Throne of Magical Arcana

Chapter 838 - The Strange Lightning

Chapter 838: The Strange Lightning

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The experiment magic tower was silver-white, and its architectural style was not really in accordance with the overall atmosphere in Heidler Magic College.

It wasn’t far away from the main tower and was connected to the main tower by eight gray bridges. Students wearing black magic robes were walking on the bridges.

Following Glinton, Donnie and the rest of the students had come to a big lab that occupied the entire floor.

“There’re many fascinating experiments in electromagnetics, say, those showing electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic waves. I did one with my elder brother, and we were above the ocean beyond the Pearl Islands…” Karl shared his experience with Donnie, and his eyes were shining with passion.

However, Donnie was on full alert. “How was it?”

He did not care what Karl did, but what consequence that caused.

“It was perfect! Even more perfect than we expected!” Karl slightly lifted his chin out of pride.

“What else did you get? What was the consequence?” asked Donnie in great caution.

Karl chuckled dryly. “There was no consequence. Our experiment even created a new research field for arcanists in electromagnetics, to conduct lightning high above in the sky using electromagnetic waves, which can greatly improve the power of many senior-rank electromagnetic spells…”

“Really?” Donnie was very surprised. As a good student from Nature’s Heart, he was quite familiar with this field.

“Of course!” Karl answered in a bit of a rush, as he disliked the suspicion. “We conducted countless flashes of lightning, like a forest of lightning. A couple of deserted islands nearby were also on fire…”

He suddenly stopped himself here and smiled with embarrassment. “My father said that there’s theoretical support, but you’d better use the…”

Donnie completely ignored the rest of the words. Instead, he murmured, “Lightning forest… Islands on fire…”

He had decided to stay away from Karl as far away as he could. Obviously, Karl’s experiment just strayed away so much from his original intention—an experiment for testing electromagnetic wave communication.

Glinton said to them seriously, “If you want to learn about electromagnetism, electromagnetic induction is something you can never avoid. Today, I’ll show you a few small experiments on this so that you all can see it with your own eyes.

“But I have to remind you that a magic lab does have very strict rules. Failing to obey them will lead to bad consequences, for yourself and also for other people. And you’ll be punished. I won’t repeat myself here on what the rules are as they should have become a part of your soul since grade five.”

He turned around, and his eyes were shining with a red light. Then two red rays shot out from his eyes and hit the gate of the lab. The gate rippled like there was a layer of water on it.

He then took out his badge on which there was a white skull. When the badge was pressed against the central part of the gate, the gate slowly opened.

“Lots of experiments can be done here. But you can’t enter this one without the permission and help of an instructor. If you want to do some experiments on your own, go and apply for the access to the common labs on floor one to seven,” said Glinton.

Donnie murmured in a low voice, “But what if things still go wrong even if the rules are strictly followed…”

He was, obviously, not talking about himself.

As a fifth-circle sorcerer, Glinton could hear Donnie’s words. He looked a bit pissed and said, “Nothing can go wrong if you stick to the rules. If it is my fault, none of you will be hurt because I’m here. Also, Heidler Magic College is already twenty-one years old, and the accidents that have ever happened cannot even fill up a piece of parchment. The worst accident ever only destroyed an operation desk.

“This is what we all feel proud of as instructors of this college. This comes from what we gained from building the ‘Path of Serenity’.”

“Yes, sir,” answered Donnie hurriedly. He did not want to leave any bad impression on his mentor.

The arrangement of the lab was very similar to that of those less advanced labs. The only difference was that there were more alchemy facilities that they did not recognize. The students could still identify a couple of the facilities and devices though, for example, the famous Cyclotron.

Seizing the chance that Karl was looking around, Donnie secretly went to the other side to stay closer to the gate.

After a couple of minutes, Donnie finally felt more relaxed when seeing that Karl had gone to the corner, instead of looking for him. However, he was then concerned that a big accident might happen at any time because of Karl.

His nervousness caught the attention of a few students close to him. A green-eyed girl with brown hair smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s just like what we did in our schools. Mr. Glinton would allow us to use Cyclotron today anyway.”

She was not a gorgeous girl, but the habitual smile on her face made the girl look rather easygoing and kind.

“Thanks. I’m Donnie, you?” Donnie answered politely. But he knew that it was sensible for him to feel very concerned.

The girl grinned. “Call me Shirley. I’m from the Duchy of Orvarit. I hope you see me as a good guest.”

Donnie had the typical look of a Holmish, so Shirley was joking.

Natasha had regained control over the Duchy of Orvarit, and she was now the Grand Duchess. There were rumors saying that she was giving the title to her youngest child. Natasha and Lucien Evans kept their children away from public attention, and the children’s names were even replaced by their titles in TV or radio programs.

“No matter where we come from, we’re all members of the Congress and followers of knowledge. There’s no host and guest,” said Donnie politely.

In the magic school, Sammy was totally devoted to his study, and he rarely talked to the girls, but Shirley made him feel quite relaxed.

Shirley nodded and pointed at their mentor. The class was going to start.

Worried as Donnie was, he still stayed focused.

In the front, Glinton was explaining the discovery and development of electromagnetic induction. From time to time, he would use experiments for demonstration, and he would occasionally pause so that the students could repeat the experiments.

Glinton definitely deserved the compliment given by Karl. Serious as he was, his lecture was rather interesting and engaging. Soon, Donnie had forgotten about his worries.

Somehow, Donnie felt that the sky outside had become very dark as if thick dark clouds were gathering over the building. Also, the atmosphere in the classroom had become rather oppressive from some invisible energy wobbled in the space following a certain frequency.

Donnie wondered if it was going to rain.

It was not. When he looked out the window, he saw fine flashes of lightning jumping in the dark clouds!

But they were in the World of Souls! There were neither storms nor dark clouds here!

They were under the protection of the mythal of Heidler Magic College! The weather would remain the same here.

He recalled Karl’s beautiful face and blurted out, “Sir, look!”

Glinton instantly realized the approaching danger. He quickly cast a spell and a few force field swirls appeared in front of the windows. He then commanded decisively, “Leave the lab!”

While the apprentices were panicking, Donnie, who was mentally prepared, was acting calmly. “No rush. Follow the rules and get out one after one!”

Glinton took a look at Donnie and nodded his approval. “The alchemical life will soon activate the defense magic circles.”

Under the guidance, the apprentices were leaving the lab in great order and good efficiency. Soon, only the mentor was left in the lab.

Glinton released a sigh of relief. When he was about to leave, he heard this deafening boom.

A flash of lightning as thick as an old tree hit right on the outer layer of the magic tower’s defense and broke it into pieces, while the force field swirls for absorbing energy was doing no help at all.

Glinton was startled. Looking a bit awkward, he quickly left the lab with a blink.

With the help of the alchemical life, the apprentices had been sent to an open area in the distance. They saw thick flashes of lightning, which looked like huge snakes, striking the lab, which they just left.

The deafening booms would not stop. The students could hear the defense shield of the magic tower cracking and snapping. The lab soon went on fire, and the thick smoke had overwhelmed the entire place.

Donnie had never seen anything like this before. His eyes opened big, and his hands were trembling slightly. If it had not been their mentor and the protection of the magic tower, and if he didn’t notice it early, he could have been dead already!

“This is the most horrible accident ever in the past twenty-one years…” said a hoarse voice.

Donnie turned around in surprise and saw the fatty squatting down to the ground. He was watching the tower on fire through the strange pair of glasses on his nose. The glasses kept flashing, but it wasn’t catching anyone’s attention in such a situation.

Donnie remembered that the fatty was indeed one of his classmates in the program of Body Structure and Genetics, and they were in the tower earlier together.

“What are you doing?” asked Donnie.

The fatty was holding a pile of paper with his left hand, and his right hand was moving fast with a pen. He answered without even looking back, “I’m writing to Allyn Impression. They appreciate my talent and have made me their special correspondent. This is going to hit the headline! I’m also going to make good money out of it!”

Donnie took a glance at the paper and saw the news title given by the fatty.

[Horrible! The Most Severe Accident in Twenty-one Years; Pain! Consequences of Heidler College’s Negligence!]

“Good, huh?” said the fatty proudly.

“Not bad…” Donnie paused a second and asked, “By the way, what’s your name?”

“…” The fatty went silent.

At this time, someone was murmuring by their side, “That’s the end of me… Am I gonna be kicked out? Lu Xiaoen’s gonna be in a rage if he knows…”

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