and I would like to ask Ms. Zhang to not say such easy to misunderstood words in the future." If these words were heard by Ouyang Chun, he wouldn't be able to get out of the bed.

"You have a lover?" Zhang Xinran's voice rose up, and anger boiled in her heart. With her body trembling, she said, "Impossible!" In the previous life, she knew that Yao Cheng had betrayed her, but that was just for benefits he would have received! She knew, she always knew, that Yao Cheng would love her, it would never change!

"Miss." Ouyang Di stepped forward again to block her view of Ye Zhizhou. His brows were slightly wrinkled, and his eyes were filled with irritation and disgust. "Please conduct yourself." To think that this kind of person dared to lust after Xiao Zhi and aunt, it was simply just too overconfident.

Zhang Xinran was very embarrassed by Ouyang Di's eyes that showed disgust. She looked back and forth between the two men - and saw the baggage and gifts that the bodyguard was holding. She felt her heart twitch, and she thought of a possibility. She was shocked and disgusted at her thoughts. Looking at the two people, her mouth was wide open, and she blurted out, "You, you... Yao Cheng, you really are as sick as you were in the past life! You would actually sell yourself to a man for fame! Ouyang Zhi, today, I have lost my admiration for you - I did not think that you were actually a disgusting homosexual!"

As soon as she said this, everyone's expression drastically changed; the bodyguards stepped forward in a threatening manner - and Ouyang Di's face sank, his elegant and calm manner suddenly turning fierce, "Miss Zhang, take care of yourself - a loose mouth will always lead to trouble."

[Ouyang Di and the protagonist's love probability has dropped to 0%. Congratulation on pulling out the first flag, Host. Please make persistent effort.]

The sudden pop up surprised Ye Zhizhou, who was about to curse back at Zhang Xinran - he felt ecstatic! This was a god-like attack, ah! The remaining 5% that frustrated him was actually gone! In a good mood, he thought that the protagonist was not too annoying anymore. He smiled and patted Ouyang Di's back, then looked at protagonist in sympathy. "Miss Zhang, if you have an illness, it's better to treat it right away. Avoiding the sickness because of fear of treatment is not good. And about the last life you said, I didn't understand any of it." He broke of his comment to look at the bodyguard near her. "Please send Miss Zhang to a hospital, and remember to choose a good one."

The bodyguard obediently reached out to the protagonist.

"Yao Cheng!" She immediately dodged the guards and continued talking. "Don't you play dumb! You want to erase the past by hugging a golden thigh? No way! How long do you think you can hold it, huh? Those rich people are always the type to throw out the old and welcome the new! I'll wait for the day you are tossed aside and abandoned!"

"Then you can wait." The protagonist had completely lost reason, and it was now just a waste to keep dawdling because of her. Ye Zhizou waved his hand and signalled the bodyguard to take action. He then patted Ouyang Di on the back and pulled him towards the elevator.

After going up the stairs, Ouyang Di dropped off the baggage directly into the game room. Five minutes later, Ye Zhizhou, who was harassing his lover with spiritual power, received a system notification.

"Dropped to 15%?" He nodded at the screen and smiled happily. "Ouyang Zhi was scolded by his brother, and he really deserved it."

"Very happy?"

"Of course, the mission is......" He paused, looking down and seeing Ouyang Chun's clear and awake eyes. "You awake ah... that... Ouyang Di is already here. Um, are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?" Ye Zhizhou thought guiltily that he must have been very hungry after sleeping for over a dozen hours.

Ouyang Chun got up, and ruffled his hair. With a dull expression, he said, "Lao Da came? Did you pick him up?"

"En...... eh." He looked down and weakly spoke. "I saw that you were sleeping, so I didn't call you......"

"Xiao Cheng, I'm hungry." He said calmly.

Seeing that he was not angry - Ye Zhizhou sighed in relief, and his face brightened up again. "What do you want to eat? I'll tell the kitchen staff to make it for you."

Ouyang Chun turned his eyes to the youth's laughing face, and slightly curled his lips. He suddenly reached out to hold the youth, and turned him over - pressing Ye Zhizhou into the bed. He held the youth's hand in his left, and his right hand was ambiguously under the clothing - stroking him, then gently biting his earlobe. "Eating you, disobedient children need to be punished."

"I'm not...... oh! It's noon, you must not...... ah......" Save me!

The devastating day soon ended, and the family dinner table, both Ouyang Zhi and Ye Zhizhou were listless.

"Aunt, have you been tidied up by uncle?" Ouyang Zhi quietly moved to Ye Zhizhou, who was buried in soup - and quietly whispered, "I secretly ordered for you a plate of spicy pork, no need to thank me."

He put down the spoon and looked at him with dead-fish eyes. "Thank you, big nephew." Giving a person with an injured chrysanthemum spicy pork, that was truly a revolutionary affectionate friendship.

{T/N: if you read other Chinese BL novels, then I guess you already know what this word refers to XD}

"You're welcome." Ouyang Zhi embarrassedly smiled, the with a deep expression said, "I used to eat spicy pork with my uncle and brother, eating until my worries were gone - but brother thought that eating too much of it will hurt my stomach, so I'm not allowed to eat it much anymore."

"Do you like to eat pig brain?"

Ouyang Zhi's eyes brighted up, "I haven't eaten it yet. Is it delicious?"

"Yeah." He nodded, glancing at the uncle and nephew sitting across from him who were talking about business. "It's delicious and nutritious, suitable for people like you." It was a good tonic to improve intelligence - and it would make it easier for him to pull out the flag.

The door was suddenly knocked, and Qing Xiao entered carrying an iPad. "Boss, there's suddenly a video online about second young master, and young Master Yao."

The four people simultaneously looked at him.

"Now there's someone on the internet, saying that young Master Yao is......"

Ouyang Chun slightly frowned, "Is what?"

Qing Xiao glanced at Ouyang Zhi and Ye Zhizhou who were sitting in the corner, drinking soup. Xiao paused and braced himself for what he was about to say. "Young Master Yao is being kept by second young master. It also said that the reason young Master Yao is still able to extravagantly spend money without working is because second young master is generous to his lover."

After those words were out, Ouyang Zhi jumped, scared for his life. "I did not! I am wrongly accused! I and Aunt are innocent!"

"Xiao Zhi." Ouyang Di grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side, sitting him down and holding onto his shoulder. "Calm down."

Ouyang Zhi stole a glance at Ouyang Chun, and getting in contact with his uncle's cold look - he was frightened to the point that he was holding onto his brother's arm and desperately shrinking on himself. Uncle was drinking vinegar that was completely unreasonable. He couldn't calm down!

Ye Zhizhou put down his spoon and wipe his hand after hearing this, and he reached out. "Let me see the video."

Qing Xiao hurriedly handed over the iPad.

The video was released by Guan Bo magazine, and was titled 'Breaking News: Movie Emperor Ouyang Zhi's Lover is Actually a Man'. The comments were posted to the point that the site sometimes crashed due to an influx of data. Ye Zhizhou played the video several times.

After a short period of silence, their eyes gradually adapted to the video's brightness, and they could now watch the video clearly. It was showing the scene at the parking lot, and Yao Cheng's and several other people's figures could be seen.

......It really was this scene. Ye Zhihzou looked at Ouyand Di who was pacifying Ouyang Zhi, and then leaned back on his chair to continue to looking.

The video was very short; it's length was only about a minute. In this one minute, Ye Zhizhou and 'Ouyang Zhi' had been standing close to each other, while Zhang Xinran was stopped by the bodyguards a few steps away. He could easily hear her emotional words; such as 'disgusting', 'selling one's body', and 'homosexual'. Combining these words with the three people's state and expression, it was very intriguing. At the end of the video, the excited Zhang Xinran was mercilessly dragged away by the bodyguard, while Ye Zhizhou and 'Ouyang Zhi' went 'sweetly' into the elevator.

Turning off the video, he looked up and walked over to Ouyang Chun, starting to complain. "I was ridiculed." This video, whether it was the shooting angle or the delusional intermittent dialogue, it was filled with the touch of professional paparazzi. Combined with protagonist's hostility today...... life is full of holes, ah - how come she could still do something like this when she was being suppressed?

"I'll fix it" Ouyang Chun patted the younger man's hair - and with a heavy tone, he said, "It's also time to clean up those bugs in Mu Tian."

Ouyang Di looked at his terrified younger brother, then looked at his reliable uncle and cool-headed aunt - and he couldn't help but sigh in his heart.

This stupid younger brother...... was really useless.

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