Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Obtaining the Numinous Treasure, Golden Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe

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Seeing how confident he was, Han Jue decided to get serious.

Zhou Fan must be defeated before he could demonstrate his power. That was the only way to minimize the impact.

If Han Jue defeated him when Zhou Fan released all his power, it would only show that Han Jue was even stronger. In that way, he wouldn’t be able to keep a low profile anymore.

With so many people watching, it was impossible for Han Li to delay until everyone left.

After his decision, Han Jue walked towards Zhou Fan.

Mo Zhu said with a solemn expression, “Zhou Fan’s birth Dharma treasure is very strong. Because of this treasure, Master made an exception and took him in as a personal disciple.”

Chang Yue’er disdainfully said, “He’s no match for Junior Han.”

Xing Hongxuan didn’t say anything. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on Han Jue.

Zhou Fan had a confident smile on his face, but seeing Han Jue walking straight towards him, he still felt inexplicably flustered.

Because he had often heard Mo Fuchou brag about him!

Slowly, he felt that Han Jue was very strong.

Today, I will defeat him and prove my strength!

Watch carefully. I’ll make you regret it and let you know that you’ve underestimated me!

Zhou Fan thought about it silently. When he thought about that smiling handsome face, he was furious.

He raised the small black bell, preparing to display his power!

A crazed smile appeared on his face.

So what if he’s gifted!

Today, I, Zhou Fan, will defeat this gifted cultivator!


A blinding sword flashed, causing Zhou Fan to subconsciously close his eyes.


Zhou Fan was sent flying, vomiting blood. He was like a kite with a broken string, blown out of the battle arena.


Everyone was silent.

Everyone was stunned. They had yet to recover from their shock.

The battle ended so quickly?

Even Old Immortal Dao Thunder, who was overseeing the Inner Sect Assessment, widened his eyes.

Han Jue retracted his technique, and the sword shadow behind him quickly disappeared. It only appeared for less than two seconds.

He turned and bowed to Old Immortal Dao Thunder with cupped fists.

Old Immortal Dao Thunder came back to his senses and announced, “Jade Serene Peak’s Han Jue wins!”


The crowd burst into excitement. The male disciples discussed and the female disciples stared at him with glowing eyes.

“So fast?”

“See, Zhou Fan is just mediocre!”

“Han Jue is too strong!”

“Who is Han Jue? When did such a genius appear in Jade Serene Peak?”

“He’s so handsome. Could he be the one the female disciples often discuss?”

Han Jue quickly left the stage and disappeared into the crowd.

Since the battle arena wasn’t destroyed, the second battle soon began.

Zhou Fan was helped out of the crowd by a group of Heavenly Thunder Peak disciples.

There was still blood at the corner of his mouth. His face was pale and his eyes were lifeless. He seemed to have lost his soul.

The blow was too great.

He didn’t even know how he lost.

But the moment he was hit by the Three Pure Shadow Sword Technique, he sensed imminent death.

He knew that Han Jue could have killed him.

One moment, he was still full of confidence.

The next moment, he was off the platform.

Zhou Fan wished he could dig a hole to hide.

He knew he had become a joke.

Chang Yue’er, Xing Hongxuan, and Mo Zhu tried to look for Han Jue but couldn’t find him.

He hid amidst the crowd and watched silently.

Two hours later.

The top five were decided.

The five disciples would draw lots to decide who would skip the next round and head straight to the top three.

The disciples didn’t have any objections. At this stage, the difference in strength wasn’t great. Everyone could be in the top three.

Luck was an indispensable thing on the path of cultivation.

Han Jue hesitated. If he became one of the top three, maybe he could just give up straight away.

In any case, the top three could choose the Connate Cave Abode…

That’s it!

This way, his influence would be minimized.

He prayed silently.

“Han Jue of the Jade Serene Peak is going to the top three straight away!”

The other four disciples looked at him with envy and vigilance as Old Immortal Daoist Thunder made the announcement.

They had all witnessed Han Jue defeating Zhou Fan in a flash. This fellow didn’t use much of his spirit energy and was still in his peak state.

Han Jue was overwhelmed with joy as he quietly walked off the stage.

Chang Yue’er and the other two immediately surrounded him, preventing him from escaping.

“Junior, you have a good chance of getting first place this time!” Chang Yue’er said excitedly.

Mo Zhu and Xing Hongxuan were also very excited.

They all admired Han Jue and naturally hoped to see him in the limelight.

Han Jue shook his head and said, “I can’t. It’s already not easy to come this far.”

Zhou Fan, who was making his way over, almost fainted when he heard that.

He still wanted to ask Han Jue what kind of spell he had used to defeat him, but he ended up hearing such words.

Zhou Fan was so angry that he spat out blood. The disciple in front of him was sprayed full of blood.

Zhou Fan quickly turned and left.

Han Jue turned around to see, but Zhou Fan was already gone.

The next two matches were intense. Equipment, magic, movement techniques, and talismans. All sorts of things appeared. The four disciples were all-rounded and on par with each other. No matter who was the final winner, they still put on a good fight.

The top three were finally on stage.

“The three of you will each fight two more rounds with different opponents. The one who wins twice will be the first, a win and a defeat will be the second, and losing twice will be the third.” Old Immortal Daoist Thunder explained the rules.

Han Jue suddenly raised his hand and said, “Elder, I admit defeat. Previously, in order to quickly defeat my opponent, I exhausted all of my spiritual energy and have yet to recover. Let the two of them fight it out. I’m willing to be third.”


Everyone was shocked. Chang Yue’er and the other two girls also widened their eyes.

Zhou Fan was stunned when he heard that.


If that wasn’t the case, why would Han Jue admit defeat?

So I’m not that weak.

[Zhou Fan’s favorability towards you has increased. Current favorability: 2 stars]

When Han Jue saw the words in front of him, he said in his head, This guy is nuts!

Old Immortal Daoist Thunder stared at him and then nodded. He changed the rules, and Han Jue was ranked third.

Han Jue immediately got off the stage.

The following fight was less exciting than the previous ones. Both of them had consumed a lot of spiritual energy.

Han Jue felt that he could have taken on both of them together.

In the end, the top three were decided, and the Inner Sect Assessment ended.

The top three followed Old Immortal Daoist Thunder to Main Peak.

On his way there flying on his sword, a line appeared before Han Jue:

[You entered the top three in the Inner Sect Assessment while keeping a low profile. You will obtain a Numinous Treasure.]

[Congratulations on obtaining a seventh-grade Numinous Treasure—Golden Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe]

[Golden Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe: A seventh-grade Numinous treasure that can automatically defend against an enemy’s attack. It can defend against up to a blow from a Soul Formation realm cultivator. If you inject spirit energy into it, its defensive power will increase.]

Han Jue raised his eyebrows.

Defending against a blow from a Soul Formation realm cultivator… So powerful?

It was indeed a Numinous treasure, stronger than equipment and Dharma treasures!

A seventh-grade Numinous Treasure. Could there be sixth-grade, fifth-grade, and up to first-grade Numinous Treasures?

How powerful would a first-grade Numinous treasure be?

Han Jue guessed silently.

He was in a good mood.

This was too satisfying. After obtaining the Golden Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe, he felt very safe. And he was going to get a connate cave abode. It was a very fruitful inner sect assessment.

Once he wore the Golden Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe, he would be able to cultivate in peace and wouldn’t have to worry about sneak attacks.

Soul Formation realm cultivators were few in number. Hardly one appeared every century in the Jade Pure Sect.

However, the Golden Cicada’s Mystic Divine Robe could only protect him. If he ran into a Nascent Soul cultivator, they wouldn’t be able to kill him, and neither would he be able to kill them.

Han Jue couldn’t help but smile.

“Why are you so happy to be in third place? Did Fairy Xi Xuan tell you to only fight for third place?” Old Immortal Daoist Thunder suddenly asked.

The two disciples in front turned to look at Han Jue with strange expressions.

They weren’t stupid and also felt that Han Jue’s surrender was too dubious. However, it was also good news for them, so they didn’t question it.

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