Throne of Magical Arcana

Chapter 815 - Get the Situation Under Control

Chapter 815: Get the Situation Under Control

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In the City in the Sky…

A senior-rank sorcerer shot out Dissociation crazily, making the common and middle-rank sorcerers as grim as the dead. Desperation was spreading out.

Suddenly, a mist fell and imprisoned the senior-rank sorcerer, covering and dissolving “Dissociation”. Then, a deep and dark ray pierced out of the mist and hit the senior-rank sorcerer.

Immediately, his magic effects were gone, and he could no longer cast any spell. Even though he was despising other people in arrogance, he was briefly stunned. After all, magic was already his instinct!

That was the reaction that most sorcerers had after they were hit by Antimagic Ray.

At this moment, spells came from all directions, completely taming the senior-rank sorcerer in neat cooperation.

The order that Brook gave the sorcerers of the Punishment Department was that they should try to control and seal the targets if their safety could be guaranteed, but if they felt it was dangerous based on their abundant battle experience, they could execute the targets without fearing investigations or penalties in the future.

It was not until the crazy sorcerer up ahead was shackled that the middle-rank and low-rank sorcerers who were desperate and anguished finally woke up from the nightmare. They saw people walking out of the white mist. The badge of black staff on the strangers’ chests suggested that they worked for the Punishment Department. The young man leading them smiled at the sorcerers who hadn’t entirely recovered from their shock yet and said, “Don’t worry. Few people are corrupted, and we have basically cleared them. However, you’d better not run about on the street, in case my subordinates accidentally hurt you.”

Hearing the reliable, comforting voice, the middle-rank and low-rank sorcerers around were finally relieved. They looked ahead, only to discover that the fire in the burning magic tower had been extinguished. Although smoke was still popping up, the explosions and cries were dying down.

After the young man left, a low-rank sorcerer finally confirmed with other people. “Is he Mr. Jurisian?”

“Yes, that’s him. It seems that the corrupted have indeed been curbed!” The middle-rank sorcerer next to him heaved a long sigh.

Jurisian was a weirdo among sorcerers for choosing to join the Affair Committee instead of the Arcana Review Board after he won the highest honors including the Silver Moon Medal. However, it was for the same reason that he was one of the most powerful and influential persons in the Affair Committee. His intelligence couldn’t have been false.

The low-rank sorcerer who asked at the beginning was obviously relieved. “That’s only natural. Except for the legends who are watching over the major branches, all the legends have returned. The corrupted cannot cause much harm.”

He did not believe that legendary sorcerers could be affected.

The middle-rank sorcerer who answered his question nodded, but then he remembered something and pointed at the sky with a bitter smile. “What we have here is just some minor trouble. The real danger is out there.

“If Mr. President cannot stop Viken, we…”

For a moment, the atmosphere, which had been getting better, became quiet and depressing again. All the sorcerers on the spot raised their heads and looked at the battle in the sky, where the fate of the whole world would be decided, but there was nothing they could do about it.

It was cruel yet undeniable that several people could decide the future of the majority. The differences in capabilities were too obvious. This was not arcana, where a certain genius might be able to “defeat” a legend because of certain inspirations. Even someone as talented as Mr. Evans spent more than ten years practicing before he finally caught up to the few guys in the sky.

As the chaos was settled, more and more sorcerers in the City in the Sky paid attention to the battle in the sky. Heidi, Annick, Samantha, Felipe, Ataman… There was no exception.

Only Oliver, Hand of Annihilation, and Bergner, the Prophet, were teleporting themselves to the thirty-fourth floor of the Allyn magic tower, ready to assist Brook to deal with the devilized Melmax.

It was not because they did not trust Brook. Even if he were to duel with Melmax’s original self, Brook wouldn’t be on the losing side. Right now, Melmax arrived as a projection in a body, and he could only briefly carry out the top legendary capabilities, so it wouldn’t be too hard for Brook to defeat him with the help of Allyn’s defense.

The only thing that was tricky was that the battle had to be finished quickly or transferred to a demiplane, in case great losses were caused to Allyn. Although the city was well-defended, it might not be able to take an explosion that burst out from within.


Inside the third generic school…

Shivering, Ali and his classmates hid in the classroom while they watched a devil, whose body had turned enormous, chasing after the teachers and janitors who were organized to defend the school. Some of them were sorcerers or magic apprentices, some were retired soldiers, and some were knight teachers who taught fighting and knight’s code of conduct. Although they were not of high levels, they were still able to resist the enemy for a while.

Looking at the twisted face and the burning eyes on the devil, Ali felt fear from the bottom of his heart. What’s going on? How is this happening?

Terrorized, he couldn’t have admired the teachers who protected them with magic or blood power more. That was the “essential ability” after all the fancy exteriors were gone, like the knowledge he had picked up.

Scary roars echoed in the school building nonstop, building up the tension in the atmosphere. The whole classroom was like a warehouse full of alchemical dynamites that were waiting for a tiny spark to blow up.


A huge noise of collision came over. Stunned, Ali saw that the devil, which was getting stronger and stronger and suppressing his teachers, fell on the ground and cramped before it split apart.

“What attack was that?”

“Have the knights come to our aid?”

In their exclamations, Ali saw that a team of fully-armored knights came from far away on an aircraft, and the golden-haired man standing in the lead of the massive aircraft was holding a thick rifle in his head. Obvious electric arcs were still dancing out of the barrel.

“Dear students, I am John Wesley, captain of the Sword of Truth’s Knights. There’s no need to panic. The situation is already under control. We will take over the defense in this area and clear the rest who are corrupted. Please don’t panic and don’t run amok.”

John’s voice was shivering as he spoke. It could not be helped. In order to stabilize the situation and everybody’s mind to stop the negative feelings from gathering, he made use of the senior-rank electromagnetic gun just now. As a result, he could barely control his body at this moment.

However, even his shivering voice sounded like “hymn” for Ali and the other students. Many of them were crying; their fear and hate flowing out with their tears.

Ali collapsed against the wall. It was too dangerous just now. A dead body was lying in his classroom! If it were a music class or one on noble etiquette today, instead of a magic-related class where the teacher killed the corrupted student as soon as possible, there might have been dire consequences.

Noble etiquette, noble… He suddenly remembered Jane and grew nervous. How was the Mills School? Was Jane alright?

The more he thought, the more worried he was. Although he knew that the Mills School was much better defended than his school, he still could not stop himself from worrying.

It’s dangerous to run out. It’s dangerous on the street… Hesitating and struggling, Ali suddenly stood up and was about to run to the Mills School.

Suddenly, a shadow jumped before him and stopped him with a sword. “Where are you going?”

Obviously, he had been treated as a corrupted.

Looking at the knight before him, Ali decided to confess the truth after hesitating for a moment. “Mr. Knight, I have a friend in the Mills School. I want to confirm her safety.”

The knight frowned. “Those who were corrupted in the Mills School had been cleared out. Since none of the teachers were weak, no innocent people were hurt.”

Ali almost collapsed again after hearing that, feeling fortunate after the disaster. He never believed that a kind girl like Jane would be corrupted anyway.

At this moment, John went into the office and turned on the loudspeaker.

“Dear friends, this is ‘Arcana Voice’. I will broadcast to you the updates in Allyn, Rentato, and other places…” “Nightingale” Louise was given the important task of calming everybody down.

“… Mr. Raventi is watching over the Holm Royal Magic Tower, and Mr. Morris is going to the Nekso Palace to activate the defense circle and help the queen…

“… The report of the Mills School is provided by Jane, an intern at our radio station. She would like to tell all her friends that she is safe and there is no need to worry about her. Also, she would like her friends to call XXXXXX…”

Ali was completely relaxed now. He turned his eyes at the sky and looked at the battle scene that was beyond his imagination while praying silently in his heart, Great God of Truth, Emperor of Arcana, and Atom Controller, please help us make things better…

Similar prayers and hope were everywhere in Rentato City.


Inside the primeval hell…

The lost souls and the streaks of light in different colors joined into the bodies of Arrogance, Greed, and Hypocrisy, making them larger, taller, and more and more concrete.

“You are dead for sure!” Abhorrence grinned hideously at Lucien.

Lucien, who was considering what had happened, suddenly raised his head. His deep and bottomless eyes made the cranky devil shut its mouth.

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