Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Throw Wei Keli Under the Bus Again

“Sister, I really didn’t know that they were both such a**h*les, but…”

Xu Mingzhen held Xu Mingjing’s hand and didn’t let her continue. “I made a decision after discussing it with Wenci, and I regret to inform you that there’s no changing it. Besides, if Wenci’s company sent a notice about his resignation yet Zhengwen still reports to work as usual, how would that reflect on my husband?”

Xu Mingzhen smiled and put down the cup. “Yuan Zhengwen has been working at Tanyue for so many years. He has accumulated a lot of money. He has more than enough to start his own business.”

Xu Mingjing didn’t know what to say. She didn’t want to give up for the sake of her daughter, but she realized that she couldn’t convince her sister.

“His last deed showed how ambitious he was. Our family will not hinder his progress and bright future.” Xu Mingzhen didn’t even try to conceal her displeasure with Yuan Zhengwen.

Xu Mingjing was upset. What would happen to their family?

“Sister, Zhengwen and Keqing are ingrates. You have been helping us these past few years, and I will always be grateful. You have been helping me since I was a child, and I can’t thank you enough.” Xu Mingjing’s eyes were filled with tears. She was afraid of the uncertain future that awaited their family.

As for what level Yuan Zhengwen was, she knew very well.

What did the future hold for Yuan Zhengwen?

“In the future, if there is still a future, can I still ask you for help?” If Yuan Zhengwen couldn’t provide, could she still come to Xu Mingzhen for help?

“You are my sister. If you need something, as long as it is within my capacity, I will definitely help. But as for Yuan Zhengwen, he also has his own brothers and sisters. Better to ask them instead. Besides, everything I have now is given by Wenci. If I use what Wenci gives me to help the person who schemed against him, what would Wenci think of me?”

Xu Mingzhen quickly added, holding her sister’s hand, “Mingjing, don’t worry. Our relationship won’t change.”

Xu Mingjing forced a smile and bid goodbye.

When she got home, Yuan Zhengwen didn’t even wait for his wife to get settled and asked eagerly, “How was it?”

Xu Mingjing sighed. From Yuan Zhengwen’s reaction, she could tell that he wanted to keep working at Tanyue.

Had he known it would turn out like this, he wouldn’t have been as greedy.

“I’ve asked, and it’s not just about the ledgers,” Xu Mingjing said weakly. “You brought Keqing to Old Madam Wei’s birthday party, and my sister was also aware of it.”

“But I was careful not to be seen!” How could he have been spotted?

Hearing Yuan Zhengwen’s admission, Xu Mingjing said angrily, “How could the both of you do this kind of thing without telling me? How could you do that to them? They helped us, yet you betrayed them. Do you expect them to just let it go?”

“How did I betray them? This is just a small matter, and their family didn’t lose anything! They keep saying they’re helping us out all the time, but didn’t they just arrange a job for me? They keep talking about it, making sure that we won’t forget it. They forced Keqing to be meek and submissive towards Tan Mo, inferior to her in everything. You let Keqing stay with Tan Mo all day long, but have you forgotten that Keqing is even younger than Tan Mo? Keqing needs to call Tan Mo older sister!

“I just can’t stand their family discreetly implying how we are indebted to them, shoving it to our faces! I don’t want you to be in an inferior position in their home, and I don’t want Keqing to kiss up to Tan Mo. I also want Keqing to raise her head proudly and not have to yield to them!”

Xu Mingjing shed tears in silence. Listening to what Yuan Zhengwen had said, her heart ached.

She also didn’t want Yuan Keqing to always kiss up to Tan Mo, and she also wanted Yuan Keqing to be happy.

However, just before Yuan Zhengwen was dismissed from his job, didn’t they have to rely on the Tan family?

Xu Mingjing sniffed as she sobbed and said, “You can’t go back to Tanyue now. What are you going to do?”

“Then I’ll work for myself!” Yuan Zhengwen thought about it while Xu Mingjing was away.

He knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to go back. However, there was no harm in trying, so he let his wife beg Xu Mingzhen.

Xu Mingjing delivered not entirely unexpected news.

‘I have been working at Tanyue over the years. I have saved a lot of money.’ As Yuan Zhengwen thought about it, he felt a little excited and couldn’t wait. ‘And I have established a good relationship with many clients. These are all connections. When the time comes, after I establish my own company, business will be much easier.’

Yuan Zhengwen walked back and forth in front of Xu Mingjing excitedly. “You don’t need to beg your sister anymore, and I don’t need to look at Tan Wenci’s face. Keqing doesn’t have to please Tan Mo or let Tan Mo have her way. In the future, in front of Tan Mo, Keqing could raise her head high, and we can prevent our daughter from being wronged.”

Xu Mingjing wasn’t very optimistic about Yuan Zhengwen at first. However, when she learned that Yuan Zhengwen had some connections, she thought that starting a company wouldn’t be that difficult since her husband was able to network.

Moreover, their family could hold their heads high after this.

In reality, always relying on the Tan family also made her feel uncomfortable.

Xu Mingjing wiped off her tears and started discussing with Yuan Zhengwen.


Jixia Academy’s admission notice arrived in four days.

On the second day after the admission notice was sent, Jixia Academy also called for confirmation.

They explained to Xu Mingzhen about the enrollment details and, at the same time, sent an e-mail, which also detailed the matter clearly and meticulously.

They reminded her to not hesitate to give them a call if she had questions.

The teacher who called would be Tan Mo’s homeroom teacher when school starts.

Xu Mingzhen was afraid that there would be oversights, so even if there was still half a month until school began, she still prepared early.

On this day, Li Xiangrong brought Wei Keli over to play with Tan Mo.

Li Xiangrong was still unaware that Tan Mo was going to Jixia Academy.

Wei Mingwen talked about this matter with Tan Wenci alone. The Tan family didn’t tell anyone about this so as not to attract unwanted attention.

“Mo Mo.” Seeing Tan Mo again, Wei Keli acted as if the unpleasant events recently had never happened and treated Tan Mo affectionately.

When they got home after the party, Wei Zhijian and Li Xiangrong explained to Wei Keli in great detail all the interests and advantages of having a good relationship with Tan Mo and her family.

With Wei Keli’s self-serving character, he immediately made up his mind to coax Tan Mo.

“Brother Keli.” Tan Mo smiled sweetly at Wei Keli.

But if Wei Keli was being more sensitive, he would be able to tell that Tan Mo had no mirth in her eyes, and she was just being polite to Wei Keli.

As expected, Wei Keli didn’t notice it, but the three brothers could see it too clearly.

They knew Tan Mo well.

The three brothers could see through all of Tan Mo’s subtle reactions at a glance.

They were relieved to see Tan Mo treating him indifferently.

Wei Keli foolishly thought that Tan Mo wasn’t holding any grudges and asked, “Mo Mo, are you still angry with me?”

“I’ve never been angry with you.” Tan Mo’s eyes brightened as she smiled. “I also wanted to thank you. Last time, at the birthday party, Keqing was crying in front of me. But thanks to you, Brother Keli, for comforting her. You helped me a lot!”

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