There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem

Chapter 5

Yun Ke finally knew the feeling of raising a bratty kid. He waved his hand to the assistant to dismissed him. He swept a glance at the opened lunchbox on the table. He went to the sofa and sat down, picked up the cup and asked, "Hungry?"

"Stop." Ye Zhizhou hurriedly took the cup away from him and said, "I already drink from this cup."

"That is my cup."

Ye Zhizhou freeze for a moment and immediately relaxed again. He shamelessly said, "From now on it's mine."

Sure enough, it's indeed the youth rebellion phase.

Yun Ke deeply looked at him, from top to bottom, from the clothes to the small watermark, to the wrong shoelace on his shoes. As if, he could see through his body that his soul already change inside.

Ye Zhizhou feel his body stiffen up because of Yun Ke's gaze. He hurriedly change the topic, "The tea in this cup is from Sister Lili's lunchbox. I just drank it a little, I think there's something wrong with the tea."

As expected, Yun Ke shifted his attention. He slightly raised up and took the cup to sniff at it. He asked, "Where is it wrong?"

"I don't know the specific, but this tea definitely has a problem. After I drank it, my mind immediately relaxed, also felt kind of light as a feather and muddled….. Brother Yun, why do I feel that this is similar to the symptom in the news, the one that after you inhale……" he putted on a worried hesitate looks and deliberately made his voice sound serious.

Yun Ke's expression instantly changed. He put down the teacup and get up while pulling the boy. He walked toward the door in a large stride.

Ye Zhizhou almost fell down from the pulling. He's busily steadying his foot and said, "Brother Yun, where are we going? I haven't finish talking about that tea yet."

"To the hospital. I'll let other people deal with the tea." Yun Ke slow down his step to match the boy's pace. He open the door and call out for the assistant. He explained the situation and told him to take the meal and tea in the office and send them to be tested, then he walked to the elevator.

In the hospital, after being toss around for a couple of times, they finally get the test result at 10.30 p.m.

Getting out from the hospital, Ye Zhizhou hunger only remain a half. He leaned at the car door and saw the dark face on Yun Ke. He weakly appeased the man, "Brother Yun, don't be so tense. The doctor already said there's no problem. Moreover, maybe I'm just wrong about the tea. Maybe there's actually no problem with it……" though the problem already solved by the Qingxin Yulu pill.

"No, I'm careless." Yun Ke start the car wearing a cold expression. "With Bai Li sudden appearance and unknown origin even after investigation, I shouldn't hastily brought her back to our home." At first he only want to give it a try and use the unknown woman to see whether he can fish out something or not. But he didn't expect Du Yang to almost get hurt.

Ye Zhizhou became even more amazed, "Brother Yun, you're investigating Sister Lili?"

"She suddenly appear and being hit by my driver, got injured and woke up losing her memory. It's very suspicious." The car then stopped in front of a porridge shop. Yun Ke moved to help the boy unfasten his seatbelt, "Well, no matter what, until the food's test result came out, you have to stay away from Bai Li."

So, it turned out that Yun Ke's driver is the one who hit Bai Li? Then Yun Ke also has investigating her all along? Ye Zhizhou stared with wide eyes feeling a bit stupid. Are these info exist in the system's data? Isn't it because Yun Ke took pity on her memory loss, he took her back home and properly taking good care of her? It's totally different ah! How it can instantly change from a cliché love story into a suspense drama? What's he supposed to do?

[System energy shortage, some information data might be missing, the actual development shall prevail the plot direction.]

Ye Zhizhou, "……" system, this isn't just simply missing, this is a big pithole of demised ah!

They both filled their stomach till full. When they're arrived at home, it's already 11.30 p.m. but the protagonist still not asleep. In the middle of the night, in late autumn and early winter season, she's wearing a thin cotton white nightgown, waiting in the living room.

You're not cold, ha……Ye Zhizhou cursed in silent. For the purpose of getting Yun Ke, she really put herself at risk.

"Big Brother Yun, you're back." Bai Li came over to greet him. Her hands lightly combed her long hair. With a perfect deep concerned looks on her face and a hint of tiredness, she softly asked, "How can you just back this late? If I knew, I should've brought the food personally to you. Xiao Yang insisted on taking it, holding you up till this late."

Knowing that Yun Ke doesn't have any special feeling toward the protagonist and even felt suspicious at her, Ye Zhizhou also feel no longer need to wear the friendly façade at her. He moved in front of Yun Ke, blocking his vision, and without a trace of politeness said, "Sister Lili, you're a gardener. Your job is to maintain the flowers and plants in the garden. Delivering food is Uncle Li's job. Don't you think you already overstep the bound?'

After hearing this, Bai Li just took a glance at him and laughed, as if he just a bratty kid. She even gently said, "Everyone is living together, just like a family. Helping each other is a must. Xiao Yang, that way of thinking is so heartless. Moreover, Uncle Li already busy picking you up from school in the afternoon. I'm less busy and just trying to help everyone. How can you say such severe words like that?" She shyly moved her head sideway, exposing a beautiful side profile. Her face gradually blushed, "besides, delivering food for Big Brother Yun is my own request. Wu Ma originally didn't allow me to prepare the meal. She said Big brother always eat outside whenever he's late……of course I can't help but worried……"

"You don't need to." Yun Ke completely ignored the woman's shy and timid look. He said with a cold face, "If you constantly not busy, go to Du family old residence in Furong District. Maintain the greenhouse there. Also, later don't wear such clothes wandering around the house. It's not good for the child."

The blushing on Bai Li's face gone and she gradually pale up. She looks toward Yun Ke with bewilderment, her eyes moist up, "Big Brother Yun, you…you want to drive me out?"

"Simply transferring your post. Also, please pay attention when you're addressing me in the future Miss Bai Li, so outsiders not misunderstood." Then Yun Ke no longer looked at her and just grab Ye Zhizhou's hand, pulling him upstairs.

Just when Yun Ke finished his speech, a small flag suddenly flashes on top of Bai Li's head and rotating slowly.

What is that? Ye Zhizhou widely stared at that flag, looking it over and over. In his mind, he frantically called out the system.

[Congratulation Host, the probability of Yun Ke and protagonist fallen for each other already down to 50%. Once it reach 0%, the soul flag will disappear. Please continue your great effort.]

This is really…… an unexpected joy.

Ye Zhizhou couldn't help but pulled up the corner of his mouth, grinning.

"Turn your head, don't look at filthy thing." Yun Ke then stopped in front of the boy's room. He lifted up his finger toward the boy's forehead. His always cold gaze suddenly filled with warm, "Go back to your room and get a rest. Tomorrow is weekend, I'll allow you to wake a bit late."

When a cold and grim man suddenly became gentle, the destructive power is……truly lethal. In addition, that man also has a very good looking face. Ye Zhizhou couldn't stop his face turning red, that thing about the flag on protagonist head already gone from his mind. By impulse, he asked, "Brother Yun, my harmonica playing is good to hear, right?"

Yun Ke looked at his blushing face again and again, seeing those pretty eyes with seemingly hidden stars in it. There's a tingling sensation on the side of his finger making him instinctively rubbed them over. Although he got softhearted but he still honestly said, "Not good. Don't play around later. You must sleep early."

"……" Can't you make a small talk? Can't you!

Ye Zhizhou took back his hand which still being grabbed by Yun Ke. He fiercely glared at the man, and then stomped his feet heavily while going back to his room.

Bai Li who is chasing after them stopped at the stair's corner. She looked up and see the back figure of the tall man standing in front of Du Yang's room. Her body swayed and then she kneeled on the floor.

Filthy thing, Big brother Yun really see her this way?

How could it be……she buried her head in her hands, her eyes finally reveal a trace of genuine sadness. Obviously just two days ago, everything is still good. Big brother Yun still treated her gently, that damn fat kid also still scared of Big brother Yun and needed her comfort just so he could greet Big brother Yun. For this reason, Big brother even praised her good character……this is only two days!

How could this be, Big brother Yun was very nice……Right, Big brother Yun is very nice, so it definitely because of that fat kid!

She gradually stopped her tears. Her expression became gloomy. Her teeth tightly bite her lower lip, almost tear it.

Everything is all because that damn fat kid. It's only after he approached Big brother Yun that Big brother started to change. He must came between them to be a third wheel and tear them apart! He's afraid that after Big brother and she became together, they will drive that wretched kid out, right?

Dark, mean, and feeling down!

No, things can't keep going on like this.

She leaned on the stairs to get up, her expression slowly twisted. She must find a way to get rid of that damn fat kid. As long as he's gone, Big brother Yun won't keep misunderstand her like this……as long as he's gone……


Holding his anger while playing the harmonica, Ye Zhizhou then cover himself with the blanket and sleep till dawn.

At 8.00 in the morning, Uncle Wu, the former manager of the greenhouse at the Du family old residence, drove to Yun residence. Bai Li putted on her gentle mask and went over to greet him.

Ye Zhizhou was nibbling on the steamed buns, his squinted eyes are following their movement at far. He's communicating with the system inside his mind, "Heaven, what is the basis for the love parameter between Yun Ke and the protagonist? Give me a hint, ok."

[The system has already given all of his data.]

"……that data of yours are filled with loophole waiting to collapse and easy to trample, you're just going to forget about it?"

[Please believe the system.]

He ungracefully stuffed the whole buns into his mouth, vaguely said, "I tried to."

Although saying that, he still dug out all the data from the system after breakfast. He read it over and over, searching for any loophole that he might miss. He will crush any crucial point that may lead to the increasing in Yun Ke and protagonist feeling. He supported his chin and began to analyze.

From the data, if his body transmigration didn't occur, the first emotional bonding between Yun Ke and protagonist should be in the hospital. The second time is after the tea strategy. Then the feeling will accumulate slowly for a long time during trivial daily events. Until protagonist risks herself to save Yun Ke that it finally explodes……but from yesterday situation, Yun Ke simply didn't have any love interest toward the protagonist. It seems that the first development in the hospital completely didn't happen……also, the data mention that after the first development, the protagonist only feels grateful and worship toward Yun Ke. But in fact, the protagonist already tried to pursue Yun Ke directly……

In the original, even if his small transmigration didn't happen, isn't the plot already began to collapse? Unlikely, right……he pulled the corner of his mouth, carefully recalled the interaction between Yun Ke and protagonist for the past few days. He recalled it over and over finding a trouble.

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