This Way of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong!

Chapter 191

Chapter 191 - Continuation 16 : I Do

Like he didn’t see the confusion in Shui Ruoshan's eyes, Yin Suye stood in front of Shui Ruoshan, then pulled Shui Ruoshan's hand under everyone’s gaze.

Although Shui Ruoshan didn't know what Yin Suye wanted to do, he didn't resist Yin Suye's actions and was quite cooperative. No matter what Yin Suye secretly intends to do this time, he only needs to know that Yin Suye will not do anything to hurt him! So, occasionally he is willing to spoil Yin Suye a little bit!

Yin Suye could sense the little guy's attitude towards him softening, and then thinking about what he is going to do, his eyes became gentler. Yin Suye took Shui Ruoshan's hand and walked forward a few steps. After that, he gently glanced around the crowd. Upon seeing that everyone is focusing on him and Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye slowly announced the matter he had planned earlier.

"Today, we celebrate not only the enthronement of your demon Supreme King, but also to celebrate your demon Supreme King and I becoming life partners!" Yin Suye raised Shui Ruoshan’s hand and then lowered his(YSY) head to place a soft kiss on the back of his(SRS) hand.

Ever since Yin Suye confirmed his feelings with the little guy a long time ago, he always wanted to find an opportunity to announce his relationship with Shui Ruoshan to the people of the world. This way, he could put his mark permanently on Shui Ruoshan, and no one will dare to have any intentions towards his beloved. The world will know that Shui Ruoshan is his! And he(SRS) can only belong to him! It's just that he hasn't been able to find a suitable opportunity to announce this matter before this. He doesn't want to let the little guy to be aggrieved; hence he must find a high-profile chance so that the little guy can receive everyone's blessing. And this time the little guy's enthronement ceremony is undoubtedly a good time, that’s why Yin Suye will choose to announce his relationship with Shui Ruoshan directly at the ceremony. This is also the reason why he is willing to take over the preparation for the celebration and make the celebration as grand as possible.

Shui Ruoshan blushed when Yin Suye said they were going to be partners, and became redder when Yin Suye kissed the back of his hand. Although Yin Suye often took advantage of him; using various way to ‘eat his tofu’ (mo*lest him), that basically happened when they were alone together. But now Yin Suye did it in front of so many people, giving him a kiss. Although it was just a kiss the back of his hand, Shui Ruoshan, who was always thin-skinned, immediately got embarrassed. Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to look at everyone’s reaction at the moment, he just silently bowed his head, getting embarrassed alone!

Everyone obviously didn’t think that their demon Supreme King is thin-skinned. After hearing that their demon Supreme King is going to be life partners with the human Supreme King, they immediately cheered warmly and sent their sincere blessing. Although the demons and humans were not at good terms, the relationship between two sides has slowly reconciled in recent years.

Before the celebration, Yan Ruya had already considered various situations. She sent out some people in advance to analyze the pros and cons from the announcement, then made some necessary guidance to some demons, so that the citizens could fully accept the situation of the Supreme Kings being life partners.

In the demons’ thoughts, since the human Supreme King held this ceremony in the demon realm with their demon Supreme King, it was evident that he(YSY) is ‘marrying’ into their demon realm. Although they were somewhat dissatisfied with someone from another race coming to seduce their demon Supreme King away, what more a male, but considering that this other race is a Supreme King who has the same status as their demon Supreme King, the demons instantly became psychologically balanced (calm) again. After all, it is their demon Supreme King who managed to subdue the human Supreme King.

Thinking about it this way, they instantly felt proud; naturally, they won’t oppose to them being life partners. In fact, the demons also know that it’s useless if they are really against the decision. Moreover, the opposition might turn counter-productive instead. Their Supreme King already does not have a great sense of belonging in the demon realm, doing that will push their Supreme King to the human Supreme King.

They won’t be that stupid!

Therefore, they must support their demon Supreme King ‘marrying’ the human Supreme King!

娶 - female marrying into male family

Unfortunately, when the demons finally realized later on that their demon Supreme King was the one gotten eaten up, they immediately regretted their decision!

How could they be so easily deceived by the cunning Supreme King!

They didn't protect His Majesty's dignity!

They are guilty towards His Majesty!


Back to this side, Shui Ruoshan watched the miraculous scene where everyone is very supportive of him being partners with Yin Suye. He could not help but cast his suspicion on Yin Suye who was standing beside him and watching him intently with passion. No need to guess, Shui Ruoshan knows that for this matter to proceed so smoothly, Yin Suye must have exerted a lot of energy!

It's just that he didn't know how Yin Suye manages to do all this without him knowing.

"From now on, both of us only belong to each other, do you accept?" Yin Suye's focused gaze reflected only Shui Ruoshan's figure alone.

"I do!"

Just by hearing Yin Suye's low voice full of feelings, Shui Ruoshan already felt a little overwhelmed, not to mention Yeye used that extremely loving gaze at him, which made him(YSY) even more irresistible. Hence, Shui Ruoshan revealed his thoughts right away, not bothering with what Yin Suye had secretly done before.

But after replying, Shui Ruoshan blushed again. Actually, ever since he met Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan is destined to be unable to escape from the fate named Yin Suye, although he never thought of escaping at all! He was very touched by Yin Suye's feeling to him, but the moment he remember that Yin Suye has changed his good old enthronement ceremony to an engagement ceremony, he felt a bit drunk!

No, the ceremony has now become a wedding ceremony!

Shui Ruoshan only managed to come to his senses at this moment. No wonder Yin Suye's action felt off at the beginning of the enthronement ceremony, and he was wearing a similar style like a couple's outfit. It turns out that everything is waiting for him here! This trap is sure deep! And looking at everyone’s expressions, it doesn’t seem like they were caught off guard or anything, which means that everyone except him is aware that Yin Suye will announce his partner here? Everyone cooperated to hide this matter from him!

Thinking this way, Shui Ruoshan angrily rolled his eyes at Yin Suye. The meaning inside was obvious - ‘Wait until we go back and I’ll settle the account with you!’

It's just that Shui Ruoshan couldn’t imagine how cute and tempting was his action of rolling his eyes to Yin Suye. If not because it's not the right time at the moment, Yin Suye will definitely catch him in his arms and rub him all over. However, Yin Suye has never been someone who will let himself be aggrieved. Since he wants to hold Shui Ruoshan in his arms, he will do it. He stepped forward and embraced the person in his arms. After that, not minding how people would view his actions, he threw out a sentence "Ceremony is done, everyone can start the celebration", then he carried Shui Ruoshan and disappeared from the altar. Obviously, Yin Suye is planning to carry Shui Ruoshan back to his residence. After all, the celebration is done, it should be time for him to receive his welfare, especially the little guy in his family has just seduced him unconsciously. So he has to go back and put the little guy in his place!


Shui Ruoshan, who was held in Yin Suye’s arms, didn’t know that Yin Suye’s thought was that dirty. He just silently looked at Yin Suye.

As the main characters of the celebration, the two of them just abandoned everyone and walked away?

Isn’t this a bit too irresponsible?

Plus, they made the celebration so grand, only to have it ended like that, isn’t it a bit too anticlimatic?

It's a pity that no matter how dissatisfied Shui Ruoshan was with Yin Suye's behaviour, he can't change what was done, so he can only speechlessly let Yin Suye take him back to the palace...


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