Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Isolate Her, Ostracize Her, and Make Her Feel Miserable

If being wronged could bring such great benefits, then Yuan Keqing was willing to suffer a few times more.

Since Xu Mingjing didn’t want to come in, Xu Mingzhen didn’t insist anymore.

Xu Mingjing’s many requests recently annoyed Xu Mingzhen.

“Mingjing, let’s set the placement aside and talk about the tuition fees of Jixia Academy first. Can your family afford it?” Xu Mingzhen hit the nail on the head. The tuition fees of Jixia Academy were eye-wateringly expensive. One simply could not afford them even with the money earned from fraudulent means.

Unless Yuan Zhengwen found new means to earn that kind of money…

Xu Mingzhen felt very fortunate that they had already fired Yuan Zhengwen.

“At present, he is starting a business. You must invest a lot of money in it, and you have to take into account the various expenses of Jixia Academy,” Xu Mingzhen patiently elaborated. “It’s too much pressure. Moreover, starting a business, especially in the initial stage, must have sufficient liquidity as money might be used at any time. If you need the money when the time comes but find that all of it are earmarked for Jixia Academy, what will you do? I think you must first ensure the source of your income, make sure it’s stable enough, before you continue to talk about other things.”

Xu Mingjing hesitated.

Xu Mingzhen’s words made sense, and she was obviously more experienced in this regard.

Thus, she could only give up and leave with the unwilling Yuan Keqing.

Tan Jinqi said coldly, “They are so greedy. Whatever Mo Mo has, they ask it for as well. Why don’t they go to heaven?”

“Yeah, isn’t it so?” Tan Jinsheng said disgustingly. “Mo Mo originally had a good relationship with Wei Keli, but Yuan Keqing came and stole Wei Keli’s affections. Fortunately, Wei Zhiqian and Qin Muye didn’t fall for her act.”

“Anything that can be snatched away isn’t a good thing,” Tan Jinyi commented disdainfully.

Xu Mingzhen was speechless upon hearing her sons’ remarks.

Even at home, they shouldn’t be so straightforward.


Days went by faster than usual, and Tan Mo’s first day at school came.

“We also want to send Mo Mo to school!” At the door of the house, Tan Jinyi, making a bitter protest, pried the door of the car that Tan Mo was in.

“Mo Mo’s first day of school is a memorable one, so we can’t miss it.” Tan Jinsheng tried to get into the car.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for Mo Mo. Graduation, adulthood, and marriage are as important as this.” Even the most level-headed Tan Jinqi also tried to get into the car.

“Mo Mo is starting school, but don’t you guys have to go to school too?” Xu Mingzhen dragged Tan Jinyi away from the car door as well as Tan Jinsheng, who was still trying to get into the car.

Meanwhile, Tan Wenci was competing for the seat beside Tan Mo with his oldest son.

Xu Mingzhen shook her head.

The men in their family were difficult to manage.

“We start school once a year and go to school every day. This moment doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.” Tan Jinyi hugged Xu Mingzhen’s arm and acted like a baby. “Just give us a leave of absence for an hour or two.”

“One hour, even one hour!” Tan Jinsheng raised his finger to gesture.

“Yes, Mom.” In the end, Tan Jinqi was pushed out of the car by Tan Wenci. “On the first day of school, we also have an opening ceremony. At most, we won’t participate in the opening ceremony, so we won’t be missing class.”

“Let them go.” Tan Wenci really couldn’t resist the pleading of his three sons. “As long as they don’t miss classes. We can only send Mo Mo to the gate of the school anyway, and the school won’t let us in. It won’t take much time.”

“Okay.” Xu Mingzhen had no choice but to agree with them.

Because of the addition of the three brothers, they were inclined to use the more spacious car.

Tan Wenci simply asked the driver to take the small RV that they usually use for family trips.

“Mo Mo, are you nervous?” Tan Jinyi asked worriedly.

“I’m a little nervous, but I am also excited.” Tan Mo gently shook her two short legs.

“If you feel homesick, just call us,” Tan Jinsheng said.

“If someone bullies you, you must tell us, and don’t keep it from us.” Tan Jianqi learned from Qin Muye’s experience. He didn’t want his sister to suffer.

“Big brother, second brother, third brother, Muye will be there. Don’t worry.”

Knowing that Muye was there wasn’t enough for the brothers to feel at ease.

Their sister was so adorable, had a good temper, and was so simple-minded. How easy it was to bully her?

“I heard that Qin Murong is at Jixia Academy, but she’s in high school, far away from you, which is fine. But Qin Muxiao is the same age as you, and she will definitely be there at Jixia Academy. Whether you two are in the same class or not, she will definitely find a way to attack you.” Tan Wanqi had been worried sick about this since the day Tan Mo decided to go to Jixia Academy.

Tan Mo also thought about it, but she didn’t panic at all.

“We’ve thought about it.” Tan Jinsheng leaned forward and whispered to Tan Mo, “If you two aren’t in the same class, although she will probably still trouble you, she will have to exert a lot of effort to do so. However, if you two are in the same class, establish a good relationship with everyone except her. If she tries to trouble you, you can lead other people to isolate her, ostracize her, and make her feel miserable!”

Tan Mo’s mouth was agape as she looked at her three brothers.

She wondered why they were suggesting such things to her.

She was a thousand-year-old green tea. She couldn’t use an obvious dirty trick. It would be an insult to her skills.




Xu Mingzhen smacked the heads of her three sons one by one. “You can’t encourage your sister to do such things!”

What were they encouraging her to do such awful things?

“You must not teach your sister these messy things about isolating and ostracizing people. That is wrong, and you can’t bully people.” Xu Mingzhen was afraid that Tan Mo would learn despicable things from her brothers.

“But what if Qin Muxiao bullies Mo Mo first?” Dissatisfied, Tan Jinyi was holding his smacked head. “Will Mo Mo not be allowed to fight back?”

“If she is bad, shall we also be bad people?” Xu Mingzhen glared at her son. “It’s better to be a good person…the bigger person.”

“If Qin Muxiao bullies Mo Mo, Mo Mo must tell us immediately,” Xu Mingzhen told Tan Mo. “We will communicate with the school. Since Jixia Academy has strict rules, there will be no favoritism and snobbery in the school.”

Xu Mingzhen didn’t tell the children one more thing.

Judging from Wei Zhiqian’s attitude, Qin Muxiao’s family probably wasn’t taken very seriously among the eight major families.

Although the eight major families were twisted into a rope, only the core was held in high regard. The stray branches weren’t included.

Jixia Academy belonged to the Qi family, and the principal was also a core member of the Qi family.

Jixia Academy wasn’t just a school, but was also the foundation of the Qi family. The school brought together children from the eight major families and families a notch lower.

This gave the Qi family a powerful force.

Since the Jixia Academy was so influential, the choice of principal would also have been cautiously made.

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