Thriller Paradise

Chapter 410 - The Narration Is Surprisingly…

Chapter 410: The Narration Is Surprisingly…

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Feng Bujue did not stay too long in the building he arrived in because the system had already hinted clearly that even though there was an introductory cinematic, there was no side or hidden quest or special worldview to unlock, so he did not need to conduct a deeper investigation in that area. He was a seed player who would give others three points if he ended up as a target, so Brother Jue decided to keep a low profile. He would try to avoid conflict as much as he could. After all, he had other responsibilities.

“The more I think about this, the more unsettling it is,” Feng Bujue mumbled to himself as he walked out the building. “The quality and quantity of the wandering monsters in this city have increased compared to last time I was here. But the key is the mention of the Four Pillars of Divinity in the cinematic. That was definitely not a good sign.” His worry was not unfounded because in the Battle of the Toys, the Prophet also knew that Feng Bujue knew how Billy and the gang had escaped, so that meant it was no longer a secret.

But what confused Feng Bujue was that after he helped Billy, Aldan, and Ravid escape from the prison, he had killed the warden Faust. Theoretically speaking, no one should have known that he had anything to do with the prison break. But what’s done is done. He had to consider his involvement in all situations.

First was the Master of Time. Feng Bujue had helped this Divinity before. To be more precise, it was Master of Time who had saved Feng Bujue’s group back then. He had helped Feng Bujue arrest Sam Montier. But then Feng Bujue had repaid the Master of Time by betraying him with the prison break and killing his prison warden. In conclusion, Brother Jue doubted that he was in the divine’s good book.

Then, regarding the Court of Truth… Feng Bujue believed he was definitely not going to be a popular friend of the system of justice, who had charged people with the sin of ‘spreading chaos.’ If he were a creature from this universe and not a human being, he would have been locked up for five thousand years already. The Court of Truth hated him, and there was no changing that.

Just from their names, the other two remaining forces sounded like the bad guys. Of course, that didn’t matter to Brother Jue. He too was viewed as a bad guy by the public already, so it did not feel that incongruous for him to side with the evil forces. But that seemed easier said than done.

First, even though Brother Jue had not seen the Leader of Demons himself, he had met quite a number of his underlings. Basically, the language of the creature from the chaotic lands is brute force. Even if you wanted to communicate with him, no matter how friendly you were, you would be met with an angry roar. They would refer to themselves in the third person and would charge forward with a Hulk Smash!

Therefore, Feng Bujue didn’t have much of a choice. If he wanted to borrow an NPC’s force to help him in this scenario, his only hope would be the people from the land of the dead. Even though Feng Bujue was not familiar with them, at least they had not crossed swords before. Thus, he had a good chance of earning their trust and interacting with them.

“Hue…this is something else,” Feng Bujue said as he reached the door and looked out. The buildings and public amenities in the city, including the cars by the roadside, were covered in a layer of meat-like substance. There were large cracks on the ground and crumbling slopes, and wiry muscles that looked like vines grew everywhere. Other places poking through obsidian crystals were as large as a small hill.

The smell outside was no better than inside. In fact, it took on a different layer. There was a constant horrible smell inside the building, but outside the building, the smell was varied and complicated. You could be standing at a junction, and depending on where you were facing, the whiff of the air would be different—sulfur, swamp gas, natural gas, blood, or excrement.

“Hmm…If I had arrived here on a lower level, just standing here would probably deplete my Life Points,” Feng Bujue said. “Ah…now I kinda miss that Goblin Mask.” But since he was outdoors, the smell was not as intense or as cooped up as when he was inside. At least Feng Bujue did not need to hold his hand over his nose anymore. “Hmm… Where shall I go?” Feng Bujue looked left and right. He was thinking, when suddenly…

“In the lost city, fateful fights are unavoidable. The growl of a demon monster belied a wave of malice, and it is hard to cover.”

This narration echoed in Brother Jue’s ears. Other viewers who were following Feng Bujue heard it as well. Yes, the narration for this final round was similar to the one when Feng Bujue fought Flashes of Sword in the Pi Li world. Whenever there was a battle, there would be a corresponding narration, and the viewers even had the chance to see the subtitles.

“Hah?” Feng Bujue was startled. “So this works even when I am out of the Pi Li world?” After his duel with Flashes of Swords, he had not entered a Pi Li show-inspired scenario again. He had not encountered similar narrations in other scenarios until then. “Hmm… since the narration has said so, it means that the thing that it describes is ‘ongoing.'” Feng Bujue reacted fast and took a defensive stance. Indeed, three nearby monsters had taken notice of Brother Jue, and they were on the rooftop of the building behind him.

The narration represented the advent of a battle. Even though this was not a battle between players, the system would still show it. Therefore, before leaving the battle, Brother Jue’s action would continue to be broadcasted and narrated.

At that moment, the three monsters moved!

“Rha…” Following a strange guttural growl, three monsters jumped down at once. Feng Bujue scoffed and leaped into the air. He was not afraid of the height advantage his opponent had, and he did not think these three monsters would be that strong. He just wanted to end the battle as fast as he could. In midair, using the blurry moonlight, Brother Jue got a better view of the three monsters. The first looked like a child with small limbs, but there was a giant pincher that grew out of its ribs. It was glowing with a metallic glint. The second looked like a net. Its body was the size of a door, and the middle was hollowed out. Part of its body extended into a large saw, which should be its weapon. The third had the appearance of a bug but with uneven bodily proportions. One side had legs and the other had wings. The side with wings had a narrow antenna that grew out, sharp as a scythe.

What kind of monsters are these? Feng Bujue thought. They look so uncanny that I can’t even tell where their weak spots are.

“Feng Bujue used thirty percent of his power to face his enemy.

“The three monsters worked together to surround their target. The scythe slashes at the right arm. The saw cuts toward the shoulder blade. The pinchers aim at the eyes.”

At this point of narration, Brother Jue was within distance of the three monsters. He did not hold back and greeted them with a skill.


Name: Jaō Ensatsu Rengoku Shō

Skill Card Property: Active, Permanent

Skill Type: Sorcery

Effect: Unleash a series of punches that is covered in fire

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Exhaust: 200 Stamina Points, 50 Sorcery Points

Learning Requirement: Fighting C, Sorcery C

Remark: One of the skills of Kiei


The skill had a short cooldown and a very economical exhaust. In terms of damage, even though it was weaker than Flying Dragon Fist, it could damage spiritual entities. As a rather useful skill, Feng Bujue purchased it from Thriller Box.

“Silence preceded the raging storm. With a roar, the battle started!

“Feng Bujue channeled his breath. He straightened both of his fists and they turned instantly into hails of punches.

“The fist wreathed in fire, and the fire singed with spiritual power.

“Even though there were three of the enemies, before the great strength of their enemy, their struggle seemed pointless.”

When Feng Bujue heard that, his heart calmed down. At that moment, his flaming fists landed on all three monsters.

“But, as cornered as the beasts were, how could they surrender so easily?”

“What the f*ck!” Feng Bujue had a feeling that he was toyed by the narration and his relaxed nerves tautened again. The monsters did not die from one skill, but they did stop moving from the damage and howled in pain. Then, they recollected themselves, and their weapons all took on a layer of strange energy, increasing their attack range.

“A final move with everything poured into it. The danger climaxed! Feng Bujue saw the opening he needed. He turned his body swiftly around, kicking underneath him. And what did he do? Wow! He jumped to the side away from the monsters’ attack. In that moment, the focus was channelled in his brilliant eyes. He gathered 80 percent of his internal energy and followed it up with another haunting attack!”

What I did was just slide to the side with Geppo and used Rankyaku. Brother Jue was mumbling to himself. It is not as impressive the narration made it out to be. Sounds like I’ve used some kind of ultimate when that did not even happen.

“An azure arc howled in the wind, and those who saw it grew pale!

“The three monsters, who were almost dead from Jaō Ensatsu Rengoku Shō, finally ceased to exist.

“The spirit of the battle died down. With just two skills from Feng Bujue, the three monsters’ lives fell like meteors blinking out in the night sky.”

Five seconds after this narration, the system switched the focus to somewhere else because the battle here was already over.

After Feng Bujue landed on the ground, he laughed dryly. “The narration is still as exaggerated as I can remember. With this kind of narration, even a fight at the playground can be an epic showdown. Two children pulling at each other can be described as ‘the wind from the slap vibrated the molecules in the air, the energy around the two gladiators tensed with the anticipation of a deadly match,’ or something like that.”

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