Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 843 - Beautiful And Tender

Chapter 843 Beautiful And Tender

Aunt Lan hurried off immediately.

Meanwhile, in Gentle Breeze Court.

Ling Lihua was playing the zither under the plum tree while Lu Hetian was practicing his swordwork.

His formidable sword intent shook the branches, bringing down a shower of plum blossoms.

They exchanged smiles from time to time, creating a beautiful and tender picture.

Aunt Lan, who had arrived just in time to witness this scene, could not bear to disturb them.

Shenzhi and Lihua could finally enjoy happiness after going through all those hardships.

She stood at a distance and watched them in contentment.

She had served the Dowager Duchess since a young age and had taken part in raising Lu Hetian. Therefore, she was just as delighted as the Dowager Duchess to see him and Ling Lihua finally reconciled.

She stood there in silence for a moment without disturbing them.

Eventually, Ling Lihua discovered her presence.

As the sound of the zither came to a halt, Lu Hetian stopped in his tracks and turned his head, only to see Aunt Lan walking over.

The couple quickly went up to her. “Why are you here, Aunt Lan?”

Aunt Lan reached out and dusted off the snow on Lu Hetian’s shoulder, then plucked the plum blossom petals from Ling Lihua’s hair.

“The Emperor and Weiwei are here. They’re talking to the Dowager Duchess in Longevity Hall. She asked me to come and bring both of you there,” Aunt Lan said warmly.

Lu Hetian and Ling Lihua were thrilled to hear this, and their faces lit up with pleasant surprise. “Weiwei’s back! Let’s go there now.”

When the three of them arrived at Longevity Hall, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang were chatting with the Dowager Duchess.

It had started snowing outside again, but it was warm and cozy in the house.

Lu Liangwei blinked when she saw her parents enter. Although her father swiftly withdrew his hand, she still managed to catch sight of him holding her mother’s hand.

It seemed that Mother had fully forgiven him.

She was overjoyed, but she could not help chuckling under her breath. Who knew that a stern and solemn person like Father would secretly dote on Mother so much?

“Father, Mother,” she called out in a silvery voice. Just when she was about to make her way over to them, Ling Lihua rushed over and sat her down. “You’re pregnant and shouldn’t travel too much.”

Lu Liangwei latched onto her arm like a spoiled child. “It’s been more than four months, so it’s safe. Besides, it would be worse for me if I stay cooped up in the palace all the time.”

Ling Lihua wrapped an arm around her shoulder and said affectionately, “You’re going to become a mother soon, but you still behave like a child.”

Lu Liangwei pouted and whispered, “I’m only like this in front of you.”

Amused, Ling Lihua placed her fingers on her pulse habitually.

After examining it, she was relieved to find that it was normal.

“The baby may be more than four months old, but you shouldn’t let your guard down. It’s better to be careful.”

Lu Liangwei felt warm inside as she listened to her mother’s earnest instructions.

Seeing that the Emperor and her father were busy playing Chinese chess, she whispered in Ling Lihua’s ear, “You’ve forgiven Dad, haven’t


Ling Lihua was a little sheepish at her daughter’s question and nodded absentmindedly. “Yes.”

Lu Liangwei noted her mother’s embarrassment and did not press on. However, when she turned her head, she spotted a red mark on her mother’s fair neck and immediately knew what had happened.

She thought to herself, ‘Dad’s quite fast!’

He had just returned yesterday, and he had already gotten Mother into his bed.

Long Yang and Lu Hetian were playing chess nearby. Although they did not communicate much throughout the session, Long Yang could feel that Lu Hetian had changed a lot after his return.

At least, he was no longer as hostile to him as he used to be.

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