To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 388 - There’s Nothing I Can’t Do

Chapter 388: There’s Nothing I Can’t Do

The moment his voice faltered, Madam Luo and Madam Song felt their bodies give way and fell to the ground.

The two of them stared at Huo Jinyao in disbelief. Madam Luo summoned the courage to object only after some time. “D-D-Director Huo, you can’t do this.”

If the master of her house knew about this, that would mean the end of her blissful days. She panicked for real to the point where her voice was laced with tremors.

“There’s nothing I can’t do.” Huo Jinyao hung up the phone with an icy expression.

Towering above them, he looked down onto the two ladies with a condescending and emotionless gaze. “Everybody’s got to face the consequences of their own actions. You’re not children anymore, are you?”

Huge drops of sweat streamed down Madam Luo’s forehead. When she thought about the wrath she would incur in her husband when she got home, her eyes rolled up. She passed out.

Huo Jinyao didn’t waste another glance at the two women on the floor and headed back to stand before Su Peizhen, who was still pale-faced and crying.

His gaze swept across Su Peizhen’s face. He was done with everybody else — there was only her left.


Su Peizhen had heard Huo Jinyao’s conversation just now. She couldn’t believe that Huo Jinyao had really done it this time, but… all this simply for a minor altercation?

“I, What?” Huo Jinyao was very patient with Su Qingsang, but that didn’t mean he could treat everybody the same way.

Su Chenghui frowned and stood in front of Su Peizhen, blocking her from Huo Jinyao’s ominous glare.

“Jinyao, if there’s anything else, let’s wait until Caiping is out.”

Shifting his gaze to Su Chenghui, the corners of Huo Jinyao’s lips curled upwards slightly into a sneer. “Father, you mean, you want me to just let it go?”

“I’ve already hit her.” Su Chenghui didn’t sound too confident when he said that.

Huo Jinyao gave him a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. If Su Qingsang were here, she would know how rare it was to see the playful side of Huo Jinyao which she was so accustomed to.

“Father, you mean that even if she—” He lifted his arm and pointed towards Su Peizhen casually. “If she was the one who caused Qingsang’s mother’s accident, do you think that a slap would suffice?”

Su Peizhen shuddered at his words and leaned towards Su Chenghui instinctively.

Although she might have gotten a slap from Su Chenghui earlier, her father would never inflict the sort of fear Huo Jinyao did upon her.

Su Chenghui could feel his daughter’s terror. He shifted his steps and directed them towards her side, half-shielding Su Peizhen’s body.

“Jinyao. That’s not what I mean. I meant that there’s nothing more important than Caiping right now.”

Xiang Caiping was still in the operation room. Although Huo Jinyao might want to settle the score with Su Peizhen, that could wait, right?

“These two things don’t conflict with one another at all.” Huo Jinyao’s chin tipped up slightly, and he had a menacing look in his eyes. “The operation won’t end so quickly anyway — there’s plenty of time to settle this in the meantime.”

“Jinyao, I’m afraid that Qingsang might not agree with your judgment.”

“Qingsang isn’t here now, so can’t I help her make a decision?”

“That isn’t what I mean.”

“Then what do you mean, Father?” Huo Jinyao stepped forward and planted himself in front of Su Chenghui.

At a height of 1.8 meters, Su Chenghui wasn’t a short man. However, being in front of Huo Jinyao who was 188 centimeters tall, his aura was clearly lacking in comparison.

“Huo Jinyao, I never once said that I’ll let this matter rest. However, Xiang Caiping is still in the operation theatre. You—”

Before he could complete his sentence, a nurse emerged from the operation room.

Thinking that the operation was over, Su Chenghui and Huo Jinyao leaped forward instantly to inquire about the situation.

The nurse understood how they must be feeling and gave a simple explanation. “The operation isn’t over yet. The patient has lost a lot of blood, so we’re going to the blood bank to get O-type blood now.”

She was in the midst of getting the blood when she said that. Huo Jinyao looked at her face and asked, a little worried, “Is there enough in the blood bank?”

“There is. There is quite enough O-type blood in our hospital.”

The nurse left after saying that. Huo Jinyao wasn’t entirely relieved, but at least he could loosen up a little.

He watched Su Chenghui and noticed that there was a strange expression on his face. He assumed that he was worried about Xiang Caiping and looked at him mockingly.

“I’ve already called Qingsang and notified her. Father, I would like to know how you’d justify this when she’s back.”

Su Peizhen’s father couldn’t stop him from giving her what she deserved. Just because Su Chenghui had managed to stop him now, it didn’t mean he could get away with it forever.

“I don’t really care what Qingsang thinks right now. I only care about Xiang Caiping.”

Su Chenghui was extremely worried about Xiang Caiping right now. It wasn’t just the worry — there was also a lot of self-blame involved.

He did not anticipate being incapable of changing Su Peizhen’s mind. He had no idea she would keep provoking Xiang Caiping.

However, even with the circumstances being what they were, he couldn’t allow Huo Jinyao to deal with Su Peizhen. Su Peizhen was, in fact, Xiang Caiping’s daughter — her biological daughter.

“Is that so?” Huo Jinyao sneered as he looked at Su Peizhen, whose face was still ghastly white. “I hope that you can say the same thing to Qingsang when she returns.”

“Jinyao, we’re one big family—”

“Are we family?” Huo Jinyao cut him off mercilessly and directed his gaze towards Su Peizhen. “Does being family mean that she could torment Qingsang’s mother until she got so distracted she landed in an accident?”

Su Peizhen was already feeling horribly guilty. She didn’t dare to speak initially but didn’t quite agree with what Huo Jinyao said.

“I-I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Huo Jinyao’s glare was as sharp as a dagger. “You managed to cause an accident even if you didn’t mean it. This could cost someone their life.”


Su Peizhen looked like she wanted to say more, but her father gave her a sharp look. “Quit talking.”

Su Peizhen didn’t dare to say anything else. The nurse returned with O-type blood and rushed into the operation theatre urgently.

Huo Jinyao wasn’t in the mood to deal with Su Peizhen any longer. He had come straight from the office, and many things still required his attention.

His phone buzzed non-stop. He answered a few calls and not long after, his assistant arrived with his laptop and a bunch of other documents.

Huo Jinyao began to sort out his work matters at the corridor just like that. His phone rang again. He wanted to cut the call off, but when he saw that it was Su Qingsang that called, he picked up quickly.


“How’s my mom doing?” Su Qingsang’s voice was filled with panic. “I’ve already bought my ticket. My flight is in half an hour. But let me know now — how’s my mom doing?”

“She’s still in the operation room.” Huo Jinyao glanced towards the closed doors. “I don’t know how what the situation is like in there. We’ll only know after the doctor is out.”

“How could she get into a car accident just like that?” Su Qingsang was panic-ridden. “And why is she still being operated on? Hasn’t it been a very long time already?”

“Yes. It might be a little complicated.”

Huo Jinyao didn’t really know what was going on. The operation had not yet ended — it was still going on. The circumstances did not seem very optimistic.

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