Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1481 - On The Way To The Northwest To Battle Qingrou

Chapter 1481 On The Way To The Northwest To Battle Qingrou

“Back then, after entering the Black Blood Forest, I barraged my way through the forest. If anyone stood in my way, I would send them flying with my palm. When I think back to that feeling I had at that time, other than having an impressive and murderous aura, now that I think about it, it’s also rather silly and as detestable as the nouveau riche…”Gu Yigu sighed.

Chu Yang and the others grumbled inwardly.

That’s indeed the case. These two words of yours, ‘nouveau riche’, are truly apt when applied to you.

“But the only thing I wanted was the Black Blood Rose and the Black Blood Rose cannot be exposed to blood and gore. Thus, I didn’t go on a killing spree either. Yet I didn’t expect this to precisely be the reason why I got to retain my life…”

“All was smooth as I went about 1,200 miles deep into the Black Blood Forest. I finally saw the Black Blood Rose that I needed. Just as I was about to go forward to pick the flower, I suddenly heard a voice asking me, ‘You want this?’”

Despite Gu Yigu trying his best to let his voice sound calm and robust, it still sounded gruff and screechy. Thus, even though it wasn’t a difficult tale to tell, Chu Yang and the rest of the audience had an extremely hard time listening to him.

It wasn’t because they couldn’t understand him. Rather, it was because his voice seriously made people feel as though they had been poisoned.

“At that time, I had traveled the whole way unhindered and was brimming with smugness and triumph. When I heard the question, I replied forcefully, ‘I’ll take whatever I want! What, you have something to say about that?’ It was precisely these two lines that threw me into the bottomless abyss right away!”

“I had only just finished my sentence when I was absurdly slapped across the cheek. The impact threw me out 700 to 800 feet.”

“I flew into a thundering rage at the sudden attack. I flipped over to retaliate but I instead went through the biggest hardship in my entire life and suffered the most crushing defeat in my entire life! We exchanged only fifteen moves but only my first five moves were attacks. I was put on the defensive the whole time thereafter with no chance of attacking at all. Furthermore, I couldn’t even keep up my defense. At that time, I felt like I was being punched left and right like a punching bag…”

“At that time, I really couldn’t believe that there was actually a highly-skilled expert like this in this human world!”

“As that person who attacked me beat me up, he also said, ‘The Black Blood Forest is mine, would you say whether or not I’ll have anything to say about it? You come here to steal what belongs to me and then actually ask me whether I have an opinion about it. I’ll tell you now — If you don’t die after being beaten up by me, then I’ll have nothing to say about it.’ As he spoke, my face was slapped hundreds of times…”

As Gu Yigu related the story, Chu Yang was also secretly laughing inside.

That was Zi Xieqing’s style indeed.

For some reason, that big sister was honestly very passionate about slapping people across the cheek.

As he listened to Gu Yigu, Minister Chu even felt his face start to hurt. He couldn’t stop himself from touching his own cheek.

With a tragic expression, Gu Yigu said, “Just as I was about to be beaten to death, I couldn’t be bothered about my pride anymore and I bellowed, ‘But I didn’t kill anyone in the Black Blood Forest…’ It was precisely this line that made the slaps stop.”

“That person then said, ‘You didn’t kill anyone? Let me ask around.’”

“And then, he sent out some kind of message. A short moment later, he suddenly slapped me across the cheek again and said, ‘Hurting people is not allowed either!’” A terribly miserable Gu Yigu said to Chu Yang, “This big brother of yours is too bossy…”

Gu Yigu didn’t know that Zi Xieqing was female. Naturally, Chu Yang wouldn’t tell him either. Just that after hearing what he said, Chu Yang couldn’t help being speechless.

Bossy? Damn… You haven’t seen what she’s like when she really becomes bossy…

“Then, he smacked me on the head. Right away, I felt my neck spine suddenly shorten endlessly and my neck thickening endlessly. Then, my spine shortened endlessly and my tailbone also shortened endlessly… My legs also shrunk by half from the impact. Lastly, I could feel that even my head had been kneaded a couple of times. When I touched it, it had already turned into a square…”

When he reached this part, all eleven people, including Chu Yang, felt chills going down their spine…

They trembled all over as they imagined the scenario at that point.

As if he wanted to cry, Gu Yigu went on. “At that point, I thought of fleeing. But even if I did, my injuries caused by the poison would still remain. Thus, I said, ‘Elder, I really, really need the Black Blood Rose…’ When that person heard that, he replied, ‘Fine, I’ll give you a rose.’ In the midst of my joy, my forehead was tapped by his finger… Here, this part.”

Gu Yigu pointed at his forehead. “That one tap removed my star and left behind a rose that would never fade for life.”

Chu Yang and the others focused their gaze on where he was pointing. At once, they couldn’t help marveling.

If one looked closely, that bit of dull redness on the forehead of Gu Yigu, the highly-skilled expert, was indeed a budding rose…

“At last, that person also finally bestowed great kindness upon me. After ordering me to give him three Heavenly Treasures, he gave me a Black Blood Rose…” Gu Yigu was filled with grief and indignation. “The value of those three Heavenly Treasures was a good nine times of the Black Blood Rose… If it wasn’t to nullify the poison…”

Chu Yang nodded slowly and glanced at those three Heavenly Treasures swaying in the breeze in the herb field inside the Nine Tribulations Space.

A Mysterious Ice Lotus, a Snow Lotus Root and a Crimson Soul Herb.

But of course he would never mention anything about that. He merely nodded and commented with a sigh, “I see… Cough, that… big brother of mine is indeed a little bossy in his behavior… But he’s still very reasonable.”

His words made Gu Yigu’s eyeballs bulge fiercely from their sockets.

Even the eyes of Gu Duxing and the others also widened somewhat.

He could actually say that something like this was… very reasonable…

With his eyes still bulging, Gu Yigu took a breath and said, “Originally, even though I was no longer young, my figure was tall and I could also be considered fine-looking… but now…”

He glanced miserably at his squarish body and sighed. “Even pigs are better-looking than me now…”

The corners of Chu Yang’s lips twitched strangely, almost bursting into uproarious laughter.

The others also kept their mouths tightly shut, trying their best to keep themselves in control.

Looks like this Gu Yigu… still has some self-awareness.

Even pigs were better-looking than him…

“In addition, as the price for letting me go, I also made a promise.” Gu Yigu smiled rather tragically. It also looked as if he was mocking himself. “If I see this token and should the person holding on to the token issue me a command, I must do something for him unconditionally and without asking for any compensation!”

Gu Yigu said bitterly, “This… includes… taking my own life!”

The eyes of Mo Tianji and the others flew wide open!

They looked at Chu Yang.

Everyone understood very well what his words meant. Now that the token was in Chu Yang’s hands, it meant that as long as Chu Yang said, “Die!” Then… Gu Yigu would take his own life at once!

This token in Chu Yang’s hands could actually easily affect a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist’s life and death!

What kind of power was this?

Gu Yigu said with much difficulty, “The existence of this promise is my biggest inner demon…”

Chu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, giving him a heartfelt smile. “Elder Gu, little brother here is filled with respect towards your honesty!”

Yes, Chu Yang was very aware of this.

This Black Blood token was Zi Xieqing’s object of authentication in the Nine Heavens!

In this world, only ten people knew of the existence of this token. However, among these ten people, every single one of them was a ninth-grade peak-level Supreme Martial Artist! Among them were even Chen Feng and Liu Yun. Now that Chen Feng and Liu Yun were no longer in this continent, this meant that there were still eight of them left!

Among these eight people, the blood essence of three of them were on this Black Blood token. At that time, Zi Xieqing had said that with this token, as long as Chu Yang could encounter these three people, he would be able to request them to give him their greatest assistance!

The people of the Black Blood Forest couldn’t go out of the forest but these three people were from the outside world.

This was the true greatest riches that Zi Xieqing had left Chu Yang!

It was just a pity that even up till today, Chu Yang had only met one out of these three people!

Gu Yigu stared at Chu Yang while Chu Yang also stared at Gu Yigu.

For a long while, neither of them spoke.

But both of them knew that this promise would definitely be completed between the two of them.

“I don’t wish to order people about using someone else’s name. This would make me feel very unaccomplished.” Chu Yang smiled lightly and said, “But since such an agreement exists, I shall conclude this wish for Elder Gu today.”

Gu Yigu took a deep breath. “Tell me!”

“I would like to just request Elder Gu to pass a message to your Divine King for me. You can say that I have already convened with my brothers and am on the way to the northwest to battle Qingrou!”

With a light smile, Chu Yang spoke softly.

“Sending news to the Divine King…” Gu Yigu frowned and said, “There is no need for you to give me consideration. I can do you a big favor! No matter what it is.”

To him, this request of Chu Yang’s was honestly too insignificant, so much so that even he himself felt abashed to accept it.

Sending a message… Even if Chu Yang hadn’t mentioned it, he would also definitely send news of Chu Yang back to the clan, because that was the Divine King’s instructions.

“It’s fine. I would already be beyond grateful if you could pass this message word for word to my junior brother disciple!” said Chu Yang with a smile.

Frowning, a rather ashamed Gu Yigu agreed. “Alright!”

The request had been made.

Chu Yang took out the Black Blood token, only to see a cloud of mist rising from it.

At once, Gu Yigu felt a wave of relief in his heart. Half the blood essence on it had already been released. As long as he sent the news out, it would then dissipate completely.

Thus, Gu Yigu decided that he might as well send the message now. He took out an unusual mirror and infused internal energy into it with one hand. At once, the mirror slowly started to shine brilliantly. With a wave of his right hand, a small cut immediately appeared on his index finger. He wrote on the mirror with his blood —”Gu Yigu reporting to the Divine King: Divine King Chu has already passed by this place. He asked me to relay this to you, ‘He has already convened with his brothers and is on the way to the northwest to battle Qingrou!’”

After finishing, he let Chu Yang verify the message. Then, he struck the mirror with his palm. After a loud boom, the bloodstains disappeared.

The news had already been sent.

Another wisp of smoke rose from the Black Blood token. Gu Yigu let out a long breath of relief.

His biggest worry in the last 20,000 years had finally been resolved today.

After that, Gu Yigu was even friendlier to Chu Yang. To him, this was purely Chu Yang doing him a huge favor and resolving his inner demon for him.

And with such an easy task no less. He must be deliberately fulfilling his desires for him.

Since the other party had done him a favor, then Gu Yigu naturally needed to reciprocate!

Just that, even if one killed Gu Yigu, it would never occur to him that Chu Yang’s message this time was absolutely no ordinary message! Rather, it was a mobilization!

If he had only requested Gu Yigu to do something, the only person to be labored would be Gu Yigu himself. But if this ‘message’ reached Tan Tan, what would be mobilized would instead be the entire Three Stars Divine Clan!

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