Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Entering the Jade Pure Sect, Cultivating the Fire Cultivation Potential

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Han Jue didn’t have to wait long before an outer sect warden arrived.

He was also at the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

“I’m an outer sect warden of the Jade Pure Sect, Yang Luo. Brother Han, can you let me do a quick check? Fiendish cultivators occasionally tried to infiltrate the Jade Pure Sect in the past few years,” the outer sect warden said politely, cupping his hands.

Han Jue didn’t have anything on him and wasn’t afraid of a check.

He raised his hands.

Yang Luo began to feel around.

After he finished searching, he asked doubtfully, “Why do you not even have a storage ring or storage pouch?”

Han Jue helplessly said, “I was attacked by a Foundation Establishment Realm fiendish cultivator on my way here. To stay alive… Ya, I’m sure you understand.”

Yang Luo was silent and looked at him sympathetically.

“Can you show your Spiritual Energy?” Yang Luo asked.

Han Jue could understand. It was to check if he was a fiendish cultivator.

He immediately raised his right hand, wielding his finger like a sword and pointing towards the cliff at the side.


A beam of Spirit Qi shot out from his index finger, piercing into the rocks.

Yang Luo’s eyes lit up.

What kind of spell is this?

He didn’t ask, but he could feel that Han Jue wasn’t a fiendish cultivator.

“No problem, follow me. I’ll bring you to the outer sect for registration. From now on, you’re an outer sect disciple of the Jade Pure Sect.” Yang Luo smiled.

Then, he led Han Jue into the valley.

As Han Jue walked, he asked, “How many outer sect disciples are there? What are the conditions to enter the inner sect?”

“There are more than two thousand disciples in the outer sect. Only those who have reached Foundation Establishment can enter the inner sect. However, Foundation Establishment is very difficult. Every three years, the sect will hold a sect competition. The top three will all receive Foundation Establishment Pills. Foundation Establishment Pills can help a ninth layer Qi Refinement Realm cultivator breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“Are there many inner sect disciples?”

“I’m not sure about that. The Jade Pure Sect’s inner sect is located in a Small World, we have no idea what’s happening inside.”

“It seems like Jade Pure Sect is very powerful.”

“Of course. The Jade Pure Sect is the most prestigious and established cultivation sect in the Great Yan.”

“Does the Jade Pure Sect have places to cultivate with lightning and fire spiritual Qi?”

“There aren’t any in the outer sect, but there might be in the inner sect. If you have a Thunder Cultivation Potential, you can appeal to the Elder Hall. Perhaps they can make an exception and allow you to enter the inner sect. Having rare cultivation potentials like this is normally enough for the sect to especially nurture you.”

Yang Luo was secretly surprised. Could it be that this guy also had a Thunder Cultivation Potential?

Han Jue’s eyes brightened as he asked, “As long as I have a Thunder Cultivation Potential?”

Yang Luo nodded.

“Brother Yang, can you nominate me? If I can enter the inner sect, I will never forget your kindness,” Han Jue said in a low voice.

He raised his right hand and sparks crackled in his palm.

Yang Luo’s pupils contracted.

[The outer sect warden of the Jade Pure Sect, Yang Luo, has a favorable impression of you. Current favorability: 1 star.]

Yang Luo laughed. “Since you’re already calling me brother, I naturally have to help you with this matter. I’ll make an exception and explain this to the Elder Hall.”

“Thank you, Brother Yang. I’m very grateful!”

“Sure, sure!”

Yang Luo had been stuck in the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Realm for twenty years. It was very difficult for him to make any more breakthroughs in his cultivation. The only thing he could do was to form connections.

Following Yang Luo, Han Jue saw many outer sect disciples meditating along the way.

The outer sect did not allocate special cultivation grounds and cave abodes for the disciples. Everyone just randomly found a place to practice their breathing techniques and were not to cause trouble.

Soon, Han Jue arrived at the outer sect’s buildings. Most of the buildings were very similar to Elder Iron’s buildings and looked antique. There were also many disciples on the streets. Other than cultivators, there were also mortals.

It turned out that there were also many mortal slaves in the cultivation sect. Slaves were not only needed by alchemists.

Mortals were also willing to serve them. At the very least, they wouldn’t encounter any life-threatening situations and would be able to fill their stomach.

The Elder Hall was located in the center of the valley. It had four floors, and the entire place was filled with a strange fragrance.

Han Jue followed Yang Luo in.

Yang Luo walked to the counter and said, “A ninth level Qi Refinement Realm cultivator wants to join our Jade Pure Sect.”

The first floor wasn’t big, and there was only an old man at the counter.

The old man glanced at Han Jue, causing him to uncontrollably tense up.

He couldn’t tell the old man’s cultivation level.

Could he be a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator?


The old man responded and turned around to take a small rectangular wooden block from the wooden cabinet behind him.

Yang Luo asked in a low voice, “Is the First Elder here? This person has a Thunder Cultivation Potential and wants to enter the inner court.”

Thunder Cultivation Potential?

The old man looked at Han Jue in surprise.

He waved his hand.

Han Jue immediately walked up to the old man.

At the same time, he made the system only reveal his thunder, fire, and wind cultivation potentials.

Triple cultivation potential!

The old man was shocked. “Triple cultivation potential!”

Yang Luo wasn’t surprised. Instead, he looked slightly envious.

“Register yourself first. You will be an outer sect disciple for the time being. When the First Elder returns, I will tell him about this matter,” the old man said in a low voice.

Han Jue started the registration.

After that, Han Jue received the Sect Pass, a storage bag, a Jade Pure Sect Daoist robe, 100 low-grade spirit stones, and a bottle of Qi Condensation Pills.

Yang Luo personally arranged for him to stay in a wooden house not far from his.

“Alright, Brother Han, you should rest first. Someone will inform you when there’s news. I still have things to do.” Yang Luo smiled.

Han Jue cupped his fists and watched him leave.

Yang Luo’s attitude made him feel very real. It was different from what was written in novels.

Even if Yang Luo wanted to form a good relationship with him, he wouldn’t deliberately try to please him.

They were all cultivators. He wasn’t going to be a simp just because Han Jue had better potential.

Han Jue closed the door and started to cultivate.

He could finally cultivate without any worries!

Something surprising happened again.

He could actually sense fire spiritual Qi here!

Han Jue decided to first cultivate his fire cultivation potential to the ninth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

Generally speaking, cultivators would only choose one technique to cultivate. Most cultivation techniques only had a single elemental attribute. Very few people would cultivate with six elemental attributes like Han Jue.

Han Jue’s cultivation potential was top-notch and he didn’t feel tired at all.

He enjoyed the feeling of becoming stronger.

More accurately, it was the feeling of his lifespan increasing.

When Han Jue saw the attributes panel, his first thought was to live forever.

He didn’t want fame or fortune!

He didn’t want to marry a beauty!

He only wanted to live for very long. He didn’t want to suffer from a terminal disease and die at a young age again!

“With my cultivation potential, I don’t need to take risks and seek opportunities. I need to cultivate diligently and never cause trouble. If I can avoid provoking my enemies, then I shouldn’t provoke them unless they want to kill me.”

Han Jue thought silently.

Half a year passed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue’s fire cultivation had reached the fourth level of the Qi Refinement Realm.

The outer sect First Elder finally returned, and Yang Luo personally came to inform him.

Han Jue packed up his things, tied the storage bag on his waist, and followed him to the Elder Hall.

“Initially, the Elder Hall had already forgotten about this matter. I happened to pass by your door and noticed that you were still cultivating, so I suddenly remembered it. I’m sure the First Elder would like a diligent cultivator like you.” Yang Luo smiled.

His tone was full of admiration.

Han Jue didn’t open his door for half a year.

If not for the spiritual Qi fluctuation inside, others would have thought that it was an empty room.

Han Jue smiled and said, “Many thanks, Brother Yang. If I have the chance to obtain more Foundation Establishment Pills in the future, I will definitely obtain one for you.”

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