Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1425 - Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Once More!

Chapter 1425 Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Once More!

“On the other hand, it is precisely because the Dharma Supreme had forcefully nominated him that caused Diwu Qingrou to have mass conflicts with everyone! As such, the Dharma Supreme’s nomination in this case can only act as a protection amulet.”“Thus, the attitude of all the high-ranking personnel of the Nine Super Clans and the law-enforcement officers toward Diwu Qingrou is one of discontent. In fact, they look down on him…” Mo Tianji said solemnly, “Therefore, the joint army may look powerful and strong, but when you look at them separately by themselves, they are, in truth, still in a state of disunity! And this, to Diwu Qingrou, is very lethal! He needs time, a lot of time!”

“It is not very difficult for Diwu Qingrou to reverse the situation and build prestige for his name if he wishes to. With his intelligence, as long as he is given time, he can totally achieve it in this mass siege. However, if he wishes to build the Diwu Clan’s power in this war, he would require even more time.”

A contemplative Chu Yang replied, “That is indeed so.”

With Diwu Qingrou’s capabilities, reversing everyone’s opinions and receiving the prestige which a commander-in-chief deserved in such complex circumstances was not something which required him to rack his brains very much.

As long as he was given a bit of time, he could achieve it with his superb wit!

But if he wanted to turn all these forces that had already been brainwashed by the Nine Super Clans into his own… Then that would be something extremely difficult.

Mo Tianji said, “Therefore, this time… The Li Clan’s existence is exactly Diwu Qingrou’s chance. Diwu Qingrou definitely won’t allow the Li Clan to be destroyed too early. He needs the Li Clan to continue to exist. Only then can he make use of this excellent whetstone to exhibit his talent and abilities step by step and conquer everyone’s hearts, establish his own power and plan out the Diwu Clan’s grand and glorious blueprint properly… Only after that will he bear to destroy the Li Clan!”

Realization dawned upon Chu Yang.

So Mo Tianji’s true plans laid in here.

“Therefore, I am rather conflicted in going there this time.” Frowning, Mo Tianji went on. “The eight Super Clans have activated too much of their forces in this siege. This is a great opportunity for us to really find out just how powerful our enemies are and have a clear understanding of Diwu Qingrou.”

“However, if we drag this out too long and allow Diwu Qingrou’s power to consolidate, it will turn into our disaster. Yet if we don’t use enough time, we won’t be able to find out anything nor will we reap any harvest…”

Chu Yang interrupted him. “Therefore, we must set a time limit that is relatively safe for us. Should it go past that time limit, we’ll need to ignite conflict and trigger a final showdown for them to go at each other’s necks?”

“Yes!” Mo Tianji replied, “That’s the only choice we have.”

“But how exactly we should go about it… is something extremely difficult to determine. And sometimes… even when things reach that extent, the war is not up to us to start just because we want to.”

Mo Tianji replied, “That is why I insisted on us heading there! If we don’t go, under the Dharma Supreme’s influence, Diwu Qingrou’s power will truly be able to form in one swift motion…”

Chu Yang nodded.

He understood what Mo Tianji meant. Should the Nine Super Clans fight for their own respective sakes, they had no need to fear them. A tiger that had been divided into pieces was in no way as fearsome as wild wolves that had formed a pack.

However, should the Nine Super Clans really come together as one with a supreme general such as Diwu Qingrou at its core, what awaited Chu Yang and the Nine Tribulations brothers would no doubt be complete annihilation!

An unimaginable disaster!

Mo Tianji heaved an extremely resigned sigh in the night breeze. “It’s a shame that the Dharma Supreme took action too early this time. If he had appointed Diwu Qingrou as the commander-in-chief one or two years later and allowed our strength to grow, I would have a hundred thousand different ways and ten thousand percent chance of destroying the Nine Super Clans, Diwu Qingrou and law-enforcement officers in one fell swoop while they are still in disunity and pursuing their own interests!”

“I even have the confidence to divide the Nine Super Clans’ power once more into 99 portions and devour them calmly… It would have been nothing but just a few small little tricks…”

“But now, when looking such a heaven-sent opportunity in the eye, our power is instead insufficient…”

Mo Tianji sighed deeply once more. “It’s too much of a pity!”

“It is indeed too much of a pity.” Chu Yang heaved a sigh too. Diwu Qingrou’s current circumstances and all the huge movements that the Nine Super Clans, law-enforcement officers and mercenaries etc were taking, adding on the Li Clan’s situation to that, this was indeed a terrific heaven-sent opportunity for the Nine Tribulations!

The only shame was that this had been triggered a little too early.

Mo Tianji sighed and glared at Chu Yang in a rather dissatisfied manner. “It’s all your fault… You’re not someone suitable to play around with schemes and conspiracies from the start… What are you meddling blindly for? I only managed to create a Li Clan for me to detonate at a suitable timing after so much trouble… Yet you’re having it good and already starting to set off fireworks before New Year Day is even here…”

Minister Chu felt like he was in the wrong at once. Right away, he took on a more subservient attitude.

Because… this situation seemed to have been single-handedly created by Lord Sword Master Chu himself…

Chu Yang was rendered speechless. Back when he had suggested this, Wan Renjie and the others had been full of praise and support, praising him as a born conspirator…

But now, it looked like he had completely destroyed Mo Tianji’s plans…

In Mo Tianji’s eyes, his masterpiece was actually… meddling blindly…

Both the Dharma Supreme and Diwu Qingrou were obviously people adept at grasping any opportunity they could get their hands on. Once something like this happened and two great men of wisdom unintentionally joined hands to put things into motion, how could they possibly give the Nine Tribulations brothers the time to grow?

There was no hesitation whatsoever in the Dharma Supreme’s call to action while Diwu Qingrou’s acceptance was similarly resolute and decisive!

Minister Chu gave an insipid laugh as he said, “Big Brother-in-law… This… Let’s hurry on our way, hehe… Umm, the night is late and our way ahead far. The stars are sparkling and sunlight radiant with the songs of birds and scent of flowers…”

Mo Tianji rolled his eyes and sighed in resignation.

Now that things had reached this stage, they could only take things one at a time. Just as they were about to move, both of them suddenly felt a flash of light in front of them, as though something was happening.

The two of them involuntarily turned to look over.

Ahead of them, the alarmed cries of Gu Duxing and the rest could be heard. All of them were dumbstruck and unable to utter a word as they looked at the sky.

In the direction of the far east, an unbelievably beautiful and magnificent phenomenon appeared — A ray of crimson light shot into the heavens, the red light brilliant and dazzling as it reached a million miles into the sky!

As if rendering the sky which was still dark into two.

If not for the fact that this ray of crimson light had risen straight up into the sky rather than radiating light from all around, the brothers would have almost thought that the sun had risen in advance…

What then followed was a crisp and clear cry which shook the heavens!

This clear cry was extremely crisp and very loud and clear. It didn’t seem to be very resonant, but the entire wind and clouds of the world moved alongside this cry!

In the sky, all the clouds shone upon by the stars were turned into colorful clouds by this ray of crimson light at the same time, as though pieces of bright and colorful cotton wads. They dispersed swiftly in every direction. Then, more and more colorful clouds converged from all directions, traveling furiously towards where the crimson light was and gathering together!

The sky over there turned into seven colors right away!

In the sky, the sound of wings fluttering could be heard. Countless birds of strange shapes flew desperately toward the place where that crimson light was shining! One moment they only saw birds coming toward them from afar, and the next moment the birds had already swooped past above their heads and gone far away…

Such a speed was unheard of even for birds. It was easy to imagine how these birds would suffer irreparable damage after such a flight which surpassed the load that they could handle!

Yet these birds didn’t care at all. In fact, they were very excited, as if they had encountered a huge ceremony that was difficult to encounter even in ten thousand years, and as if there was a huge chance encounter ahead that was hard to come by even in a thousand years! They flew desperately, as though so long as they could reach there in time, they would be reborn!

Dense fog filled the atmosphere between heaven and earth, as if brimming with an ancient and mysterious powerful energy…

A celestial phenomenon!

“This is truly… odd.” Mo Tianji was rather perplexed. Watching the birds fluttering their wings and swooping from all directions in the sky, he couldn’t help clicking his tongue in wonder.

Such celestial phenomenons typically occurred only when the Nine Tribulations Sword Master obtained a fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, but Chu Yang was obviously right by his side this time. He neither obtained a fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword nor did he do anything amazing to shake the heavens.

So what was this celestial phenomenon in the east all about?

Could it be that an amazing treasure had surfaced in the world?

The brothers speculated animatedly.

Chu Yang’s countenance turned extremely dreadful.

Others weren’t aware but he knew very well what was going on.

This was the orthodox and authentic rise of the phoenix from ashes!

The location was even in the southeast.

In other words, Rui Butong had risen from the ashes and changed again! In addition, this rise from the ashes and change was different from his typical revival. It only occurred when a change in quality took place in someone of the Phoenix race!

Every change was an evolution and an absolute improvement in skill!

But… If it weren’t for an incredibly powerful and extremely shocking stimulation, this sort of situation definitely wouldn’t happen!

In that case, what kind of situation would agitate Rui Butong to such an extent?

Chu Yang’s heart started pumping wildly, almost shooting out of his chest. For a moment, he found his mouth parched and tongue scorched, worry burning intensely in him!

What had exactly happened?

When Mo Tianji unwittingly turned, he noticed Chu Yang’s pale and ashen complexion and couldn’t help receiving a huge fright. A thought then occurred to him and he got a terrible shock suddenly. “Could this be… Butong’s Phoenix bloodline…”

Chu Yang nodded slowly and heavily. “It… definitely is!”

At once, Mo Tianji took a sharp intake of air and realized the gravity of the situation…

He lifted his head once more and looked in the direction where the crimson light was coming from. Mo Tianji’s brows knitted tightly together. “We’re too far away… The crimson light is probably… 3,000 miles away! If we go there…”

“We must go even if we can’t! We must go even if there isn’t enough time!”

Chu Yang ordered decisively and resolutely, “Discard all the load on you and travel at full speed! Let’s go over and take a look first!”

“Alright!” Gu Duxing and the others had all heard their exchange. Instantly, endless anxiety spread all over the brothers’ countenances.

It wasn’t just Dong Wushang who was with Rui Butong!

Mo Qingwu, Mo Lei’er and Chu Yang’s family were also there… Every single one of them was extremely important!

Chu Yang took the lead. His black-clad figure leaped into the air and turned into a shooting star in an instant.

The six brothers followed closely behind him, turning into a swift arrow that pierced through the dark night and shot toward the southeast at the highest speed possible!

Everyone was burning with anxiety, wishing that they could reach there in just a step.

My brothers, what exactly has happened to you?

The journey to the northwest which had everything ready was put aside immediately.

In fact, without even a moment’s hesitation.

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