Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Exceptionally Enraged

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The Dowager Duchess was startled. “What are you doing?”

Lu Liangwei raised her head, a firm gaze in her beautiful eyes, and spoke sincerely, “Grandmother, I have done many foolish things in the past and brought shame to the Duke Mansion. Most recently, I even attempted something as imprudent as hanging myself. I know that I was wrong and I truly regret it. Please punish me, Grandmother.”

Naturally, the Dowager Duchess was well aware of the previous troubles the girl had caused for the Heir Apparent, but she never would have dreamt that her granddaughter would actually hang herself during the time she was away from the Duke Mansion.

Upon receiving this sudden news, the Dowager Duchess became exceptionally enraged. Anger and disappointment clouded her expression in an instant.

The Dowager Duchess had a strong-willed nature, completely different from other women of her time who were usually frail and full of self-pity. She never demanded her granddaughter to reign over battlefields like her, but at the very least she should not be this cowardly and unaccomplished.

As the daughter of the Duke Mansion, why worry about marriage prospects? Why commit suicide for a man?

The Dowager Duchess closed her eyes, wondering what she did to deserve having such a granddaughter who lacked a drop of self-respect and self-love.

The act of hanging oneself for a man was something the Dowager Duchess could not tolerate.

Her temples throbbing, she slammed her hands heavily on the table, her eyes full of heartache and disappointment. “You truly disappoint me!”

There was a scheming smile hidden deep within Aunt Zheng’s eyes.

She had planned to expose Lu Liangwei’s suicide story to the Dowager Duchess long ago.

However, it was not too late for the Dowager Duchess to learn about it today.

Although she could not quite get the Dowager Duchess to like her, she was still very familiar with the old woman’s infamous temper.

The old woman had been a strong-willed character her whole life; how could she possibly tolerate her descendants being weak and incompetent?

Although Lu Liangwei did not die from the previous incident, being the subject of the Dowager Duchess’s fury and loathing surely could not be a much better fate.

When the Dowager Duchess was younger, she loved engaging in combat and would follow the old duke into battlefields. Although she was an elderly woman now, whenever she flew into a rage, a murderous and brutal aura would explode from her, which was extremely shocking.

If it were in the past, Lu Liangwei would have already been scared to the point of tears, but right now she continued to kneel motionlessly, not betraying the slightest hint of fear.

Lu Tingchen, who was clenching his fists, secretly released a breath when he saw her acting this way.

He swallowed the pleas he was about to voice back down his throat.

After all the things Weiwei had gone through recently, he believed that she could handle the situation herself.

With this in mind, he sat calmly without saying a word.

On the other hand, Lu Hetian was rather anxious.

Seeing his mother reprimand Weiwei made him extremely anxious, but he understood his mother’s temper. The more he tried to defend Weiwei, the more enraged the old woman would be.

No matter how distressed he was, he had no choice but to suppress those feelings.

The Dowager Duchess, despite her wrath, noticed that Lu Liangwei’s reaction was different from what she would have expected before.

In the past, if she were to show such anger, this girl would have cowered in tears. Her behavior in this current moment was the complete opposite.

Her young eyes harbored no shock or fear; on the contrary, there was only frankness and not the slightest hint of trying to evade.

The Dowager Duchess squeezed her hands to calm her astonishment. Suppressing her anger, she snapped, “What else do you have to say?”

Lu Liangwei met the old woman’s furious gaze, thought for a moment, then reached out and held the old woman’s hand, saying respectfully, “Grandmother, please quell your anger. This matter is undoubtedly my fault. If you feel you need to beat or punish me, I will accept without complaint. I only hope for you to take care of your body; don’t let your anger for me affect your health.”

The Dowager Duchess did not expect this, least of all that the girl would suddenly grab her hand. For a while, she was stunned into silence.

This granddaughter, who had never been particularly close to her, suddenly displayed such intimacy, which made it difficult to get used to.

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