To Be a Heartthrob in a Horror Movie

Chapter 23: By The Sea


It is certainly impossible to take a shower in the sea. Su Min will find out at the time that it is fresh water when washing.

Although sea bathing is good for the body, but it is not entirely useful.

If she really used sea water, plus the fish which could eat people... Su Min’s goose bumps are all up.

Chen Xingzhou did not know the situation and asked: “No, I will use fresh water to wash my body after going to the beach. Can I take a shower?”

He thought that it would be uncomfortable. After all, sea water is not the same as fresh water.

Uncle He said: “Of course not. What do you think? There is a processing system on the island that can bring the seawater over and process it into fresh water for reuse. So the amount is very small, you have to save it.”

Su Min didn’t know what the processing system he said was, but it is not surprising that there is such a system on the island.

Water turbidity is not the major problem, the problem is the blood.

Su Min clearly saw that the water droplets were red, and there was no second guess in the horror film.

Chen Xingzhou looked at the bathroom said: “It turns out.”

Uncle He touched his bald head and showed a smile: “I will go back if nothing happens. You can call me if something happens.”

Chen Xingzhou said: “Okay.”

Uncle He didn’t take a few steps away, He suddenly thought of something, and turned and said: “Right, forgot to tell you something.”

Chen Xingzhou asked: “What is it?”

Uncle He pointed to the bathroom not far away. “There may be a power outage in the near future, so you should sleep as early as possible in the evening, don’t walk around, the island is easy to get lost.”

Chen Xingzhou nodded and said: “Well, I got it.”

When Uncle He left this place, Su Min really relaxed and pinched his eyebrows.

If there is a power outage, he thought it’s not a good thing. After all, it’s black, and everything is easy to happen.

Chen Xingzhou walked over and whispered: “When you were in the bathroom, I saw Uncle He over there, I want to remind you.”

Su Min frowned and asked: “When did he arrive at the bathroom, where did you see it at the time?”

He felt disgusting that someone is watching him when he is taking a shower, but he didn’t see anyone in the bathroom at that time.

Chen Xingzhou nodded and said, “Yes, I remember.”

Of course he wouldn’t forget anything in such a short time. He went to the bathroom and found the location of Uncle He.

Chen Xingzhou turned and said: “It is here, I just saw him here. I don’t know what he is doing.”

Su Min walked over. “Is it here?”

He looked at this place, there seemed to be nothing around, here is the place of the sewer, a ditch straight through.

Su Min was about to leave, but he glimpsed a small square hole above.

The hole is small and square which above his head, he can reach it by reaching out.

Su Min thought of something, he felt scared and said: “Chen Xingzhou, you play basketball, so you can jump up to see if this square hole is inside the bathroom.”

Chen Xingzhou also found that something was wrong, he jumped back and forth a few times.

Eventually he stopped and whispered: “Yes, it should be a vent.”

Su Min’s face is not good-looking, but he thought that the height of Uncle He is not same as his, and he completely can’t reach this square hole.

He reached out and touched the inside of the square hole. It was dust. Without a camera, it made him relieved.

Chen Xingzhou thought that he was worried that he was being peeked. He quickly said: “Don’t think too much about Uncle He. When I saw it, Uncle He was obviously just arrived.”

Su Min clearly know what happened and said:”I know.”

After this incident, Chen Xingzhou and Jiang Yunhuo did not dare to delay, taking a bath as fast as snoring, and letting Su Min look outside.

It’s already more than nine o’clock, the sun is shining outside, and there is no horrible thing to happen.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin at the last, Chen Xingzhou volunteered to be the first.

It’s almost eleven after everything is done.

What happened in the bathroom, Su Min and Chen Xingzhou did not tell them, they just warn them don’t go bathing alone when they are not there.

Zhao Mingya think of a thing which she heard about suddenly.

In the past, girls went to the countryside, and then they were peeked by the villagers while taking a shower, and they even use the photographs they took to threat the girls.

Su Min and Chen Xingzhou have blocked the vents.

After washing the clothes, everyone was hungry, they didn’t eat anything in the morning.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin were going to cook and say directly: “Go out in the afternoon after take the lunch, you can’t play anything in an hour.”

Su Min has no opinion definitely.

The rice is ready-made here, and it is cooked directly after the scouring. Chen Yixin and Zhao Mingya checked it several times before they cook it.

They are afraid of they cooked something that couldn’t eat.

There was a small vegetable garden opened in the yard, and they take some vegetables from it, then a whole farmhouse vegetarian dish was made.

Jiang Yunhuo sat in the yard and said, “I am afraid that the dishes in this yard can’t be eaten. Then we really have to starve to death. Have you seen the meat barbecued pork? It’s really scared.”

The psychological shadow of his life is that movie, and now there is one more psychological shadow in life, that is, the broken finger in the fish belly.

It has simply refreshed the world view of Jiang Yunhuo.

Chen Xingzhou kicked him and said: “Don’t say this.”

Su Min said: “It is possible, but I think it wouldn’t happen there.”

It wouldn’t be so mad, if this is real, he decided to complain the cinema.

The dishes made by the two great ladies are not delicious. The three boys don’t dare to complain it, so they have to be praised.

Especially Chen Xingzhou, he even said: “It’s delicious, Mingya is the best.”

Zhao Mingya said: “Eat can’t stop your mouth.”

Chen Xingzhou laughed, he looks so silly and said nothing.

After the meal, they fulfilled the decision of last night and pretended do not know what had happened, they just do what they want to do, eat what they want to eat.

As for the temptations of the islanders, they pretended that they don’t understand it.

It is normal to go to beach when they come to an island. This island has not been developed, so the sea water is very clean.

The beach is under the mountain, Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin wear swimsuits in their jackets.

Su Min is embarrassed to say his own guess, for fear that they will expose something, and he is not sure if the sea water is not clean.

From a small road you can see the beautiful beaches, the endless ocean and the magnificent scenery.

Su Min forgot the danger of this island for a time.

Chen Xingzhou said with emotion: “The scenery here is really good. If everything is normal, we can play here for a long time.”

But obviously it is impossible.

Chen Yixin felt very happy. When she saw such a beautiful sea, she wanted to go into the water. She ran straight from the path next to the grass and ran to the bottom.

She ran only a few steps away. Several people only heard “ah–” and Chen Yixin fell to the ground.

The girlfriend was ravaged, Jiang Yunhuo as a boyfriend, of course, rushed to help her, he saw a big pit next to her.

He said: “How can I be so careless, I have not seen such a big pit.”

Chen Yixin stood up and disliked: “How is this pit here? I just ran over the grass and didn’t see it.”

Su Min and Chen Xingzhou also looked at it. It is indeed that this pit was blocked by the grass and it was invisible from the small road.

Chen Yixin’s feet were green until the ankles, and it looked dirty. She frowned and was going to wash.

Several people looked around the puddle, looks like to see a flower.

Just then, two eyes were exposed from the inside.

Zhao Mingya was seeing seriously, and she was shocked and took a step back. “What is this?”

Suddenly the exposed eyes were on the water, and when she looked again, the eyes were gone, as if she were seeing illusions.

The water surface has fluctuated a bit.

Su Min is a bit skeptical. “Is there something in it? you are far away, beware of falling.”

Chen Yixin’s feet just stepped on the edge of the hole and did not fall in.

Su Min’s voice just fell, and the two cockroaches suddenly came out from the inside, they have a green body. They go far away after three or two jumps.

The green on the beach is particularly obvious, and several people have been shocked by this change.

Jiang Yun felt relief. “It turned out to be cockroaches. I thought it was a monster, it was scary.”

He is not afraid of this thing.

Zhao Mingya was thinking of it and said: “Do you say that the cockroaches over there are all going out of this pit?”

There were a lot of cockroaches on the road when they came before. They were shocked at the time and the cockroaches were taken down by Uncle He.

Su Shi meditated and said: “Maybe.”

The pit is quite big, it is more than one meter wide, and there are green plants and algae on the edge of it, which are unacceptable aquatic plants. The whole water surface is dirty and green.

It is unclear why a place has so many cockroaches. After all, he is not learning this aspect.

Chen Xingzhou took a long branch from a distance and said, “Excuse me, let me see how deep this pit is.”

He cautiously putted the branch into the pit and stirred.

The surface of the green algae was messed up, wrapped around the branches, it seems a bit disgusting, Chen Yixin has not wanted to see.

Such a disgusting pit, she really does not want to look at it again.

Chen Xingzhou couldn’t stand it and stopped, commenting: “It’s quite deep, don’t step on it.”

Zhao Mingya frowned. “Don’t stir it up, it’s disgusting.”

Jiang Yunhuo also stopped him and said: “Yes, yeah, beware of the cockroaches to revenge you, stop it, cockroaches is poisonous.”

Chen Yixin said: “I just went to the sea to swim and wash my feet.”

She took Zhao Mingya to the beach.

On the beach, there were some holes that they had made yesterday. They were all made to grab scorpions. But they just ate a little bit last night.

Zhao Mingya and Chen Yixin are both master swimmers. They often go to the swimming pool together to swim, so they are not afraid at all.

Chen Xingzhou said: “I want try it too. Su Min, Do you want to come with me?”

Su Min shook his head and said: “No, I don’t want. Be careful.”

It is said that all drowning people can swim, although it’s not necessarily all right, but most of them are in this sentence.

After several people walked away, Su Min squatted down at the edge of the pit.

He picked up the broken branch that Chen Xingzhou threw in the pit and re-smashed it inside the pit.

The pit is indeed a bit deep, he don’t know how it was formed, and it’s hard to stir it. The green algae looks disgusting.

Su Min pulled out the branches from the pit.

When he want to throw it away, he saw something hanging on the branches and looked at it subconsciously.

Su Min put the branches in front of her eyes, and the unpleasant smell came out.

It seems to be a piece of clothing hanging on the branch.

Su Min forgot it’s dirty, reached out and ripped off the things on the branches, and carefully touched it, it was indeed the cloth of the clothes.

Who will throw clothes in this pit?

Su Shi denied this ordinary answer, a conjecture that fits the horror film comes to mind –

There may be a body in this pit.

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