These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy

Volume 1, Chapter 0 - My normal life had become abnormal

Volume 1, Chapter 0: My normal life had become abnormal already

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I, An Jun Cheng, am a boring person.

Correction, I am a normal person.

……..Alright, I admit it, I’m a boring, normal person.

I don’t have autism, not to mention difficulties in conversing, instead, I prefer to chat with people. But, since whenever I talk I’ll be a little bit…….direct, as well as having slightly boring conversation points as well, so usually after people talked to me once they wouldn’t bother me again afterwards. They probably must think that I’m a rather aloof person.

I think this was probably what they call being unpopular.

However, I also don’t want to actively strike up conversations either, and my natural personality was just like that, being in a hopelessly passive state always and someone who won’t actively chase anything at all, hence I’m often treated as air and being ignored, resulting in myself being alone in the end.

Also, I even feel that this doesn’t matter that much as well…….of course if there are any friends at all it’s not a bad thing, but not having any also doesn’t seem to be affecting me in any way……should I attribute it to my strong willpower, since I’m that kind of person who would be able to live on even if I’m alone by myself.

That’s right, even up to now I feel that it doesn’t matter if I’m alone by myself……

And so, please! Please let me stay alone by myself!

“Cheng Jun~ where are youu~ why must you hide from mee?”

The voice resounding from a distance made my entire body shudder in fear.

The tone carried a sense of delight, as innocent as a child’s, and she even pronounced my name opposite intentionally.

This voice’s belonged to one of my classmate, Ji Lian Bing.

Up until a few days ago we hadn’t even had any contact with each other at all…….not even speaking a word to each other before. Although we’re classmates from the same class, even if I was just sitting in front of her, being always lonesome by myself, and also someone who doesn’t actively befriend other people, hence we couldn’t even be considered to know about each other at all.

Of course, I at least do make it a point to remember all of my class’s classmate names. But to me who’s a rather obscure being, she’s like a completely different person from another world, so it’s impossible for us to develop any relations at all……

It should be that we wouldn’t have any sort of relations at all, right…….

“Cheng Jun~ hurry up and come outt~ I won’t do anything to youu~”

Like hell I’ll believe you!

Right now I’m hiding at the fourth floor of the science departmental building, at the left male washroom in the second to last cubicle, not even daring to exhale at all.

Occasionally, Ji Lian Bing’s shouting voice would float outside. Right now it’s 11 pm and the night self-revision session had already been over for nearly two hours. The school’s duty teacher had already locked the entrance gates, and right now there was probably only the two of us left in this entire block of building.

That’s right, just like what you’ve already seen, I’m hiding from her right now.

Ji Lian Bing definitely wasn’t any sort of ugly female at all, it’s the opposite, she’s solidly a real bishoujo.

An extremely high quality high school girl, she’s a school flower standard of bishoujo, an idol-like presence within the academy.

She’s that kind of third-year high schooler, the type who would receive a love confession every week.

A pity was that even up to now, the number of times she had been confessed to was the number of times she had rejected those people, which also means……there’s no one who could get close to her yet. Even though she looked easily approachable, there’s no one who could step any closer……..Ji Lian Bing seemed to be the kind who’s easy to make friends with, but she was extremely difficult to apprach if it was to develop into a couple’s relationship.

And this sort of girl is ‘chasing after’ me, I would be delightfully accepting it in the first place……..if it was the past me……..

It’s a pity that I couldn’t accept her at all……..yes, I won’t ever be able to accept her in my entire lifetime.

No, don’t get me wrong, it’s not because I have gynophobia. And even more, it’s not because I like men, it’s because……..Ji Lian Bing’s not a normal person.

You didn’t hear that wrong, she’s not a normal person!

“Cheng Jun~ you’re in here, right? I can already smell your ‘scent’, mm?”

Hearing that voice, my entire body shivered.

As the voice got closer and closer, I used one hand to cover my mouth, while the other clutched onto my heart area, trying my best to suppress the sounds of my breathing and my heartbeat, extremely terrified that she would discover that I’m hiding over here.

Ke-dang! The toilet’s first cubicle doors had been forced opened, as my heart violently contracted momentarily.

I can’t be discovered………please don’t be discovered!

“I, found, you, already.”

The voice was very close, she’s just outside!


Ka-chah, ka-chah ka-chah, ka-chah ka-chah ka-chah ka-chah ka-chah ka-chah ka-chah……..Pang.

The lock had been broken, what’s the matter with her! This wasn’t the strength that a female high schooler should have, right! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! If I’m discovered, I’ll definitely be killed by her! From the very beginning, we’re on completely different levels! If you were to use animals to compare us, she’s like a snake, and I’m like a little mouse that’s being preyed upon by her!

Jiiii yaaaaa…………

When the door was being opened, I hid behind the door, tightly sticking my body onto the wall, trying my absolute best to hide my body while holding my heart, I prayed that I’m just a mouse…….a frightened trembling mouse…… obscure unnoticed mouse………

“Ara? He’s actually not here……….”

Quickly go! I’m begging you to quickly go already!

One second, two seconds, three seconds……….ten seconds later, the footsteps finally rang out once again, she……..finally left?

But I still dared not to breath out forcefully, and dared not to make any sort of noise at all.

A few minutes later, blank silence enveloped the surroundings. There shouldn’t be any problems right now.

But I still mustn’t drop my guard, if she still hasn’t gone far, she’ll definitely turn back if she hears my footsteps!

I must gently………..gently walk in stealthy steps……….I’ve only just walked into the entrance of the washroom, and I was already getting pounced on!


So she hadn’t left after all. She only hid into the first cubicle of the toilet! And the footsteps from earlier were only a trick purposely made by her to fool me!

“You’re too careless~, Cheng Jun, did you actually think that I had really left? Hehee. In fact, I already knew that Cheng Jun was hiding in the third cubicle~, but I wanted to give you a surprise, so I acted like I couldn’t find you at alll~~”

What kind of surprise was that? It only consisted of a jumpscare and no part of it was delightful at all!

“Umm, my name is An Jun Cheng, can you not pronounce my name in reverse already?”

“Ara, I just love this point about Cheng Jun~ Even though you know what’s going to happen next, you’re still so calm~……huhu, I’ve really liked you more and more alreadyy, alright? Cheng Jun~”

Ah, that was just me acting it out, I’m really apologetic about that.

I’m really sorry, I acted to be so calm, but in reality my inner heart was already panicking to the point of almost dying.

It’s not that I purposely wanted to act calm, but my personality had always been like that. Because of my family’s circumstances, I’ve always percieved death rather lightly since I was young. Since people will eventually die one day, wouldn’t it still be death no matter when it happens? Many people have always talked like this, but those who could really accept death are very little among those few, and I belong to those very few persons.

At most, the worst case scenario would be death, right………I’m not afraid of death, not the least bit at all.

Mm? What? You’re asking me why I’m being so panicky right now?

Of course, that’s because………the situation right now is even more grim than death!!

“Aaaahhh, Cheng Jun, this is my lifetime request……..”

Ji Lian Bing clasped both of her hands in front of her breasts, like a saintess praying to god, equally innocuous and divine.

Through the moonlight, I could clearly see that pure white, clean face of hers, with exquisite facial features and her silky hair glistening out a feeling of refreshing vibrancy. Under the dull environment, it’s like a bright whiteness of dazzling shining glare. She then straddled onto my waist, with her youthful energetic scent assaulting my senses. Any kind of male would be unable to endure any longer and would just push her onto the ground……….

But I didn’t have any sort of breathtakingly stunned feeling at all, only the repeatedly attacking sense of terror, which made my body unable to move an inch at all.

I really want to close up my eyes and treat all of this as just a dream………but I’m afraid that if I close up my eyes, I’ll never be able to open them again, so I could only open my eyes wide and gaze directly at her.

Plus, the place I’m gazing at wasn’t her absolutely stunning facial features nor that lustfully curvaceous body she had………but, above her head.

There was something that normally shouldn’t exist on top of Ji Lian Bing’s head. There’s purplish colored texts being displayed.

And these strange texts, only I can see them.

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]

[Ji Lian Bing]

That’s her name, and………….title.

The text above the name should be something similar to a title, I’m not clear about what exactly it is, but anyway, I just call it as a ‘title’.

The effects that I’m seeing right now were like those online games displaying the player’s IGN and titles, hence I named this ability as ‘True Name Revelation’.

I’m also not really clear about how I obtained this kind of ability, as I’ve only just recently acquired it. I haven’t completely understood the reason for its appearance and effective usage either. I even suspected that there might be problems with my mental condition, causing me to see these strange texts.

Ji Lian Bing, a lovable bishoujo as her outer persona, no one would believe that her real self actually has a fetish for loving corpses and is a perverted homicidal maniac and so on, right.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this text for the first time as well, and thought that there was a problem with my brain within.

But the situation right now didn’t leave me the choice to disbelieve it any longer.

Because……..she had already chosen me as her target!

“I’m begging you! Please die!”

Straddling onto my body, Ji Lian Bing excitedly stretched both her hands out to caress my neck, and it was like I was being electrocuted, I instantaneously grasped her hands in response. Afterwards, she started to slowly increase her strength, while I used my elbows as support to forcefully push upwards, and after exerting my entire body’s strength I’ve finally made her reluctant palms move away from my neck.

Although the fingers of my hands were being tightly linked together with those of a bishoujo’s, I wasn’t the least bit delighted at all!

Really……….tired………’s really F——ing unbelievable, how could a girl be so strong!!

Shouldn’t my physical strength and brute force amongst the high schoolers be considered rather exceptionally good……..that scary stubbornness of hers could even make her unleash out this level of strength that truly exceeded a normal high school girl huh?

“Why……..why? Cheng Jun? Why did you, stop me?”

“………Cough………this, I think anyone who’s about to be strangled like this would retaliate no matter who it is……”

Uwa, this posture really isn’t good at all, I felt that my hands are about to cramp soon……….and that soft sensation from my waist also wasn’t a good thing as well!

Ji Lian Bing looked at me with cute, teary eyes, and said with a forlorn face: “That’s because I like you, and love you! Why do you…….not understand me?”

“You only like my corpse, right!!”

That’s right, you’ve probably realized it by now; Ji Lian Bing really is a homicidal maniac, and she’s a perverted homicidal maniac who also has a corpse loving fetish as well.

As for why she wouldn’t just use a knife to stab me to death directly, it’s because that would only destroy the aesthetic beauty of a corpse.

It looks like she did not want to leave any sort of wound onto my corpse, which was why she chose such a inefficient way like strangling me to death.

Actually at the start she wanted to poison me to death, but I’d seen through her ruse on-scene…….afterwhich things turned out to be like they are right now……..

“Cheng Jun……….I’ll love you properly, and will hug you everyday to sleep, I will everyday join my body with yours, I’ll continue loving you all the way till you only have bones left………so, please! Be with me forever!”

Ji Lian Bing’s cheeks were flooded with a red blushing color and had come close to my face while excitedly panting; I can smell her fragrance, it’s like rosemary, and made my consciousness slightly blurr.

“……….If……….the condition of it………wasn’t death at all……..then I think I’ll be very glad to accept it……….”

At the same time, her strength became greater and greater, and I felt my fingers about to break at any moment, while my arms were being pressed on till they were bent at over 90 degrees, with my teeth were gnashing ferociously. I’ve already exerted the most force I could muster, yet I’m still at a disadvantage.

What kind of sick joke is this……..I don’t want to just die off like this! Damn it……..

Suddenly, the resisting force from Ji Lian Bing disappeared, resulting in me overexerting my strength and lifting up my upper body. At the next moment, she let go of my left hand, used both her hands to grab mine, and pulled my body close to hers.

I completely didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t react at all, and when I’d regained my senses, before my eyes were………..panties.

It was a pure-white panties, and on it, had a cute little ribbon too. There wasn’t any strange smell from it at all.

“Aaaah……..Nnngh……..don’t move arounddd, Cheng Jun, it’ll end right away…….”

My breathing seemed to have made her a bit uncomfortable, which caused her to let out some embarrassing moans.

A rather wondrous sensation lingered at the edge of my cheeks and mouth, as my nose slid within that area which was sunken within………my head was stuck in her crotch, and as her right leg circled around my neck at a right-angle, her right leg’s ankle faced upwards and locked onto the inner portion of her left knee.

I remember that this seems to be called as a triangular strangulation, right………………..gyaaahhhhhhhh!


At just the next second that I’ve thought about it, that soft sensation that was surrounding my head instantly turned into a terrifying pressure!

Uuuuuuuuuu……….I can’t shake it off………..can’t breathe any more, my eyeballs started to naturally flip upwards…….


Past memories seemed to be collecting continously, as they replayed themselves within my mind…….

A normal and boring person like me……..Why must I be involved with this kind of dangerous stuff………

Even though I’ve perfectly acted as if I didn’t know anything at all…….

For a passive person like me, there’s no reason to be encountering these kind of situations at all……..or was it because I’m so passive, that things started to snowball uncontrollably………

Aaaahh, my peaceful life……….when did it start to derail out of its normal tracks, exactly?


An Jun Cheng (安君诚)= The MC’s name.

A pun onto this is that if his name is slightly reversed, to An Cheng Jun; it might sound like you’re addressing him politely.

Jun (君)” in chinese means ‘gentleman’, it’s the chinese word equivalent for ‘-kun’ in japanese.

It’s like calling the MC, “Cheng-kun” (诚-君)


Ji Lian Bing (姬恋冰)= The girl’s name.

The name itself hints onto the girl’s aloofness. It directly translates to “lady loved icyness”, which reflects onto her persona towards the rest of the school, except towards our MC.


Japanese terms = I think it’s intentional by the author, as some terms are japanese-worded into their chinese equivalent.


bishoujo = extremely beautiful girl in japanese

school flower = the most beautiful girl in a school.

gynophobia = fear of women

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