Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Suppressing the Great Grand Elder!

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Numinous treasure?

Han Jue’s eyes lit up.

He had heard before that numinous treasures were stronger than usual treasures.

“Every time I have a choice to remain low profile. It’s probably related to my choice in the beginning.”

Han Jue thought silently.

When he started the Game of Life, he chose to cultivate in a low-profile manner and even activated the ability to hide his cultivation.

Pretty good.

I like this!

Playing the pig to eat the tiger!


Remain low profile until I become invincible!

Han Jue thought happily.

He wanted to be the secret cultivation master of the Jade Pure Sect.

Han Jue couldn’t choose the second option directly. He had to wait till the end of the assessment.

Elated, he accelerated towards Tian Zhu Peak.

At Tian Zhu Peak.

Dozens of disciples surrounded a battle arena. Mo Fuchou and Mo Zhu also came.

As they watched the battle on the stage, Mo Fuchou and Mo Zhu were puzzled.

Han Jue seemed to be in a stalemate with his opponent. Most of the time, he was defending and dodging, clearly at a disadvantage.

His opponent, a disciple of Tian Zhu Peak, was excited.

To meet such a weakling in the first round, this is too awesome!

The Tian Zhu Peak disciple silently thought to himself. He exerted his spirit energy generously and even maintained a handsome posture during the battle.

Han Jue was suffering.

It was really tiring to act like this.

He used the Seven Illusionary Steps to dodge, but he still had to try his best to show that his movement technique wasn’t exquisite.

He gritted his teeth and persisted.

As the two of them fought for longer and longer, the spectating disciples felt bored and left one after another.

Mo Fuchou and Mo Zhu were still watching the battle.

“He can’t be so weak, can he?” Mo Zhu couldn’t help but ask.

Mo Fuchou said calmly, “He’s doing it on purpose.”

At this moment…

Han Jue suddenly used the Unparalleled Finger Divine Sword. He pointed his finger and the sword Qi pierced his opponent’s shoulder. Immediately, he launched forward with Seven Illusionary Steps and kicked the opponent down the sparring platform.

It was over!

The three deacons presiding over the battle were stunned.

Their attention had already strayed away. They didn’t expect it to end so abruptly.

Han Jue cupped his fists and said, “Thank you!”

He then walked towards the three deacons below the platform and registered his victory.

The Tian Zhu Peak disciple left dejectedly.

The Mo siblings immediately came forward.

“Brother Han, why didn’t you win directly?” Mo Fuchou asked.

In his opinion, Han Jue was the most talented disciple of the Jade Pure Sect.

However, Han Jue kept a low profile, and no one believed his talent.

Han Jue shook his head and smiled. “I only found his weakness.”

He then changed the topic. “How have you been recently, Miss Mo?”

It would have been fine if he hadn’t brought it up, but the moment he did, Mo Zhu was infuriated.

“If I knew earlier, I would have listened to you. I went to Li Qianlong’s abode, and in the end, I was targeted by both fiendish cultivators and fellow disciples. Eventually, I was forced to jump off the cliff. I was fortunate to have an elder assist me.”

Mo Zhu cursed angrily.

Han Jue asked, “Who is this elder?”

“I’m not sure, either. He left after saving me. Perhaps he’s some expert from the Jade Pure Sect.”


That was the end of the conversation.

Han Jue bid farewell to the siblings and left quickly.

Mo Zhu looked at his departing figure and said gloomily, “Big Brother, why do I feel like he’s avoiding me? He doesn’t want to talk to me.”

Mo Fuchou smiled and said, “You’re making it too obvious. Brother Han is an ascetic. He doesn’t want his cultivation to be affected by love.”

“What’s left to life if he always cultivates like that?”

“Everyone pursues different things. He pursues immortality and the Great Dao.”

“I think the two of you are the same kind of people.”

“I’m no match for him.”

Han Jue continued practicing the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal once he had returned to his cave abode.

He only used Seven Illusionary Steps in the match a while ago, so he was hardly tired.

In the following days, the same pattern followed.

Every time, Han Jue would only defeat his opponent after all the spectators had left. The defeated opponents would be too embarrassed to mention it. Hence, Han Jue continued progressing, but no one took much notice.

But the reincarnated Mahayana realm cultivator Zhou Fan was the black horse. He continued winning until he reached the top ten.

The entire inner sect was discussing him.

Many thought he was daydreaming to want to challenge the First Disciple of the Sword Peak for a companion. They didn’t think he could do much.

The First Disciple of the Sword Peak didn’t participate in the assessment, but he had announced that if Zhou Fan managed to enter the top three, he would accept the challenge.

This matter caused an uproar in the inner sect, but Han Jue wasn’t interested.

He had read too many such plots in novels.

That night.

Han Jue was cultivating the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal in the cave abode.

He hadn’t used this move in the previous battles. But as he practiced for the past few days, he could handle the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal pretty well now.

Han Jue could cast this spell within a second.

Most spells required hand seals to activate the technique. They weren’t like purely physical techniques that had no delay.

But with more practice, a day would come when the spell could be cast immediately.


The sound of wind came from outside the cave abode. At first, Han Jue didn’t care.

But not long after, he felt inexplicably uneasy.

He quickly stopped and scanned the surroundings with his divine sense.

There was no one in the open space outside the cave, nor were there any beasts or birds.

Under the crescent moon, Jade Serene Peak actually looked very sinister.

“What’s happening?”

Han Jue frowned.

The trees outside weren’t moving, which meant there was no wind. But why could he still hear the wind?

Was he possessed?

Han Jue felt a chill down his spine.

After being reborn for decades, this was the first time he encountered such a situation.

But if this world had demons and cultivators, ghosts weren’t too far-fetched either!

Nervous, Han Jue held his breath.

If it was really a ghost, how strong would it be if even Fairy Xi Xuan didn’t discover it?

Ghosts, ghosts, please leave… Ghosts, ghosts, please leave…

He chanted to himself.

At this moment…

All of a sudden, he saw wisps of black aura flying into the cave through the crack in the stone gate.

What the hell!

It really is a ghost!

Without another word, Han Jue raised his hand and executed the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal.

A golden jade seal flew head-on towards the black aura. This golden jade seal was embedded with nine dragons, domineeringly and divine. It directly dispersed the black gas and disappeared into thin air.

Han Jue frowned.

He felt a powerful repulsive force.

Logically speaking, the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal should have continued to crash forward, knocking down the stone door.

He focused his gaze and saw that the scattered black aura was condensing again.

Han Jue quickly went up and used the Nine Dragons Devil Expelling Seal again.


Not enough. Again!



Han Jue stood in front of the black aura and struck out with his palms, again and again, creating a huge hole in the ground. The wall of the cave beside him also split open.

This was still under his precise control. Otherwise, he could have collapsed the entire cave abode with a single palm strike.

“Wait! Stop! Stop! Stop!”

A wail followed.

Han Jue frowned and looked down at the black aura.

“I’m a Great Grand Elder of the Jade Pure Sect. How dare a disciple like you disrespect me!”

The black aura roared angrily, leaving Han Jue stunned.

Great Grand Elder?

The black aura quickly condensed into a human form. It was very short, only half a meter tall.

This person was emaciated and wore a large white robe. With a head full of white hair, he looked up at him angrily.

Han Jue said helplessly, “Sir, what are you trying to do by sneaking into my cave abode in the middle of the night?”

The Great Grand Elder said grumpily, “I’m just cultivating a divine art. My primordial spirit has left my body. When I heard the sound coming from your cave abode, I couldn’t help but come in out of curiosity.”

Although he lectured him, he was actually shocked inside.

What kind of spell was that?

He almost killed me!

His spirit energy felt like the fifth level of the Golden Core Realm!

The Jade Pure Sect’s inner sect is already so outstanding?

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