Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1432 - Fire Burning at the Edge of the Sky

Chapter 1432 Fire Burning at the Edge of the Sky

When he saw this saber of Mo Qingwu’s, even though he only saw the hilt, this Supreme Martial Artist also felt quite bemused.This was clearly a handicraft saber. Whose saber could be so delicate and exquisite? Even if it was a saber for show, it didn’t need to be so small…

It was clearly a gorgeous saber made by Ning Tianya to please his disciple.

And what kind of extraordinary power could this saber possibly have on the hand of a thirteen or fourteen years old little girl?

Moreover, this little girl was only a ninth-grade Martial Saint…

So he just grabbed it without scruples.

If Mo Qingwu used her saber, he didn’t even need to dodge, he could just directly go and grasp it.

If he could grab the saber that the little girl cherished so much at the moment of life and death and break it into pieces of iron from the grasp, he could retaliate her tone of contempt just now…

Mo Qingwu’s body retreated lightly all the way back.

That Supreme Martial Artist chased over at medium speed, and his one hand grasped persistently. He smiled and said, “Miss Mo… Stop struggling any more, you know it’s useless…”

Right at this moment, Mo Qingwu’s wrist moved, her right hand drew outward and her left hand pulled the sheath horizontally, the movement was smooth!

In the pitch-dark forest of the night, a flash of red light suddenly went up into the sky!

Red light flashed!

Mo Qingwu’s saber cut out relentlessly and cleanly!

With one move, she chopped off the wandering claw-like arm right in front of her! Qing Wu Dream Saber didn’t even feel the slightest bit of obstruction when the right hand of the Supreme Martial Artist was chopped off!

Mo Qingwu made use of the moment to run forward, red light flashing across her saber!

Before the Supreme Martial Artist’s sneers had time to turn into panic and pain on his face, his big head was cut off as though it was a piece of tofu!

The head flew up to the sky.

In mid-air, that face which had lost its life was actually still full of a confident sneer!

Mo Qingwu waved her saber before herself, not expecting such a result!

With one move, the head together with the hand was actually cut off so easily?

Even after the result had come out, Mo Qingwu was still somewhat stunned.

Not only Mo Qingwu, everyone was stunned.

This was simply… inexplicable! Everyone was so dumbfounded that their eyeballs were almost going to fall out of their sockets!

Among them were Dong Wushang, the surviving experts of the Xiao Clan, and Mo Lei’er in the dark…

All of them were stunned!

What was going on?

They naturally did not know that Chu Yang once almost fell out with the Sword Spirit to create this saber. Even the Sword Spirit who always strove for the best was so tormented by Chu Yang that he almost went on strike!

This saber was a worldly treasure that Chu Yang had forged in the first attempt!

In the Middle Three Heavens, when he saw Mo Qingwu and processed it for the second time, it was already a treasure saber with preliminary spiritual qualities! In the Upper Three Heavens, when he processed it further for the third time, the materials used made even the Sword Spirit feel distressed from the extravagance!

It could be said that in the whole Nine Heavens, besides the Nine Tribulations Sword, this saber of Mo Qingwu’s was absolutely the very best! It was totally unique! Nothing similar had been seen in history!

This saber contained all the love of the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Right now, the first time this saber came out of its sheath to be used, it killed a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!

And this fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist from the Xiao Clan also totally made history! It set a record!

The record of a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist being defeated instantly by a ninth-grade Martial Saint!

The record of a 2000-year-old Supreme Martial Artist being killed by just one move of a fourteen-year-old little girl!

The people of the Nine Heavens would have new gossip material from now on.

For the education of “not to belittle the enemy”, there would be a new teaching material now!

Everything would change from this day.

Because, as a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, one should absolutely not die so “effortlessly”.

Mo Qingwu’s first kill in her present life actually happened under such a circumstance that even she herself did not know how to respond.

Qing Wu Dream Saber overflowed with bright lights of beautiful colors, which shone in the dark night. Rounds and rounds of rainbow colors surrounded the saber’s blade, like a dream, list a mist, like a fantasy.

It was like a distant yet beautiful dream bloomed in the hands of this angelic little girl.

Mo Qingwu held the saber and suddenly felt a sense of warmth come out of it.

This warmth warmed up the bottom of her heart. Her eyes suddenly brightened, and it seemed to contain a sense of shyness, a kind of satisfaction.

This saber, he gave it to me!

I finally know how much effort he spent on this saber…

And all this is for me.

As the disciple of a Supreme Martial Artist, Mo Qingwu naturally knew that the power of her one move of saber just now would be unachievable had it been any other weapon. Even if it was the Black Dragon Sword of Gu Duxing, Heavenly Secret Fan of Mo Tianji, the short sword of Rui Butong which just penetrated through Supreme Martial Artists, or the world-renowned fierce dark saber of Dong Wushang… It would still be impossible to achieve this sort of power!

The bodily defense of a fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist might be possible to break through using all these weapons but definitely not so easily!

Only two weapons in the Nine Heavens could do this — The Nine Tribulations Sword and the Qing Wu Dream Saber!

It was not that Chu Yang didn’t put in efforts when he forged weapons for his brothers, but… with no other weapon did he put in all he had like with the Qing Wu Dream Saber!

Even including thoughts!

This was also why the Qing Wu Dream Saber could produce weapon spirituality so fast!

And then, Mo Qingwu finally felt her stomach churn and threw up.

The first time killing in her whole life, even though Mo Qingwu was the disciple of the top Supreme Martial Artist of the Nine Heavens, she still couldn’t contain this instinctual response.

“Good saber!” Xiao Wufeng praised, murderous intent flaring in his eyes.

Today, they were pretty unlucky. Fourteen people came out together, and before the mission was even half-accomplished, ten had already perished!

Only one third-grade Supreme Martial Artist, one fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, one fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist and one sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist were left!

“What’s the name of this saber?” Xiao Wufeng took a step forward and asked.

Mo Qingwu vomited a bit more, quickly adjusting her mood. Right now, she felt completely calm. She said lightly, “This saber is called ‘graceful dance, starlight dreams surpass the whole mortal world’!”

Once these words were spoken, before Xiao Wufeng who was on the receiving end could say anything, Mo Qingwu herself was abruptly stunned.

Graceful dance, starlight dreams surpass the whole mortal world.

Mo Qingwu suddenly remembered something that Chu Yang had said in her dreams.

That was after her dance.

“Qingwu’s dance is like a bright starry sky but also a dream, like a fantasy; Qingwu’s one dance surpasses everything else in the whole mortal world!”

Mo Qingwu held her saber, her extremely beautiful face suddenly revealed a bit of gentle satisfaction.

“Graceful dance, starlight dreams surpass the whole mortal world…” Xiao Wufeng muttered in repetition. He yelled. “Good saber! Only that such a saber is a waste on your hands…”

“Catch her as fast as possible!” Xiao Wufeng yelled, starting the cruelest prelude in this night!

There were so many dead people that he didn’t want to drag this any longer.

But just after his yell, one man shouted, “Yes!”

And then, there was a painful scream!

Xiao Wufeng turned back to look and was so angry that the corners of his eyes almost cracked!

He saw that the eyes of the only remaining third-grade Supreme Martial Artist bulged out, and his throat made wobbly sounds as he fell slowly to the ground…

Behind him, a smiling face appeared. This person actually reached out and waved, showing the look of a victorious return. He said laughing, “I’m back. Did anyone miss me?”

Xiao Wufeng, Xiao Wuting, and that fourth-grade Supreme Martial Artist were all extremely angry!

That Rui Butong who had already turned into a splash of mud, and whom the three of them were praising for his righteousness just now actually stood up proudly; with a soft sound, he withdrew the short sword from the back of that third-grade Supreme Martial Artist and sent the corpse away with one kick.

He stumbled over and sighed. “Now this is not good, I didn’t expect that I, Rui Butong, would be an assassin for once today! My world-known name, my gentleman’s image, my loyal and righteous reputation… are all ruined just like this… It’s such a pity…”

Xiao Wufeng roared. “Boy, you were pretending just now?”

Rui Butong looked at him strangely. “What, are you very surprised? You look very excited? Why? So many from your clan have died, what are you excited for?”

Xiao Wufeng’s chest heaved drastically, and he felt a burning heat on his face.

What a disgrace this was!

He actually praised the opponent’s shenanigans non-stop for a long while.

This was equivalent to being slapped hard on the face by the other side in front of the whole world!

Xiao Wufeng couldn’t bear it any longer. He roared, suddenly lifting his hand, and at the same moment, a golden light suddenly emerged from his hand, brightening the whole dark forest completely!

At this moment, Dong Wushang, Rui Butong and Mo Lei’er who were in the dark were all completely exposed to the light!

And then, a gigantic, golden palm of a full hundred square feet was formed in the air!

Which slapped down hard!

At the moment it slapped down, Mo Lei’er and Rui Butong felt at the same time an unstoppable force, and they actually couldn’t help but fly up to lean together with Dong Wushang.

The huge golden hand clamped down mercilessly!

Xiao Wufeng’s rage was already at the extreme!

His palm was intended to kill the three at once! No matter what tricks or conspiracies you have, I will destroy them in one swoop with the most powerful force!

Dong Wushang roared upwards as his dark saber went out to attack desperately!

But halfway up, the dark saber was pressed back.

Mo Qingwu’s red clothes flashed and Qing Wu Dream Saber went out like lightning, only to be stopped by Xiao Wuting who stepped forward in a flash.

Looking at that huge palm falling like a landslide, all four were helpless!

At this moment, Rui Butong in the middle suddenly roared to the sky, and he immediately bit his tongue abruptly, and a burst of blood spurted out. Then, Rui Butong roared loudly. “Nirvana towards the northern stars, the Purple Cloud Heavens are for you to traverse. Fire burns on the edge of heaven, nine hundred and ninety nine!”

A blaze of purple flames burst out of him abruptly; the fire surrounded Dong Wushang and Mo Lei’er in just an instant.

A flash of fire went out flying, Xiao Wuting went cutting with his sword, but his longsword suddenly melted in a second! He retreated in deep shock, but Mo Qingwu’s waist was actually surrounded by the purple flame at once, and immediately she left the ground and actually got dragged into the middle of the purple flames!

The purple flame rose into the sky, and in a flash, it spread out.

In the sky, a ray of red light shot up…

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