Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Unforgettable

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Lu Hetian was not particularly old. In addition to that, he was handsome, resolute, and possessed a strong, fit physique. He radiated the charm of a mature man from head to toe.

He was in his prime years, had a prestigious social status and was a man that held strong authority. It went without saying that even younger girls would be attracted to him.

However, throughout all these years, Aunt Zheng was the only woman by Lu Hetian’s side. There was no other woman. Unforgettable

Those who did not know better would assume that he was loyal and dedicated to Aunt Zheng alone.

This was also the reason why Aunt Zheng received the respect and flattery of many despite her status as a mere concubine.

Nevertheless, given Aunt Zheng’s greed for power, why did she stop bearing offspring after giving birth to Lu Yunshuang?

Were the olden times not all about a mother’s prestige that came with bearing a son?

Aunt Zheng did not give birth to a son. Although Lu Yunshuang managed to become the Crown Princess, it was not an entirely good thing for her.

When Lu Tingshen inherited the Duke Mansion in the future, Aunt Zheng, who did not have a son, would be put into an awkward situation.

On the other hand, could it be possible that Aunt Zheng’s body was unwell and she was not able to bear offspring anymore?

Lu Liangwei was lost in thought.

Lu Hetian spotted her with her brows creased, seeming to be thinking of something. She was only fifteen but presented herself in such a mature manner. He could not help but find it funny.

Unable to resist, he pinched her rosy cheeks. “Girl, what are you thinking about?” he asked, a smile on his face.

Lu Liangwei recollected her train of thought and hugged his arm affectionately. “Nothing much, I was just thinking about my mother suddenly,” she said.

Lu Hetian did not expect her to suddenly mention Madam Ling. His wise, dignified eyes darkened all of a sudden.

After a pause, he asked lightly: “What made you suddenly think of your mother?”

“I think of Mother every day. Don’t you ever think of her, Father?” Lu Liangwei blinked, looking at him with innocence in her gaze.

A wave of confusion coursed through Lu Hetian and he stopped talking momentarily.

Lu Liangwei raised her head to look at him. Both of them were walking on a small lane in the garden. Under the dim lighting, his gaze appeared dull and obscure.

Just when Lu Liangwei thought he would not reply to her question, she heard him let out a low sigh. “I……think about her, of course,” he said, a hint of despondence in his voice.

Lu Liangwei could detect the suppressed pain in his tone. She suddenly regretted testing him.

“Right, why are you suddenly interested in learning about healing?” Lu Hetian asked, changing the topic.

“Because I want to inherit Mother’s mantle. I want to become a good healer to provide a helping hand to those in need just like Mother,” Lu Liangwei said. The plausibility of her words was somewhat questionable.

Nonetheless, Lu Hetian did not doubt her. He gave her a slight nod. “When your mother was still alive, she was given the title of ‘The Healing Hand of God’. If you really want to learn to heal, you’d have to take it seriously and learn well. You must not give up halfway,” he urged.

“I know,” Lu Liangwei said while nodding. At the same time, an immense curiosity toward Madam Ling bloomed in her heart.

The Duchess Dowager had also talked about Madam Ling with a similar gist previously. The words held a positive meaning both within and outside the given context.

She could not help but feel curious. What was Madam Ling like?

Not only did Lu Hetian bear her in his mind constantly, even someone like the Duchess Dowager showered her with praises.

There was not much about Madam Ling in the original story to start with, thus the fact that she was skilled in healing was never mentioned before.

However, Madam Ling left behind a copious amount of medical books in Fragrant Blooms Court. Coupled with what the Duchess Dowager and Lu Hetian said about her, it evidently showed that Madam Ling was a highly-skilled healer when she lived!

The next day.

As predicted by Lu Tingshen, Lu Yunshuang returned to the Duke Mansion immediately upon receiving word that the Duchess Dowager had returned.

Long Chi also came along with her.

Upon their visit, everyone in the Duke Mansion began busying themselves.

Everyone in the family rushed to the Mansion Gate to greet their arrival at once.

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