Trafford's Trading Club

Chapter 636 - Volume 9 – Chapter 33: Scarf (Part 1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 33: Scarf (Part 1)

Big Head drove his Passat while looking at Dazhe and said, “Brother Zhe, when you see President Xiao, please give it more smile.”

“It’s not the first time I have dealt with this person.” Dazhe looked out the window and suddenly asked, “Why did you change the car again? Did your boss reward it?”

Big Head was quite proud and said, “Brother Zhe, it’s just for life, isn’t it?”

Dazhe then looked at Big Head and said, “Just for life? Don’t you see what I have become now? Big Head, you’re not young anymore. Anyhow, have you saved a little money in the past few years? Don’t follow the man with the surname Xiao. It’s better to do some small business yourself, marry an honest woman, and live your life righteously than to be afraid.”

“Brother Zhe, we are now doing business in the name of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce. It’s legitimate. It’s legitimate! It’s fine!”

“Is doing dirty on another criminal considered legitimate?” Dazhe shook his head, “Okay, I’m completely out of touch with this world. I won’t say anything.”

“Hey Brother Zhe, what are you talking about!” Big Head quickly said, “I know what you said, but times are different now! We are not still doing the same thing as before, you know! What’s more, you shouldn’t talk about that in the future! We are now civilized people. It’s known as a motivated social organization’!”

“A motivated social organization?” Dazhe chuckled disdainfully. He didn’t speak again on the way to Hongfu Building.

In general, the man with the surname Xiao was indeed a businessman. In recent years, especially after the township started to develop.

He personally set up an engineering company, but he didn’t have any workers who were experts because President Xiao always dealt with demolition and relocation for those group companies.

Although the government had instructed the policies and went in for large-scale construction to pave the way for the development zone. However, not everyone was willing to move away from their original place, so President Xiao was a professional in this area.

Of course, President Xiao was still more careful about doing things. He never went too far and never utilized anyone from his company.

Boss Xiao was rich. Dazhe needed money. They had naturally hit it off in the past few years. Whenever Dazhe was released from the prison, he always got a pretty good pay from Boss Xiao.

It was almost half-past nine in the morning when Dazhe met Boss Xiao… Hongfu Building was only opened last year. It was considered a fancy place in such a small township.

“Dazhe, come here. Have a seat.” Boss Xiao, who was in his early forties, was full of smiles and greeted Dazhe to sit down, “Oh, I’m busy lately! I haven’t had time to greet you since you came out! My bad. It’s your old brother, my fault. Enjoy your tea, please.”

“President Xiao, I won’t drink this tea. I’m afraid I can’t afford it.” Da Zhe shook his head. It seemed that he didn’t show due respect for people’s feelings here, “I had said it very clearly last time. I couldn’t do anything.”

Big Head kept pushing Da Zhe’s arm next to him, and at the same time looking at his boss and smiled awkwardly, “President Xiao, my brother Zhe said it’s okay. We just talked about it.”

President Xiao just put away his smile and waved to Big Head, “You wait for me outside. I will chat with Dazhe.”

Big Head had to push the door and got out with resignation. Only Dazhe and President Xiao were left in the private room. President made an invitation gesture and asked Da Zhe to sit down and talk.

Dazhe didn’t want to offend too much with this guy, so he pulled the chair away, sat down, and said sternly, “President Xiao, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. It’s just that I will tell myself this time I’m going to stop. Besides, you don’t have to look for me. If it’s due to Big Head, then you don’t have to do that. I am old. I am overcautious in doing things. I’m unmatched to young people now. I believe that with your ability today, it’s easy to find someone else.”

“Hey, young people nowadays lack poise.” President Xiao was pouring hot tea for Dazhe, then nodded and said, “Yes, everyone does the same thing. The key is that not everyone can do what after the thing has been done. Those young, frizzy ones can’t calm down at all. What do you say? They may be able to stay in it for a month or two, but it may not be a long time. In case they can’t stand it and talk nonsense inside. That’s not good, right?”

President Xiao patted Dazhe on the shoulder and said with earnest words, “Dazhe, you are different. We have worked together. I know your background. What kind of person are you? You are loyal, keep your promises, and you know how to separate business and personal. People like you are hard to find. It’s tough to find. Dazhe, could you consider helping me this last time? Besides, this time I have done some calculations. It won’t take long for you to stay inside. You will come out in more than a year or two at most! And, I promise, this time the payment will satisfy you! Half a million!”

“You better find someone else.” Dazhe was silent for a while and finally shook his head.

“Why? Too little?” President Xiao smiled and said, “We can negotiate about the price. After all, we are all partners, good friends… Oh, what if I take out thirty thousand yuan privately, is it okay?”

“Thank you. Thank you, President Xiao.” Dazhe put his hands together and greeted, “But I said, I won’t do it anymore. Can you let me go, please? Find someone else. I believe you could find someone else who is more suitable than me.”

“Dazhe, what do you mean? You reject my offer again and again. Is it fun?” President Xiao suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“It’s my fault. My tone is a little harsh.”

Dazhe stood up, bent over towards President Xiao emphatically, and apologized, “President Xiao, I know you are busy, and I am sorry to waste your time. Or else, this one’s on me. Take it as an apology. Let us part friends, okay?”

Dazhe stopped looking at President Xiao’s expression while saying that, turned, and walked towards the door.

President Xiao suddenly pounded the table hard at this moment and said in a deep voice, “Wei Dazhe, do you have to refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit? If you dare to walk out of this door, I’m afraid it will be difficult in the coming days.”

Dazhe stopped walking, turned around slowly, and said slowly, “President Xiao, I said, merry meet, merry part.”

“Wei Dazhe, you are not qualified to negotiate terms with me.”

Dazhe walked towards President Xiao with a stolid face. He walked directly to his front. President Xiao, who had gone through all sorts of ordeal, could be considered firm in the attitude that he remained motionless.

President Xiao sneered, “Wei Dazhe, I’m polite to you. I hope you are polite to me, too. Those who offend me, you know their fate. You must think about it.”

“Then, I will tell you the truth.” Wei Dazhe looked at him coldly, “Xiao Yucheng, let me tell you. I lead a bad, rotten life now, and it couldn’t compare to your noble life at all. But you have to remember, if you dare to get me through a hard time, I can also make things tough for you… Yes, I have thrown away the machete that hacked people for many years, but I will be able to get it back if I look for it. And you must be the first person I kill!”

“You…” Xiao Yucheng widened his eyes.

A chill ran down his spine.

Dazhe said indifferently, “There are rules in the underworld, don’t get my family members involved in this…Xiao Yucheng, you have a wife and children too. Don’t push me too hard.”

Dazhe left. Xiao Yucheng watched Dazhe completely leave the private room and disappeared from his eyesight before he sat down.

He picked up the teacup. His hands trembled. God knew the taste of the tea he drank.

Big Head hurriedly walked in at this time and said in a panic, “President Xiao, what… what happened?

“Get out! Useless things!” Xiao Yucheng stared at Big Head fiercely.

Big Head had to leave the room again quickly, but before closing the door, Xiao Yucheng suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute!”

“Please say it.” Big Head had to be in humble reverence again.

“Buy me two flights…” Xiao Yucheng stopped suddenly, glanced up and down at Big Head, and shook his head suddenly, “It’s okay, you go settle the check, and then go back to the company and wait for me.”


Big Head was slightly puzzled, but didn’t say anything, and went straight to pay the check. Only then Xiao Yucheng tapped the table with his fingers and started pondering.

Great… Wei Dazhe.

Xiao Yucheng suddenly showed a sneer, so he remained calm and composed while picking up his mobile phone. It was his wife who was calling.

“Old Xiao, what’s the matter? I’m in the beauty salon!”

“Isn’t the kid at home asking for a visit to what, Disneyland? How about this, you take a few days off for the kid, and take him to enjoy, so that he won’t be throwing tantrums all day long!”

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