Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 1784 - 1784 Her Heart Thumped Wildly

Chapter 1784 - 1784 Her Heart Thumped Wildly

1784 Her Heart Thumped Wildly

Hexin’s body stiffened slightly and she could not help but turn around to look

She paused when she saw the man’s gentle eyes and she pressed her lips as she thanked him. “Thank you, Big Bro Long Yin.”

A smile flashed across Long Yin’s eyes when he saw the side of her girl’s quiet, pretty face. “You’re welcome. Go on inside.” With that, he released her arm and took two steps backward politely.

Yuan Xin was busy reminding He’an of things to look out for and did not notice what had happened.

After she was done and Hexin was inside the horse-drawn carriage, Yuan Xin turned to Long Yin and said, “Yin’er, please take good care of Hexin, He’an, and Yuan Xin on my behalf. If He’an is being playful and disobedient, feel free to give him a hard lecture. There is no need to let him off easy because of us.”

Before Long Yin could reply, He’an, who was already inside the carriage when he heard this, immediately cried out, “Mother, am I really such a naughty boy in your eyes?”

“It would be a good thing if you weren’t so playful. I’m just worried that you’ll trouble Big Bro Long Yin with your cheekiness,” Yuan Xin said with a smile.

“I’m a grown-up. I won’t be naughty,” He’an said with a huff and threw the blinds shut.

Yuan Xin felt a headache coming in when she saw this. She turned to Long Yin and said, “Sorry for the extra trouble my boy brings, He’an.”

“You don’t need to worry too much about him, Aunt Xin. He’an may be playful, but he knows his limits.” Long Yin comforted her.

He’an, who was sitting inside the carriage, heard this and instantly felt much happier. He turned to Hexin and whispered, “Did you hear that, Big Sis? Big Bro Long Yin is praising me.”

Hexin was still slightly sleepy. She was leaning against the wall of the carriage and planned to take a nap. When she heard his words, her eyes snapped open and she looked him up and down. “Do you believe everything others say? You should know very well what kind of person you are.”

He’an, “…”

He could not understand why Big Bro Long Yin thought that his sister was a good fit for marriage. She did not know how to say nice things and was quite sarcastic. She was not a likable person at all.

At that moment, Yuan You entered the carriage as well.

He’an immediately cheered up when he saw her and greeted her enthusiastically. “Youyou, come here and sit next to me.”

Yuan You, “…”

She darted him a look, not knowing how to react. She reminded him, “He’an, I’m a few years older than you are. You should call me Cousin Yuan You.”

“What does it matter what I call you? We know each other so well.” He’an was unperturbed.

Hexin pulled Yuan You’s hand and got Yuan You to sit alongside her. She turned to look at He’an and said condescendingly, “You’re not that young anymore. Why are you squeezing into a carriage with us? You might turn into a sissy before you know it.”

Yuan You said in a low voice, “He already is a little like a sissy now…”

Hexin could not help bursting into laughter. She turned to size her younger brother up. “I think he really does look a little the part.”

He’an was fuming. “Don’t think that I can’t hear you. That’s uncalled for!”

With that, he got off the carriage in a huff. “Mother, I don’t want to share a carriage with those two. I want to ride on a horse.”

“What’s going on?” Yuan Xin watched in surprise as her son jump off the carriage angrily.

He’an pursed his lips and said nothing.

Long Yin rubbed his head and said warmly, “Have you learned to ride a horse before?”

“I have.” He’an immediately nodded and looked at Long Yin hopefully.

Long Yin paused before turning to Yuan Xin to say, “He’an is getting older. Maybe he should ride a horse.”

“But…” Yuan Xin was still worried.

“Don’t worry. I’ll look after him,” Long Yin said.

Yuan Xin eventually got someone to bring He’an’s horse out.

Even though He’an did not ride often, they had already prepared a horse for him that had a docile temperament.

He’an finally got his wish as he mounted the horse, and he said to Hexin and Yuan You, who were inside the carriage, “I won’t squeeze into a carriage with two women like you. Hmph!”

Hexin pulled open the blinds, wanting to retort. However, she saw a smiling pair of dark eyes instead.

She was taken aback and quickly drew her blinds down. Her heart thumped wildly as she sat up straight in the carriage.

Long Yin turned his gaze away. A smile appeared on his lips at the sight of the girl looking like a deer caught in headlights. After saying goodbye to Yuan Xin, they began their journey.

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