Thriller Paradise

Chapter 23 First Multiplayer Scenario 7

Chapter 23 First Multiplayer Scenario 7

There was no power supply inside the police station, so the place was dark but not to the point where Feng Bujue could not even see his fingers. The source of light came from the moonlight that filtered through the windows that were facing the street. Some of the areas in the station were better lit than others, which meant that Feng Bujue could see the general location of certain larger objects to prevent him from knocking into stuff. For the most part, however, the place was shrouded in darkness.

Feng Bujue ran down the corridor after he jumped through the hole. This was to prevent himself from being ambushed should the zombie suddenly decide to turn back into the station. The other reason was because this stretch was relatively bright since the light shone in through the hole in the wall.

The first floor was large, but due to the lack of lighting, Feng Bujue could not find the way leading up to the second floor at first glance. He searched through the dark and opened any doors and drawers that he could find. Unfortunately, he did not turn up anything useful.

Due to the limitation of his sight, his other senses became more sensitive. Soon, he smelled a stench in the air. It was a thick stench of blood.

He followed the smell to a darkened corner. Feeling around with his fingers, he found that the wall was sticky. He moved his hands downward and soon felt something. It felt like… bones? Decayed meat?

"Hmm… So, the head was pulled off…" Feng Bujue was touching a dead body, but there was nothing above the body's neck. What Feng Bujue was touching was the spine that was exposed to the air.

"I thought the whole city would be completely deserted, with no trace of human beings… but there is a dead body here. So, there must be something interesting about this police station," Feng Bujue said to himself. The encounter with the dead body did not scare him. Instead, Feng Bujue continued to feel with his hands calmly. Of course, he was not trying to ascertain the body's gender; rather, he was trying to discern the victim's occupation from the outfit.

Feng Bujue soon felt the badge on the lapel and realized that the body was covered in a police officer's uniform. He instantly started searching the body further. Several seconds later, Feng Bujue felt a gun holster, but unfortunately, it was empty. He trailed down the body's arm and found a gun held within the right hand.


Item Name: M1911A1 Pistol

Item Type: Weapon

Quality: Normal

Offense Points: Medium

Element: None

Special Effects: None

Equip Requirement: Marksmanship F or Workmanship F

Remark: This is not a movie so remember these three things. One, turn the safety off before firing; two, be mindful of the recoil; three, don't forget to load the bullets.


Feng Bujue dropped the gun into his backpack and continued the search. He was overjoyed when he found a flashlight around the body's waist. He tried to flick it on, but there was no light. He touched all over it and only then realized that the glass on the flashlight had already been shattered.

Feng Bujue sighed. Compared to the pistol, he wished more for the flashlight to work because the dead body was the biggest hint that the pistol would not work against the zombie. Since he already had the pistol in his hand, why would his head be snapped?

If he had the flashlight, it would increase his speed of exploration in the dark. However, since that did not happen, he needed to continue rummaging through the darkness. In the end, he found a ring of keys from the dead body's pocket and did not find anything else useful.

Considering the time constraint, Feng Bujue had no choice but to quickly return. Even though the pistol could not kill the zombie, having one was better than nothing. After all, it was a ranged weapon. The dead officer might not be able to kill the zombie alone, but with Feng Bujue joining the battle, there would be three of them, with a shield, a knife, and a gun. With cooperation, there was still a chance for them to take down the zombie.

Outside the police station, Long Aomin could not hold on any longer. Even though he was good at fighting and managed to block each of the zombie's attacks with his shield, in those three minutes, his Life Points had dropped down from full to sixty-four percent. Even with the shield, the zombie's attack power was too high.

Long Aomin fought as he slowly retreated. He was hit, but even so, it was through the defense of the shield. The problem was that Ultron's Fragment's reflex effect only had additional defense against long-ranged or laser-type attacks. For this type of close-quarter attacks, there was no additional defensive effect. When it met the zombie's claws, the shield could prevent Long Aomin's physical body from being torn open, and it could deflect part of the offense, but the rest of the attack had to be suffered by Long Aomin's Life Points.

The zombie's intelligence was low; it only knew how to wave its claws about and did not know how to aim at weak points like legs or elbows. Plus, its attack pattern was simplistic. This was something that they should be thankful for, or else all five of them would already be dead. Furthermore, the zombie was relentless in the sense that it would not change target until its current target was dead. No matter how much Wang Tanzhi harassed it, the most it did was wave the man away after being injured, and sometimes, it even ignored him. This made Wang Tanzhi's courage grow, and he dared to attack even though there were some risks. Of course, his attack was weak. Using the fruit knife to attack the monster… it was pretty good that the knife did not break.

Long Aomin also made use of those openings and managed to land a few hits on the zombie with the wrench, but only once did it land on the head. Even though the effect was better than Wang Tanzhi's knife, Long Aomin had less chance to attack compared to Wang Tanzhi because, most of the time, Long Aomin could only retreat and defend.

Earlier, when Feng Bujue handed the wrench over to Long Aomin, his first consideration had not been whether the man would scam his equipment but instead it was… Long Aomin had the physique to hit the zombie's head. Both Wang Tanzhi and Feng Bujue were only 180 centimeters tall; if they wanted to hit the zombie's head with the short wrench, they would have to jump up to do so.

Even so, it was not easy for Long Aomin. He could have sacrificed his Life Points to attack the zombie, but since Feng Bujue had said that he would return as soon as possible, Long Aomin had chosen to believe him and drag this out as long as he could.


The gunshot announced Feng Bujue's return. Everyone there sighed in relief, as if once the man returned, there would be a solution. All of them seemed to have forgotten that Feng Bujue was only a level five player…

When he pulled the trigger, Feng Bujue had unlocked another mastery, the third mastery that he had unlocked after joining the scenario. This went to show the distinction of Team Survival Mode. There were more needs for combat, and the addition of other gaming elements widely expanded the scale of the scenario. There was an extremely high chance for growth, especially for low level players. A round in Team Survival Mode, whether the scenario was cleared or not, would result in some form of reward.

By then, Feng Bujue had already obtained level F mastery in general ability, workmanship, sleuthing, fighting, and marksmanship; the only mastery that he had not unlocked was medic.

The zombie roared at the sky. The gunshot had clearly injured it because it turned its head around and changed its target.

Feng Bujue aimed at the zombie's back. Before he took the shot, he had prepared as much as he could. He held the gun in both hands and made sure his sight was on the same level as the barrel. He knew that he was not a Special Ops agent in real life, so he abandoned the thought of attempting a headshot. If he made that shot, then he would be Robin Hood. Therefore, he chose to aim the zombie's back; the space was bigger and easier for him to hit.

After all, this was a game. The system had a degree of aim correction on these types of technical weapons to prevent the players from having difficulty when using them. Therefore, Feng Bujue's first shot successfully landed on the right side of the zombie's lower back.

After firing the shot, Feng Bujue understood the second reminder in the item's remark. Shooting was definitely not something doable by any citizen who had not received sufficient training. For example, if no one told you that you had to tighten your grasp when you fired the famous Desert's Eagle and that it was best to straighten your elbow so most of the recoil gathered at the shoulder, perhaps, after firing the first shot, your own wrists would be twisted. In gangster movies, the gang members often raised their guns over their eye level to aim at the opponent's head. That might look cool, but in reality, this action could cause the bullet casing to land on the shooter's eyes.

The recoil of Feng Bujue's M1911A1 was not small. After firing the shot, his arms felt numb. Thankfully, his stance was not that far off from the optimum, and his wrists were not that weak. With the experience from firing that first bullet, the rest became easier. He had a better grasp of the distance, his accuracy, and success rate. But facing the zombie that charged at him, he chose to turn back and retreat without hesitation.

As the zombie turned, it gave Long Aomin the perfect opening. He had been battling the zombie for so long, so he had already realized that the monster would not change his target for no reason. Since it had started to chase after Feng Bujue, before he landed an attack, the monster would not go after him.

The anger bubbling inside Long Aomin exploded. He leaped into the air, raised the wrench, and smacked it heavily on the back of the zombie's skill. A dull thud echoed through the air; it was the sound of steel making contact with flesh and bones. A big chunk was taken out of the zombie's head, and it formed a ghastly wound.

But that did not stop the monster. If anything, it seemed to have angered it. It suddenly picked up speed as it turned around to lash out at Long Aomin. This counter happened too sudden for Long Aomin to use his shield. He was hit on his waist, and that sent him flying. His throat felt raw, and the next second, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Long Aomin was sent rolling for about ten meters, and his Life Points instantly dropped down to twelve percent. He had trouble standing up. The only lucky thing was, due to the close distance earlier, the zombie's claw did not touch his body. When it attacked, the part of it that had wounded Long Aomin was its elbow, so there was no claw marks on Long Aomin, or else he would suffering from the bleeding status effect.

The zombie used its hands to cover the open wound on the back of its head, and it screeched repeatedly. Several seconds later, it released the howl a predator used to scare its prey while glaring at Long Aomin. The hit from the wrench had dealt some serious damage, and it threatened this mini boss.

When Ms. Saddest and Mr. Loneliest saw Brother Long crumble to the ground, they quickly rushed forward to pick him up and drag him as far away from the zombie as possible. The zombie naturally would not let them escape; it immediately charged at the slowly moving group of three.

Then, something no one expected happened. A shadow flashed across like lightning as it moved to stand behind the zombie. Using his arms to grab the zombie's shoulder, he used that as leverage and leaped above the zombie. With a pull of his knees, he landed in a kneeling pose on the zombie's shoulders.

Wang Tanzhi aimed to shock. Before the monster could even react, he stuck his knife right into the wound that had been created by Brother Long earlier. The knife pierced through the skull, and he started to rotate the knife inside the zombie's head madly.

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